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Trader Joe’s Haul | FAVORITES + HEALTHY Meal Ideas

Trader Joe’s Haul | FAVORITES + HEALTHY Meal Ideas

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  1. Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

    We dont have Trader Joes here in AU but my frozen staple foods are chicken nuggets, meat or chicken pies or sausage rolls, hotdogs/kransky or chorizo, battered fish, frozen chips, frozen lasagna, frozen mac n cheese, frozen mix vegies, garlic bread, filipino longanisa..but these are just my emergency food, we dont eat it all the time. Most of our food are made from scratch 🙂

  2. Chesha Hodge says:

    With the creamy polenta, it's nice to make some shrimp and have a very flavorful take on shrimp and grits. Sooo, good

  3. pinksugarfluff says:

    Soy is not good for women.

  4. Wintry Kiss says:

    everything looks amazing no trader joes nearby me .. i think there is one but its like 45 min away

  5. C J says:


  6. Vartouhi Asadourian says:

    Yes I agree about the bananas how they sell it

  7. Vartouhi Asadourian says:

    I got the roasted corn yesterday can’t wait to try it

  8. Cecilia Gonzalez says:

    champignons is pronounced “sham pee nyons “ fyi! lol

  9. Faye Faraldo says:

    Do you check the salt and sugar content of the processed food? Love your hauls and TJ's is my happy place also.

  10. Baubers says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like the actress Chyler Leigh?

  11. Tia says:

    bwua, ha, ha, ha ! ''Trader Hoes'' . OK I'm silly. Good haul !

  12. Tabitha GotJoy says:

    New subscribers. Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores. This is a great grocery haul. I will try for sure someone of the product you mention 😍

  13. Rachel Weiland says:

    Now that I’m dying to go to TJs……

  14. Senni Nevalainen says:

    Is there any foods and dinners you make from scratch ?
    so many frozen meals….

  15. cynthia says:

    You are such a cute mama!

  16. Lola Parra says:

    Frozen section: Tempura Cauliflower is soooooooooo good! And the veggie gyoza of course!

  17. Monica says:


  18. Faith Johns says:

    We so need a trader Joe's here… All of that was right down my alley. Yum!!!!

  19. Vineeta Tiwari says:

    You're beautiful and i enjoy your vlogs more than ASMR, sorry 🙂

  20. Jenilee Vazquez says:

    Loove their roasted corn too nice pop of flavor! I ❤️ their 100% Argan oil when I can get it and their Vegan Tikka Masala

  21. Savanna Southern says:

    Loved the grocery haul! Wish there was a traders joe near me!

  22. Jodie Owen says:

    I'm not sure if you made a video yet about it, but are you vegan? I think I've seen you eat turkey and fish, so i'm just trying to figure it out lol.

  23. Cate Trenholm Svendsen says:

    I am obsessed with their veggie spring rolls (in the frozen section). Just cook for 15 minutes in the oven and they taste like spring rolls from a restaurant just too addicting. There are 5 per box and I recommend them.

  24. Siera S says:

    LOVE this type of video! More please!! ❤️

  25. Stratus ASMR says:

    wish we had a trader joe's nearby…the closest one i know of is 4 hours away :S

  26. Daysy Guevara says:

    I always get the Japanese fried rice! It’s super good!! And it’s vegan 🌱

  27. C Lambie says:

    In Canada just wishing and hoping we will someday have trader joes. 😒

  28. Ninya Britten says:

    love there mandarin chicken, also there frozen broccoli is good as well.

  29. rdi2009 says:

    Garlic naan and Chana masala!!

  30. applecinnamon says:

    I love grocery hauls ☺️

  31. Hello There says:

    I was just thinking of a grocery haul today and MA GIRL CHRISTIANA CAME THRU! Truly love your adorable heart.

  32. Jade & Family says:

    Their kale chips r bomb, if I’m too lazy to make my own. Their mini ice cream cones, perfect for my kiddos as a sweet treat. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the rough tub r to die for. Their pesto is so yummy! Thanks for these awesome suggestions, definitely getting the mushrooms you mentioned and the carrots! Xoxo

  33. B&M James says:

    I told my cousins who's pregnant to subscribe to you, now you're being brought up in our family discussions 💕 thanks for being my "Mum on YouTube"

  34. Rosie Love says:

    I've been to Trader Joe's twice now.Can't wait to go back.i loved the frozen Indian butter chicken.I just make more rice on the side because it comes with a lot of sauce.You look great in the color gray.

  35. Danielle Smith says:

    That sun glare just kept creapin' further and further across your shoulder. haha

  36. Maribel Salazar says:

    Yasss I love Trader Joe’s so I definitely enjoy these hauls! 😍 what always brings be back to shop there is the coconut shea body butter! I’m not sure if they only sell in California but next time you go you should definitely get yourself some! Leaves my skin super soft 🤗 started using it to prevent any body stretch marks cause google told me coconut oil and shea butter help so I found something that has both also has vitamin E and I’ve been obsessed lol also I get super itchy sometimes at night not sure if I have eczema probably not cause don’t really know the symptoms but I’ve read that it also helps with that and it does help me with my random itchiness!