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Weight Rebound | Fat Loss Explained | Why Weight Gain can Ha…

Weight Rebound | Fat Loss Explained | Why Weight Gain can Ha…

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  1. Adityabir Singh Tur says:

    Can we reduce these fatcells

  2. Tamera Leonard says:

    Ahhh I have too many "Gremlins"…lol

  3. saraa x says:

    So basically if you eat over maintenance, you’ll gain the fat?

  4. Natalie Harrison says:

    Do you have the RMR study link? I'd like to read how they tested the BMR? Did they use respirators, heat thermal imaging, what did they use to test?

    Did the patients reverse diet to make sure fat cells weren't restored, what happened when they stopped keto?

    They surely can't have left them after that 600-800calories a day is a tiny morsel of food

  5. bronte m says:

    Hey Tom, I intermittent fast for 16-20 hrs most days and am vegan and trying vegan keto at the moment. My goal is to slim down just 4kgs but I notice my weight rebounds really easily – what is the minimum amount of time I should be sticking to keto to get results and how flexible is it, as in, can I do 2 weeks on a strict keto vegan diet and then a month of carbs and (healthy) relatively unrestricted diet and then jump back into keto for 2 weeks? Thanks, B

  6. Kaben Kampmeier says:

    So when it comes to not eating fats with carbs that means I shouldn’t be eating veggies sautéed with avocado oil?

  7. L catherine says:

    I don't drink beer ever and had 2 days of family visiting I drank beer and its like all my weight came back to my core. I was so lean before, I'm losing my mind! I didn't know progress was so so easily lost.

  8. flyheli says:

    great approach in explaining…. keeping the metabolic rate seems to be the missing link in all other "diets"

  9. Monument Mom says:

    Great information, thank you! I wish I could give this video 2 thumbs up instead of just 1. 😉

  10. Sierra419 says:

    I'm working on losing the same 50+ pounds again. It's definitely a learning experience. The more times I do it the more keto and IF become a lifestyle and not just a "diet"

  11. No Labels says:

    Great info. Thanks for being there for us on this.

  12. Mjas says:

    Been plateaud since October on keto 🙁 gained 10 pounds back too

  13. Abby Hung says:

    Really useful information!

  14. Sacha Bernasconi says:

    If fat cells multiply there has to be a way to decrease them as well, let's hope someone finds it!

  15. Alexandra Sch says:

    Hey Thomas!
    My weight fluctuates drastically during the day. In the morning it is the least it can be, usually after my workout I gain like 1.5 kg! In the evening it is sometimes +2 kg. I wonder is that okay at all?

  16. Solace Creat says:

    So does the same thing apply during prolonged fasting? I'm still wary of doing monthly 36-48 hour water fasts while I'm trying to lean bulk.

    I lost around 1-3 pounds of "something" during my last 36 hour water fast, my 3rd time. But, this time I'm lean bulking, not recomping. So I decided to make up for the calories–probably stupid, since muscle should be preserved during a fast. In any case, I ate in a 800-900 calorie surplus for the next 3 days to make up for the calories + surplus lost that day and a half. I'm hoping it didn't go straight to fat, but, I suppose it probably would, since my body was probably like "Must prepare for next month's water fast". And, that is very abrupt from 0 to 100. With proper fast breaking. Ending the fast at 138.8 pounds, a week later, I was at 144, which evened out at around 142, being 141 pounds pre-water fast.

  17. max marrero says:

    ketogenic is based on fat diet fat means more calories 16oz of fat is almost 4000 calories.

  18. max marrero says:

    Its somatype nothing more.

  19. uscustoms05 says:

    Do you have any videos or advice on maintaining weight while on Keto? I'm at the point where I dont want to lose any more but don't want to gain either?

  20. Avatar Garunix says:

    Does autophagy target fat cells also? Specifically my question is when in a state of autophagy will my fat cells or other cells absorb and consume my already existing fat cells?

  21. Kim Armstrong says:

    Wow!!!!!! You have an answer for everything, the real core problems. You truly are amazing and so selfless!! Thanx for this!!