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Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

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  1. Potato Wisdom says:

    Question of the day: what class, hobby, learning, sport, etc. have you been putting off?
    P.S. Friday July 27th is the last day to register for my LAST group coaching session for 2018!

  2. Kylie Jackson says:

    Awesome vid 😊 I'm 44yrs old from Australia & a new subscriber & sooo happy to have found your channel 😆

  3. Stacie Lee says:

    High carb?! I’m shocked to hear this with all of the low carb diets out there now. I’m doing keto, I’ve stalled and I’m frustrated. Why would high carb help you lose weight ?

  4. rocco alex says:

    Looking great!

  5. LovelyPolishPerson says:

    You're really over over 40?? If you told me you were 29, I'd believe it.

  6. Umm' Salamah says:

    What do "u" eat for protein n iron?

  7. Unlikely Vegan says:

    I'm 41 and have gotten away from hiking and backpacking.  For the last few years I've been too out of shape (or thought I was) to get back into it… but this year jumping back in!  Did my first overnight hike, 16.5 km each way, in over 20 years!!

  8. Sassy Southern Vegan says:

    These are great tips no matter your age! Loved it! I really want to learn Spanish but I've been putting it off… need to start getting serious about it.

  9. Sarah Aitch says:

    How did you quit your Dr. Pepper habit? Reason I ask is I am SO addicted to Diet Coke that the thought of giving it up keeps me up at night! I've quit smoking, I don't drink alcohol anymore, I don't eat animal products anymore, I don't use oils……but I can't put down the diet coke. I have started to guzzle water all day just so i get less of the diet coke but still can't seem to put it down lol 😭

  10. P C Rose says:

    I want to get back to walking five days a week and yoga three days a week.

  11. KasSie LaYne says:

    The friendly force probiotics are showing out of stock and amazon is stating they do not know when they will return. Do you know of anywhere else to purchase these? Also, did these make you feel sick at all? Do you feel they really helped with your digestion and heartburn issues? Thanks so much!!!!

  12. Small puppy says:

    Hi, so How often do you eat ? Like do you only have 3 meals or can we still lose weight if we eat whenever (so long as the food is starch based)? I've been eating 90% potatoes for my diet for 4 days and I don't know if I am eating too much, thank you !

  13. Lashes ForLyfe says:

    Great video always looking for ways to connect with others not easy the older you get

  14. Tina Turner says:

    Yes! I am more comfortable now in my body than I have ever been. Even when I was thin! I have lost almost 40 lbs., am weight training and building muscle, doing water aerobics, found a new church, and working on every aspect of me! I am loving life right now.

  15. Kirsten M. says:

    Janine you look amazing. You’re glowing❤️❤️❤️

  16. SilentEir says:

    This should be weight loss tips for everyone .I have a thing were if I see a cake or anything I know is just junk, I call it greedy food, have done for years, I don't crave it anymore.

  17. Veggie Trish says:

    I have started hula hooping for exercise but I really want to learn to do the hoop dancing.

  18. Melissa H says:

    Also.. I hope you'll document the new fruit challange on YouTube. Your "what I eat in a days" are my favorite! Plus I love seeing those puppies😉😉

  19. Melissa H says:

    Great video! I have this habit of craving comfort food and then when i eat it I don't even like it! It won't taste good to me and I regret it instantly.

  20. Fruitveganful Mart says:

    Great vídeo! Love the "over 40" as we dont see a lot of over 40 vegans and vegan advice 😁

  21. Natalie R says:

    And please post more (if you can, no pressure!). I miss your vlogging, what I eat in a day type of videos… they are inspiring and encouraging and reminds me that others are on the same journey!

  22. Natalie R says:

    I drive my daughters to gymnastics every week and then watch them have a blast and learn to how to move their bodies in amazing ways. I want to do that! So I’ll look into gymnastics classes for adults in the fall. Thanks for the push! XXX

  23. Betty Horn says:

    It's not a new thing for me, but I need to get my cross stitch out again! Keeps the mind and hands busy, doesn't add calories, and you have something beautiful in the end!

  24. from the inside out says:

    Great tips & great video!

  25. alinaroxy says:

    Awesome tips! I can totally relate to watching TV and those pesky commercials getting to me! Ugh such a bummer. One hobby I would like to get into is learning some form of martial arts/self defense program. Keep these videos coming! 😀

  26. Laura Castillejos says:

    Great video! Thanks Jeannine!

  27. jackie smith says:

    NO a success story is KEEPING the weight off .

  28. Karla Dawn Jones says:

    I do such a great job with healthy eating like 95% of the day. There’s just that OnE thing I do each day-usually sweets. I feel like I cannot help myself. What gives? I have the last stubborn (about)15-20 lbs to lose.

  29. Jackie Reali says:

    I am 53 and I am working on getting my black belt in martial arts I took some time off last year because I just didn't feel good about myself but since doing the potato reset I'm feeling much better

  30. L Slikk says:

    Another great video. Question of the day: What hobby have you been putting off? Take my dog for a walk 🙁