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What I Ate this Week: Healthy Vegan Meals (Fall-Inspired)

What I Ate this Week: Healthy Vegan Meals (Fall-Inspired)

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  1. Maren Svare says:

    Those beans are definitely going to be something I try out soon! I love the way you do your meal prep: it's so much more versatile and wastes less food (for a single person!) to have big batches of ingredients that you can put together in different ways throughout the week.

  2. Cassy Linderson says:

    All of this looked so good. I think I'm going to copy your grocery haul and meals exactly next week.

  3. VegaBelle says:

    That pasta dish looks so good! I’m definitely going to try to make it!

  4. Stanley Carpenter says:

    Nice video!

  5. Megan Merkus says:

    you are so creative

  6. Manisha Mirchandani says:

    Can you make NUT-FREE vegan meals?

  7. Amy says:

    Love this type of video! I often struggle to figure out different ways to use same ingredients but get bored eating same thing all the time.

  8. Serena Palmer says:

    I love this video!!! So much deliciousness packed into 5 minutes! Plus if I want to make a recipe I always go to the blog anyway 👍🏼

  9. purely caroline says:

    Delicious as always! You're so inspiring person! ♥

  10. Cassie Autumn says:

    Brussels sprouts are the BEST!!! I like the idea of prepping foods to enjoy different meals you can experiment with in various ways. The smoky tempeh, the black beans, and the roasted vegetables you linked sound superb!

  11. jessi anderson says:

    Oh girl the way you cut those spouts made me nervous! Never point the knife towards you!

  12. Moon Shine says:

    That mushroom pasta!! 😋

  13. Joanna Adair says:

    All the dishes look amazing, and yummy, two thumbs up.

  14. Samar asfour says:

    I have all these ingredients at home and never thought of these recipes before omg thank you

  15. Erin Farnam says:

    This was SUPER helpful. Thank you!

  16. Mark Swartz says:

    All great looking meals!

  17. Christina Ch says:

    Love this video!! I will try the chickpea

  18. Masakali -92 says:

    Congrats on 500k

  19. Beccaunmodified says:

    This food looks so amazing!

  20. giovanni cazares says:

    I'm not vegan but you made my mouth water

  21. Abbie Hallinan says:

    I love this style of video!!! It’s so soothing and relaxing, thanks Caitlin x

  22. Hannah Cheeseman says:

    Love this video! Don’t even miss the voiceover.

  23. Marisa h says:

    I know you probably won’t do it again but i liked the chopped challenges

  24. Kelly M says:

    WOW this is almost too good for my brain to process!! Every single meal looks so delicious yet is super healthy. You’re the best, thanks for sharing 🙂 can’t wait to try EVERYTHING!

  25. Paris Anastasia says:

    I had NO idea that was how Brussel sprouts grew! So cool 🙂

  26. small footprint says:

    They all look so good. Thanks for the great ideas.

  27. Douglas Donoghue says:

    Thanks. 👍

  28. concursos 2018 says:

    Dammit, the vegan diet really causes premature aging

  29. Emily G says:

    I like this style of video so much better!

  30. Piper Tarin says:

    How come you're not doing the "Vegan Chopped" Challenge's anymore? Just saw Jasmine & Chris's latest Video, where they mentioned you're not doing them anymore! Also, how come you didn't go to Aruba? Blessings & stay warm ❤️

  31. Megan Bloom says:

    Did you speak about those reusable ziploc bags in your zero waste series? I don’t remember them. How do you feel about them?