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What I Eat In A Day For Anxiety | Healthy + Balanced Meals

What I Eat In A Day For Anxiety | Healthy + Balanced Meals

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  1. xTureliex says:

    It's a real shame Caf-Lib isn't doable for us gluten free people. 🙁 I really want to try it.

  2. Hanna Lutz says:

    You can use the whole leek it’s totally edible what you have throw away 🙈😊

  3. Aleena D Cruz says:

    Ur green smoothie gives me good vibes. Pls upload a video on coffee recipes

  4. Lee Nika says:

    Could you share your cashew milk receipt? Thank you very much! 🥰

  5. Stephanie Papi says:

    I’m a Type One Diabetic and the mention of not spiking your blood sugar with every meal is exactly what I need ❤️ Thank You 🙂

  6. Johanna Alvear Larenas says:

    This is everything! Thank you!

  7. Katie Musseau says:

    Can you link the other blender tou mentioned? Only the Vitamix is linked at this time 😘

  8. Yasemine Wernersson says:

    I really wanted the recepie for the cashew milk, i cant seem to find it without having to buy your book. Can you post it anyway? I just lost my job last week due to the corona virus, so i cant afford the book right know! Even though i really want it haha.

  9. Christina Thompson says:

    I like to use a whole head of garlic for each recipe 💀

  10. Songbyrd Kay says:

    I struggle with anxiety as well and a change in food does help with anxiety. When i eat cleaner my anxiety is decreased

  11. Sherri Williams says:

    Love your videos , healthy diet. Thank you

  12. Victoria Buksa says:

    yuummm yuummm yummmm. your videos are just the best. love you girl. thankful for you and your positive way of life and your help getting through this time/ life in general haha


    Bulk Barn is open??????

  14. Vanessa Lowe says:

    That is Charles' music !!
    Charles Gross

  15. Priyanka Kale says:

    Why so delicious ! Can't wait to make that nourish bowl! 😀

  16. Jess Y says:

    Did you have an anxiety disorder?

  17. gracey211026 says:

    That potato leek soup is delicious

  18. Curtis H Avendaño says:

    The caf lib is only available in Canada? Not the states.

  19. Aly says:

    Do you know of any herbal coffee that is not made with gluten? The one advertised is made with barley, no?

  20. Fit Fat Factor says:

    😋😋ummm Coffee Soooo Goooddd. That its Breakxiety Diet…YESS

  21. Amanda Chalk says:

    Is Caf-Lib gluten free? I'm not allergic to gluten, just trying to reduce 🙂 thanks!

  22. Erica Moore says:

    Im surprised that they would let you bring in your jars during this coronavirus situation we're in currently

  23. catmama54 says:

    Wow that dinner looked so yummy.

  24. AlishaHenderson says:

    What about the link for the budget blender?

  25. Megan Conley says:

    This is so refreshing to see a youtuber who is in the public eye talk about their anxiety and what helps them.I have struggled with it my whole life these are some meals I will be making! I also love your cookbook! Thanks so much !❤

  26. Maria Martins says:

    Is anxiety and depression one in the same. Thanks

  27. priscou.l says:

    i also love goat cheese! any kind of goat cheese! (i am a french girl who comes from a region where goat cheese is the speciality and it is what i miss the most from France in term of food)

  28. Caitlyn Hyde says:

    What is the more affordable blender that you were talking about? Can't seem to find it in the links.

  29. Brandy Mays says:

    Nikole!!! Everything looked so delicious 🤤 😋 you said your coffee can be found locally but is it only in Canada? Also, I NEED your mug🙏🏽🙏🏽 it’s super cute!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  30. Haley Grooms says:

    Are there added benefits to using herbal coffee instead of decaf? If you're just trying to avoid caffeine decaf seems like it makes more sense (more options and cheaper)

  31. Patrycia Quatchak says:

    Hi Nicole, I live in the U. S. and amazon won’t ship the Cal-Lib here, any suggestions? I’d love to try it.

  32. Gigi says:

    How do you manage all those dirty dishes and gadgets? Any tips?