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Why Can't I Lose Weight after 50? Hormone Imbalance, Wei…

Why Can't I Lose Weight after 50? Hormone Imbalance, Wei…

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  1. Andrew Ocean says:

    I don't mean to sound like a broken record (all due respect to Joe Biden) but Joan Palmer here in Jacksonville, Florida, got me onto her 120+ Wellness Program, which she based on the writings of Dr. Steven Gundry, Dr. David Pearlmutter and best selling author Dave Asprey's collected works. I am now 59 years old and have lost 40 pounds in two months and have kept it off for 12 months. I feel GREAT. Joan is a month shy of her 59th birthday. Over the past three years she has lost over 60 pounds through her wellness program combined with moderate exercise. She feels fantastic, although she still has trouble getting restful sleep (she's working on it.) Let me know if you'd like to interview her.

  2. Eddy A says:

    Losing weight ain't that hard, I discovered a year ago when I lost 35lbs by eating less crap and you will lose. Due to health issues, I cut out alcohol and sugar of any kind and almost no carbohydrates…..yes, no Starbucks ladies. I stuck to proteins and that green/red/yellow stuff that comes from the earth. And I upped my exercising which mostly helps with cardiovascular stuff and mental health and I watched the pounds disappear, really!
    So then I got really trim and happy and guess what: I started eating sugar and carbs and drinking more booze again and yes, gaining weight. Dr. Dean Edell, on his radio talk show many years ago, use to say you could lose weight by only eating chocolate as long as you kept the calories below what your body needed, not healthy for sure but doable. It's a numbers game, less calories and yes the right kind of calories (NO Starbucks!!) and you'll lose the fat and weight.

  3. Zumbagirl says:

    Doctors I have worked with and for always test a TSH and hey, if your are within "The Range" there's nothing wrong with your thyroid. Maddening! There are few docs who listen to the patient, particularly women. Something that happened to me…I never had high cholesterol until menopause (surgical for me) and my cholesterol shot up tremendously. My doctor finally put me on levothyroxine due to my consent nagging of my symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, etc. I never had a weight problem, and never had high cholesterol. So, I went on a low dose levo and low and behold, my cholesterol dropped 60 points in 2 months! I have since stopped the medication, but it was an interesting perk of the medication! Medication is necessary at times, but I believe you can heal your thyroid, not always, but it can happen.
    Lowering cortisol is more difficult. LOWER stress! SLEEP! Easier said than done. For me, lowering carbohydrates has helped many issues. I still struggle with my 20lb menopausal weight gain, but I keep going. Clear your mind, heal emotionally, lower carbs, do activity that you love and do it often. And, drink wine 🙂 and yes water. Healing trauma is HUGE! Thanks for this segment!!