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Why Fat Loss Stalled | Quick Explanation!

Why Fat Loss Stalled | Quick Explanation!

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  1. Any S says:

    After reaching 20% my body was like fuck you, but of course there is maintenance, I’ve been same weight for a while now. I’ve been there for a while but honestly that’s too much and I’m just so clueless and I think I’m staying here

  2. khawla says:

    Ok so I still don’t understand how to start losing more weight. I track my calories with an app. 1200 height 5’4 weight 60kg . I want to get down to at least 54kg it’s not moving the last few months . I work out 1 hr 5 days a week. Honestly it’s mostly cardio although recently I’ve started body weight exercises and yoga at home . I’ve been told to changes machines I use and increase calories a bit then reduce again periodically???

    Please advise I’m determined to lose this baby weight

  3. Colin DeWaay says:

    YES! Well said my friend.

  4. Chris Walker says:

    Hi Paul. I too am on a platue at the moment. Been stuck on around 17%bf 190 lbs for a couple of weeks, been doing P90X for around 8 weeks and lost around 10lbs of weight and gone from 36 to 33 inch waist but waist has also been stuck for a couple of weeks too. Many of the P90X boards suggest upping calories rather than dropping them as the programme is designed to make you stronger and therfore burn more calories as you progress. I would like to know your thoughts on this, I am currently eating around 1800 calories 50/30/20 p/c/f and think that cutting more calories will be really hard. I am now alot stronger than when I started too(couldn't do more than 4 push ups now doing well over 20 in a set) . I also started doing intermittent fasting around 2 weeks ago, around the same time the weight loss stopped. I would really like to know your thoughts on this. Love the videos! Thank you Chris from Nottinghamshire UK.

  5. Regina Crosco-Booker says:

    thanks again for another awesome video! i feel this is what i had last time during prep! I did 3 shows not back to back and by the last one i was done…my body was not making progress! so thanks again

  6. Ethan Brown says:

    Right on the money with this! Everyone immediately assumes that if they can't eat 5000 cals a day and be sub 10% body fat that they are "damaged"

  7. R Coop says:

    I've been watching your vids for a few years and the consistcy this year has been great. Thank you

  8. Karla Grijalva says:

    Looooove it! 🙌🙌

  9. ShaoFitness says:

    great content Paul! I see the physique progress as well!! Getting leaner!!!

  10. ____ella says:

    Have you gone into meal timing already?

  11. moneymaker 04816 says:

    Also love this guy

  12. moneymaker 04816 says:

    I am 14 and I am looking for a 6ixpack but I Wight 210 and I don't know how to lose weigh fast.

  13. 박진형 says:

    where is " today s video ~" i loved it

  14. Marie Summers says:

    Awesome video!!! Motivation I needed to hear

  15. GT: Walton says:

    You’re right the first wave of fat is so easy to get rid even with a “half ass diet” , bad lifting and cardio whenever you want.

  16. Robin Hensley says:

    Great video!!!! So I just got back from a week cruise and did my bikini show the week before so I was scared that I would gain a ton of weight!! But you know what since I have been doing flexible dieting I did amazing and had some sweets and a burger, slice of pizza etc but in moderation of course and had my protein, veggies and fruits too. I was not gonna weigh myself until Friday when I have check ins with my coach but I decided to get on the scale and you know what I had only gained 2 pounds!!!! Flexible dieting has changed my life! I know I will lose this week too because I will be back on my normal routine and drinking more water of course! I’m so happy I found lauren and Kyle and I love your videos they help so much! Thankyou! Oh and when i did strict meal plans for yrs I always gained at least 10-20 pounds in two weeks ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  17. jayylioness Jayy Eliz says:

    Very passionate in this video 💯

  18. Meeli Morenoo says:

    Do you recommend training two days in a row the same muscle group in order to overcome an hypertrophy plateau?! Thanks🤗

  19. c zee says:

    U the best

  20. Fed Up says:

    Looking juicy

  21. JosefHolguinFitness says:

    Looking bigger and leaner!

  22. brooke hammiel says:

    This video LIT ME UP during cardio!!! Doing the shit most people aren’t willing to do. Thank you coach!

  23. The Lifting Dermatologist says:

    Amazing vid!

  24. baya tellai says:

    Awesome content, I'm lean and wanted to be shredded. So followed your advise about being more flexible and added an extra session. Amazing results thanks coach