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Standing Abs Workout at Home – 13 Min Ab Workout Standing Up…

Standing Abs Workout at Home – 13 Min Ab Workout Standing Up…

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  1. HASfit says:

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  2. Georgie Vang says:

    Thank you for the workout! It's challenging but it's worth it! Step by step is easy to follow. Thank you again!😊😊🖒🖒🖒🖒

  3. mona marzouq says:

    I start my losing Wight plan last year with u and I loos 32KG !! I don't know what to say but THANK U VERY MUCH !!

  4. Fathima Syed says:

    you guys are awesome, i am trying but not regularly, so cant tell whether i reduced or not , but anyway i feel good.i dont like lying down and do exercise ..for me its really good.

  5. Mercy Goodluck says:

    this is the first time i actually done + finshed a workout on youtube!!!

  6. Prem Christopher says:

    Hi hasfit team do you have exercises for isg blockages and strength?

  7. lizvocal says:

    This is exactly what I needed! My BFF just had a brain tumor removed from the center of her brain. She needs to strengthen her core, and also do exercises that cross the center of her midline to help rewire her brain. This routine does both and was a great workout for me!

  8. pennyTDM says:

    This was a great morning workout

  9. bill blacklaw says:

    Really enjoyed this one thanks 🙏 both 🔥🔥💪👍

  10. Emmanuelle says:

    Great creative workout. Thank you both for your amazing workouts.

  11. Pamela Luttrell says:

    Great ab workout! Had a surgical procedure done and can't do heavy lifting or floor exercises right now and this did the job of working my abs with no added pressure on the surgical site! Thanks Coach Kozak and Claudia! 🙂

  12. Annie Rioux says:

    This is the best standing up abs video!

  13. rashid alkhalaqi says:

    Thank you so much

  14. Daniela Zumpano says:

    He looks so much like italian singer Vito Ventura 😜

  15. Teddy P says:

    Love it. Short and powerful!
    Can you help me find the one you did for separated abs due to 2 C-sections?

  16. Nicole Rathbun says:

    Love this Abs workout. I end up quiting many Abs exercises because my lower back hurts too much to keep it up. But I was able to complete this work out "easily". Haha. I wasn't expecting too much for a 13 min workout but I felt the pain the next morning! It truly surprised and delighted me! Love all your workouts! Very happy I found this channel!

  17. The Bra Doctor says:

    Totally appreciated this standing abs workout. WOW!! Sweating like a horse! You two are fabulous! Thanks bunches!

  18. allgoodthings100 says:

    Thank you for this and many other awesome videos. This standing ab has become daily "must" now. A quick question about bent-over oblique rotation. Towards the end of this, I usually feel a slight pinch on the lower back. When I adjust the angle of my torso by lifting my body slightly, it goes away. Is the lower back pain supposed to happen, (should I keep pushing with the 45-degree angle)?

  19. Christie Bocking says:

    One million subscribed? It must be working!! I am so grateful for Coach and Claudia.

  20. ام عبود الكندري says:


  21. Evelyn Carola Giunta says:

    Love exercising at the beach! Excellent job guys, 👍

  22. Yvelise Hovey says:

    This short workout got me SORE!!! I earned it!!! You guys are terrific!! Cannot wait to try other workouts!!

  23. Christine Lamb says:

    Fantastic standing abs workout, guys! I really loved it, and it was very effective. I can't really do a lot of the regular floor abs moves anymore, due to neck issues, so these standing abs workouts are perfect. Thank you so much! 😍💪

  24. Terry NB says:

    I adore you guys! Thank you so much for producing videos that are both low intensity and high intensity for people to use! I had an irreplacement 2 years ago and there are some exercises I can no longer participate in. I love that you say make the work out your own I borrow a little from low impact and some from high impact if I can! I downgrade my weights when I want to! Thanks and for your amazing videos! I sure do enjoy them!


    No warmup needed before this routine?

  26. Ezo Fitness says:

    Amazing video!! Has given me some new ideas for some videos on my channel!💪

  27. Marcio Mendes says:

    Thanks coach and Claudia ! you are the best !!

  28. nataly samaan says:

    I love that it says how many calories I burn! How many calories do i need to burn if I want to lose weight? I'm 5'0 and 108lbs I wanna get to 100lbs and then 90lbs 🙂

  29. Peter Meagher says:

    Just had knee replacement and standing AB wkout is best as floor exercises still difficult. What is the weight of your dumbells in the AB wkout- Thx Peter

  30. Gene Ann De la Cruz says:

    Wow! I did this after a 20-min HIIT Run…i'll be doing this again, and definitely it's getting into my faves. Thank you so much

  31. Flaming Basketball Club says:


  32. Lydia Lopez says:

    Love the workout and recognizing everyone is at a different level. Thank you

  33. Valerie Escabi says:

    Thank you for answering me back 💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗