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  1. Lori Enos says:

    Dead giveaway that your from New England when you say Supper instead of Dinner 😉. I’m from New England too and my parents always said supper.

  2. Joya Tiana says:

    No portion sizes, no calories counting, have as much as you want OMGGGG. Im doing a slow clap and crying tears of joy 🤤

  3. JESUS FAN says:

    Really like the way you keep saying to EAT UP AND HAVE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!! It's so true!! Plants are our friends 😉🌱💪😋😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Babylovebug 2006 says:

    I would be starving an hour after each of these meals

  5. L Wiggins says:

    Sweet potato 🍠

  6. JoAnne Wheeler says:

    I gag on bananas. Is there any substitute for them?

  7. Dee zecca says:

    I love your videos!!!!!
    but I’m not sure if my body can eat like you I know it’s all plant food but I tried it before and I didn’t drop my weight I have like 5 to 6 pounds like if I have a bowl oatmeal I’m still hungry you’re saying have another bowl

  8. flora vicky says:

    U are such an angel 😘💞

  9. Millie says:

    can you please do anthoer weight loss day of eating!?

  10. Aleen Aleen says:

    Thanks emmie 😍 all delicious 🌹

  11. Peryer Media says:

    Babe you had me at tahini free hommus!!!!

  12. Sun Flower says:

    does one not need to add any healthy seeds/flax? Also, is this way of eating for everyone? are there some people who would be advised against eating this way due to complex carbs causing water retention/weight gain. Thank you

  13. Morgan de Klerk says:

    I made your hummus recipe today and it's SO gooooooood! I have no idea why they even make hummus with oil in the first place. Thanks, Em!

  14. jennachristy03 says:

    hahaa when you did the Spongebob impersonation! lol.

  15. Get Fit With Neha says:

    breakfast is so yummy

  16. Ela Bartilomo says:

    You are a certified nutritionist? Cool! Where did you get your education?

  17. Jason Storm says:

    Just FYI, I like these videos where you show the food and recipes, it makes it easier for people like me that have no idea how to eat healthy be more inspired to try it out

  18. Jenn's Vegan Life says:

    Love your video!! I just came across your channel today, I subbed❤️
    I upload what I eat videos too!!😁😁
    Sending big vegan hugs 🤗 🌱🌱

  19. KimJen says:

    Do you don’t eat fat ?

  20. Taylah Louise says:

    Looveee thesee!

  21. Amber Harness says:

    I wouldn’t know how to eat that potato concoction. Do you mix it together when take a fork full?? I was expecting you to mash it. Curious flavors. Might try it

  22. The Adventures of Jon & Bean says:

    Thank you for these awesome meal ideas!! Definitely gonna try these 💖 -Bean

  23. Melodie M says:

    I love these types of videos. Thank you!

  24. adeline 5408 says:

    Perfect video (you so look gorgeous !)

  25. golden fearless says:

    Hmmm some fancy recipes eh?  I thought you loved to eat just plain, unseasoned foods.  YUM

  26. Halima Gachuche says:

    All of them ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Millie says:

    yay thanks for this and also for telling us what you actually season the food with!

  28. Zoe Lyall says:

    Ooooh yummm! They all look great! And really similar to what I already eat 👌 I’d usually however add more beans to each meal, just wondering if there’s a reason for you only adding a small amount of beans? ❤️

  29. Emmy says:

    what can you sub for roasted peppers in the hummus recipe?