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The TRUTH About Why You’re Not Losing Fat (ONE SCIENCE-BASED…

The TRUTH About Why You’re Not Losing Fat (ONE SCIENCE-BASED…

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  1. Jeremy Ethier says:

    Comment below, are you a Tim or a Tom? After watching this, I’m expecting you all to be Tims… Hope you enjoyed this one! Give me a follow on Instagram for more content/workouts/tips: https://instagram.com/jeremyethier ! Cheers!

  2. Spixyl says:

    Can I go skateboarding after my workout to burn additional calories?

  3. Rishav Thakur says:

    as a beginner I used to workout 6 days a week very hard and end up with reduced muscle increased fat ..lower energy levels

  4. Anthony Turcios says:

    I thought even if you’re sedentary and maintained a caloric deficit you should lose weight, as long as you implement diet breaks to counteract metabolic adaptation?

  5. The incredible Dr L says:

    What's the music that you play in this video

  6. Jahid Hasan says:

    You're my favourite trainer.

  7. Its Me CJ says:

    Me: *tryna jog while sleeping to burn more calories

  8. pclifton says:

    Actually I saw Tom down at the 7/11 loading up on Modelo and chili cheese dogs

  9. knight Raider says:

    Wat about doing pushups or pullups throughout the day?

  10. Words Of Wonders says:

    That's what happened to me
    When I was at school I used to walk 3 hours a day and run 1 hour at gym.
    When I finished school I used to walk 30 minutes and 1 hour run at gym.
    When I was at school I and when I finished it I had the same meal plan. The reason why I was losing my weight was because of the 2:30 hours walk and not because of diet.

  11. joshpaos says:


  12. Caio Caridade says:

    At this quarentine period, I've been able to notice exactly this phenomena….just by staying at home,keeping the same diet and kind of the same volume training,weight has been going up..

  13. G. M. says:

    Weight loss sometimes looks like a 24 /7 journey, and somehow it is but damn, I deserve to lay on the couch after a intense workout and a long day at the office.

  14. Mohamed Nawar says:

    Hi, I started diet and workout 3 month ago were I lost 8 kg now I am already in the lower end of my average suitable weight, but still have around 2 cm of lower back and upper abdomen fat – to give clearer idea and 180 CM height but 72 kg weight – the height and weight maybe gave an indication that I did not yet build up may basic muscles, therefore I am confused if continue the diet so lose more weight which will be lower than the average or stop it and eat enough to build up muscles, what is your recommendations here?

  15. Zoe Cui says:

    I don't know about Tom. But Tim is Jeremy in disguise.

  16. William Silcox says:

    I walk about 3 miles a day plus workout and I'm following a calorie deficit. Lost 5 lbs quick.

  17. Tegar Dani says:

    Hey Tom, Are you me?

  18. Karanvir Singh says:

    Did someone noticed by walking first person get so ripped while jeremy following same diet nd excersise even does not loose an inch😂😂we can loose some calories by walking nd doing other activites but we cannot get ripped because if so all would have left gym nd start walking around so everything plays important role nd person who want to loose fat always eat diet having low carbs for common mistakes that we dont know about do readhttps://fitline101.blogspot.com/?m=1

  19. Jay Tee says:

    tim burn calories using stairs
    Me: ok i need to use stairs now all the way up to the 21st floor where our office is located…

  20. RITHIKA SINGH says:

    Try having a real moustache.would like to see how it looks on u, for a change!!!😍

  21. gergelyovics says:

    I am walking 10 hours a day that's my work but I am not skinny

  22. Jax says:

    Wow, bummer that it wasn't two different ball caps and shirt colors or some other distinctive differing markers. Instead he chose to go with stereotype male and female vibes. Right down to Tim and Tom names. Tim having a very phallic looking vowel and Tom having a more feminine curved vowel. Not targeting your message at… both to men needing to be jacked fast and women struggling to lose weight and it being pinned on their genetics of being a female. Would be marketing gold if it wasn't so overtly disgusting.

  23. JJ's Musings says:

    Tom is a mess…. He needs to get it together…..

  24. Angie Angel says:

    😃😃😃cool illustration

  25. Kristina Pierce says:

    damn Tim got ripped fast

  26. Liberty Harding says:

    Hi @Jeremy Ethier, I was wondering when you went thru your 12 week transformation video 2 years ago did you got to the gym on your cardio and hiit days as well. I'm struggling with overtraining but no fat loss.

  27. rexylem says:

    2:44 dieting neat effect

  28. drac464 says:

    Can you do a video on probiotics and gut health? Yogurt? Any thoughts?

  29. drac464 says:

    Loving your videos. I Always have found when I hit a plateau that if I eat bad for like one day I’ll gain a little bit right away but once I go back to eating right the next day within a couple days I’ll start losing weight consistently again so I think it’s good to break a plateau by increasing calories significantly for at least one day. I don’t like having cheat days only if I start to plateau

  30. Miguel Herrera says:

    Wow, Tom and Tim even have the same tattoo! Just like Jeremy's!

  31. ZockerSWAT says:

    I dont want to loose shit, I want to gain .
    Man I am underweight and cant get my shit up.

  32. Wanny's world says:

    That's so clever ✨

  33. Seabass says:

    I dont do anything and im still not gaining weight

  34. M Cheech says:

    Love the vids brother. Learning so much from this channel. Nice stache!

  35. Lucas Polonuer says:

    7:02 la remera de BOCA

  36. Carlos Lopez Jr. says:

    Does scrolling thru facebook qualify as fidgeting? Lmao