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the ultimate hip slimming workout *at home, no equipment*

the ultimate hip slimming workout *at home, no equipment*

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  1. Marta Muller says:

    amazing! youre so kind and cute, thank u, this workout is lit <3

  2. pilar lopez says:

    thank youuuu

  3. who am i says:

    Start in 1:18

  4. Kimberly Taylor says:

    Will this make your upper thigh smaller??

  5. jessica vestal says:

    just finished doing this workout and i am in LOVE with it!! i will definitely continue it every day!! thank you for this video!

  6. Necula Madalina says:

    I m in love with your legs workouts 😍
    I've discovered this hip workout four days ago and it s still burning my hips since then. You are doing a great job 👏👏👏

  7. Choco says:

    How often should I do this per week?

  8. Miurbu says:

    How are these exercises called? Thanks for the video!

  9. Jessica Dong says:

    Does this workout make your hips wider???

  10. Meltem ünal says:

    Thanks so much. Please make a workout video that we can easily do during menstruial periods.

  11. Bhawani Prasad says:


  12. Sage Laughton says:

    O my gosh this is actually so fun

  13. Rhiannon May says:

    Will this workout help you lose stubborn fat around your hip ? If so have often do you recommend as that is where I am holding my weight and i really want to get rid of it as I feel so down I lost a stone which I super proud of but I still have maybe 1-2 to go and I am struggling now

  14. Nehir Erdağı says:

    I’ve been looking for this for too long 😍 definitely gonna try it

  15. Marina says:

    Where I can find your August challenge?

  16. Руслана Титова says:

    I love all your workouts, hugs from Ukraine ❤️❤️❤️

  17. ennie says:

    gonna do this 3 times today 😍

  18. Mary Osegueda says:

    Fat all body workout pleaseee.

  19. Alana Pradhan says:

    I have messaged u on instagram too

  20. Alana Pradhan says:

    Hey I just found ur channel on YouTube and I really love it. I have lost weight because of personal problems just like u once did and I was wondering if u could help me gain weight healthy.

  21. Sera Jakupi says:

    Sanneee helloo can you do back fat workout pleaseee tomorof slim back fat for 1 week

  22. Moonlight Bae says:


  23. CM BOOKKEEPING says:

    Thanks just what I’ve been looking for

  24. Veronica S says:

    Thank you Sanne!

  25. Zelalem A. says:

    i appreciate this video SO much. people only make videos on how to widen your hips.

  26. Ines Zovko says:

    Can you do giveaways??,love you!!!

  27. Tara Thwaites says:

    Love your workouts so much #notificationsquad

  28. emily ramirez says:

    just did this workout I love it so much! I’ve never seen any of these exercises before. It was fun to branch out and try it. Definitely felt that burn!!

  29. Fiza Zebu says:

    I really loved your workouts.. You are superb @Sanne Vander

  30. Ana De Sousa says:

    Hi! Can I dm you a question on Instagram? I’m not sure what workout to do for my body type

  31. Fiza Zebu says:


  32. Shahile Akter says:

    Keep doing workouts I would love to try each one XOXO😍😍😍

  33. shade marcus says:

    I love getting this notification 🥰

  34. Matilde Zeni says:

    Which workout can I use if I want to get a thigh gap?
    Sorry for my English

  35. nadia e.l says:

    I love your workouts, hugs from Spain

  36. Tenly D says:

    I can feel my hips getting slimmer already

  37. Mera Labotte says:

    3 times done
    Love so much Sanne..u r my inspiration

  38. Anna Kaz says:

    Love your workouts