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The BEST Foods At The Grocery Store For DIABETES..And What T…

The BEST Foods At The Grocery Store For DIABETES..And What T…

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  1. Deborah Townsend says:

    The small town where I live I can't get anything except 0% fat Greek yogurt so I add heavy whipping cream to mine with sweetener and vanilla since I do low carbKeto.

  2. Charles McGehee says:

    I am 65 and likely pre-diabetic. Great tip on eggs and the coating of the myelin (sp) sheath covering or nerves. My feet are becoming numb. I avoid dairy due to liver trouble so maybe you have more non-dairy tips for foods pre-diabetic's can eat. I drink Almond milk, unsweetened. Is a bit of honey an okay sweetener?

  3. EscapeVelo says:

    'Tip for Oilive Oil. Look for single country of origin oils. They are superior to the blends. California, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.

  4. chris clermont says:

    You guys rock!! Guerrilla video production!!

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  6. Abigail Layman says:

    From a layman’s term – I notice if a food is low in sugar, for example a yogurt, then it’s high in salt😳🥺🥺

  7. mugsiewugsie says:

    Yes,, more foods for diabetics, thank you!

  8. Judith Thompson says:

    I'm a long time diabetic and I have problems getting my cholesterol down.The catch is I'm on a limited budget so I shop at Aldi's .Can you help me meal plan with stuff from there.

  9. Larry Mattiasen says:

    It is very hard to find full fat yogurt.

  10. Deborah John says:


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  11. judy LeFavour says:

    What frozen Lunches are good for type 2 diabetics?

  12. judy LeFavour says:

    Is Veggie pasta good for type 2 Diabetics? Also what are good lunch Ideas for type 2 diabetics?

  13. keryl cooper says:

    I’m a bad diabetic trying to get in ketoces need a shopping list to take to the store with me can’t afford to buy book and food . . . . HELP 😕😕

  14. Joe Khatib says:

    The water crackers are better than the whole grains because too much whole grains can cause gastrointestinal issues.

  15. Sharon Doyle says:

    Ty for your channel

  16. B says:

    Question, when you cook with the good oils with high heat does that not destroy the benefits of good oils?

  17. Llora O'Neil Kranich says:

    Yes, please do a Teaching on a Crohn's diet. My daughter has Crohn's .. she lost her entire Colon at age 24. She is not in remission… Needs good teaching.

  18. Bonnie L says:

    What about security cameras? He's concerned about "Waldos" but aren't store monitoring via security cams?

  19. Betty Smith says:

    Watch your videos but just found this one. I am type 2, thanks so much for this video helped a lot.

  20. Terry Quelet says:

    Just go Keto and you will not have these health problems, See Dr. Ken Berry on the Youtube for advice. I did.

  21. Bethany Roux says:

    Love this channel!

  22. Juliana Revill says:

    I'm at my wit's end with my diabetes, you have opend my eyes as to how bad my diet has been for year's, I live in the UK and I really have no idea what to eat anymore ot what I'm doing, everything I eat spikes my sugers up, half the time I don't undersand it all and that's why I'm at my wit's end, think I better watch all of your vidio's to see if I can liern more. Thank's Xx

  23. Keto Pursuit says:

    Thanks so much! I’m hypoglycemic which is pre diabetic. Love the info.

  24. No Ta says:

    Subscribed as soon as I saw his take on Greek Yoghurt….love the phrase fat is where it's at

  25. Wonder Woman says:

    What about asthma? Any advice?

  26. Christina Lucero says:

    I have diabetes and I'm disgusted with myself. Thank you for the information

  27. Gowmattie Devi Dhanukdhari says:

    Can u please do more grocery shopping an show us what to buy when u have biabetes thank u

  28. Say What? says:

    Just pick the most boring food available. Done.

  29. Michael Foster says:

    Please provide suggestions for a vegan diet for diabetics. Thanks.

  30. Ron Packwood says:


  31. Roberta Hargis says:

    I am now using your good information on low carb foods to buy. We know the grocery stores are loaded with sugar ingredients in most of their products. Keep up the good work in helping us to maintain good health!

  32. It’sOtp_ Mod says:

    Can u do another sams club haul

  33. Bonnie carrillo says:

    I started keto and found your recipes with all the flavor. 3 weeks on keto and came off all my meds!!!!! My 16 year old son loves your food too. Kefta was one of the first recipes we tried.❤️❤️

  34. Ramses Astudillo says:

    Can you do a renal diet please…

  35. Diana Martin says:

    It would be easier if you were with me as I was shopping for food

  36. Diana Martin says:

    That’s a nice target

  37. Ricky Pyle says:

    Wasa toasts in whole wheat or rye are sensible low glycemic planks and whole wheat soft Torillas marked "low carb" are suitable bread substitutes. Haven't found a Pita bread that is low glycemic yet. American Diabetic Association and American Heart Association have .pdf files with some diet ideas. In some ways the recommended diets are both similar.
    In a sweet tooth craving, Russell Stover chocolate assortment sweetened with Stevia is okay, though fat content is just as high as non-diabetic chocolate. Cheapest place for that and Smuckers sugarless jam is Walmart.

  38. Rachel Tevaseu says:

    Thank you Bobby…you too Art.

  39. rina buli says:

    Bobby can you do a video with low histamine foods?

  40. Kristine's 4Seasons says:


  41. Eileen Reed says:

    I’m not a diabetic but I found your video extremely helpful, good advice for everyone. Many thanks.😊😊

  42. Jane Maker says:

    I love the way you explain ingredients that are processed in the packaging. ❤️☝️

  43. Debbie L says:

    Thank you 👍🙏

  44. Road Runner says:

    Actually the whites in the egg has more protein then the yolk. 4g white/ 3 g yolk in a 7 gram egg. The egg whites have no cholesterol, the yolk does.

  45. John Alderman says:

    What about butter how much per day?

  46. Kevin Mullins says:

    No grains!!

  47. Sarah Nowell says:

    I would like to see a video for Rheumatoid arthritis diet!

  48. Mistie T says:

    I have Crohn's disease and just last week got diagnosed with diabetes. Struggling to find food that will work for both issues.

  49. Lisa Mitchell says:

    I'm a Diabetic which I do not take meds for it's diet controlled and I have elevated cholesterol and Hashimoto disease which I take meds for. Need help for a better meal plan. Thank you for all your info