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Who Else Wants to Get Rounder Hips and Reduce the Waist? | 5…

Who Else Wants to Get Rounder Hips and Reduce the Waist? | 5…

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  1. Sumera Arfa says:

    Hey mam plz say how to gain weight 😰

  2. Caleb Dara says:


  3. Mn N says:

    I want hips

  4. Caleb Dara says:


  5. Caleb Dara says:


  6. Kiran Kang says:

    very inspiring lady
    lots of respect and love
    from india

  7. Pooja Sen1155 says:

    tq mam your all videos r helpfull for me u r so cute & noghty😘😘😎…….its me papa ki pari

  8. preeti gautam says:

    I love susana

  9. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Superbbbb mam really u nice

  10. oum adam says:

    واش هاد الحركات نقص فالمؤخرة

  11. Leony Arroyo says:

    Hi miss Susana, thank you so much for all the uploaded exercises.. I really love it and it works.. 😊😊😊

  12. Sana Kareem says:

    I am from India and i luv to follow ur channel

  13. Aamir Javed says:

    Hlo mam plz tell me can we continue all exercises during periods plzzzzz plzzzzz mam tell me

  14. Rasna Poudel says:


  15. AMMARAH Mohammad says:

    Hi susana….i follow ur bum routine..can u plzzz do more STANDING workouts for bigger bum….ur fan

  16. Micro Max says:

    I love your fitness, I shared your all videos on my facebook page for my Indian friends 🙂

  17. Huma Rana says:


  18. Anoud Saeed says:

    Love you so much you are the best

  19. Puput Melati says:

    Hi i am from Indonesia i love ur workout from all ur videos….

  20. Usman Karar says:

    How to reduce hips

  21. Essa Mohammad says:

    I love 💕 your videos you are so cute 💋💋💋💋

  22. Shakela Shakikaja says:

    Hi mam entha exercise panna kandepa buttax kuriuma

  23. Nissrin Nissrin says:

    is this exerceises can make butt small

  24. kripam singh says:

    i really love your video and body

  25. EllieBlueAngel21 Vazqz says:

    How many days during a week I have to do this in order to increase my hips ?
    Susana Thanks!