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Postnatal Yoga With Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum

Postnatal Yoga With Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum

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  1. Kshama Ojha says:

    Hi my baby is two months old now,i had c- sec,can i do this excercises,will this be helpful in bodyaches?

  2. rubal rai says:

    It's been 3 years since I delivered and I have a 2 and half fingers diastasis recti. Can I still follow these exercises and would it help heal my diastasis?

  3. Sara Gunnarsson says:

    Thank you for the class, but i wish the music had been more ”relaxed”

  4. Raquel Mancia says:

    This is great workout! I follow this routine everytime ny baby keeps me up at night, instead of doing cardio or weights and it always makes me feel vetter

  5. nineesha lewis says:

    Feel great after this! Thank you so much for sharing 💕❤️

  6. Tai Wright says:

    Wash your eye with baby’s shampoo. It will help with any future styes

  7. Amy Canada says:

    The sequencing was great, very nice cues for adapting poses as needed. Felt good in my postpartum body.
    But I was very turned off by the “commercial” before savasana.
    Just felt like it was not the the time to plug a weight management/loss program.
    Sure we might be coming here to lose weight, but it doesn’t need to be the focus, and especially right before we are to be turning off our thinking minds. Maybe we’re just trying to get our bodies, that may not feel like our own anymore, moving in some sort of way.
    I am personally working on giving myself some grace about my current body size while I recover from birth and breastfeed, so it just wasn’t what I wanted to hear I guess.

  8. Sobue Shiv says:

    Hello, I read downward dog is not good for DR ? Would that be fine ?

  9. TITBITS WITH renuka says:

    Can i do these exercises after 4 month of normal delivery

  10. The McCorkells says:

    I will give some constructive criticism… watch the use of the word “and”. I just felt that’s all I could concentrate on was how many times you said “and, and, and …and” it was very distracting.

  11. Nailah Abdullah says:

    I love this routine. At 9 months postpartum i am still enjoying it

  12. yashoda hosamane says:

    Hi, can I do these exercises after 20months of having C-section delivery?… I have diastasis recti but my belly is little huge… Should I start this yoga now and with abdominal belt or without abdominal belt…? Because I can't stand without belt for long time getting back pain so while working time iam using abdominal belt… Could you please suggest me….

  13. Chandrima Bhowmik says:

    My child is 5 years old. I haven't done any exercise after childbirth. My core is very weak and I still look like four-five months pregnant. Will this exercise help me? Thank you.

  14. 林云 says:

    when can I start practice this? Say two weeks after giving birth?

  15. Emailgroupie ESL Education says:


  16. Taylor Alfonso says:

    Thank you for this beautiful yoga routine

  17. Shirley Says Wish says:

    I am doing your hiit + diastasis recti exercises for a week now and feel great. But my belly is huge at 18 months postpartum. Please suggest

  18. Salena zaria says:

    Hi I wanna start doing your video. As matter of fact I don't have any ideas about Diastasis Recti. But suddenly open up my mind and enlighten me no wonder my tummy even if it's flatten and toning still have some pooch/pouch in my tummy. I am not sure if I have DR I am a mom of one kid and she's 12yrs old now. Do you think I have DR as well? I hope you can answer my confusion.

  19. aswini aswini says:

    I am 8 weeks after postpartum
    I have so much hanging belly
    N suffering from pelvic gridle pain
    Can you please suggest me exercise what I can do for reducing tummy fat n pain

  20. Sushil Jain says:

    Thanks for you mam my delivery was normal becoz of your videos

  21. Tymberlyn Frischkorn says:

    use breast milk for a sty! Its a natural antimicrobial 🙂

  22. TastyBones says:

    Hello! I love your video by the way.
    However am getting conflicting messages online regarding practicing forward folds safely with diastasis as it may put pressure on the intra abdominals?

  23. Yogita Singh says:

    Hi there , loved this workout . Do I need to do this everyday.? What routine do I follow?

  24. Harleen Kaur says:

    Hi…can i do these exercises after 3 months of having c-sec delivery?

  25. moon 2051 says:

    After i have my childI have been doing this yoga for 1 months . Lots of things have improved . I wanna do something else which one would be better from your video ??? Could you please suggest me ??

  26. Pei Hui says:

    Thank you very much for your video ! That’s exactly what I am looking for, and finally able to go back to my yoga routine after almost 2 years.

  27. M W says:

    I have been doing this class daily for 2 weeks and I am so proud of my progress with balance and feeling stronger with my core thank you 🙏

  28. Darshna Dalvadi says:

    Hi.. I am having 8 months of baby and my stomach is still not in proper shape, I have diastasis recti, should I start this work out after 8 months post pregnancy? I had a C-section. Plz guide me, would this help me to flatten my stomach after 8 months of pregnancy? And when to do this? At empty stomach?

  29. Puneet kaur says:

    My back is always tired, meaning I can’t stand for long any tips ?

  30. Tere Formilus says:

    Thank you that was great! Any suggestions on yoga for rheumatoid arthritis after pregnancy?

  31. Lakshmi Manjunath says:

    I love your work outs. From yoga to HIIT to work out with dumbbells. I love everything. I have gone to numerous therapists, watched enough videos to fiz my DR and find suitable work outs. your videos are by far one of the best I have come across.

  32. Ambica Sood says:

    Is it ok to do downward dog while having abdominal seperation…few yoga instructors wouldn't suggest it

  33. RAJI KARUMALI says:

    Mam, is Suryanamaskar suit for diastasis recti?

  34. Caroline Reinstadler says:

    Balancing is hard when the pregnancy bump is not there anymore 😂😂

  35. Ravinder Kumar says:

    I am 5mo pp and my wrist seems weak to try some of the exercises you suggested here. I tried doing it today but that’s really hard to manage. Are there any alternate exercises I can do for loosing tummy & weight? Your video seems quite inspiring indeed. Pls help.

  36. Natasha Lundy says:

    Love all the exercises u have done postpartum. Are anymore coming up soon????

  37. caslar1111 says:

    I can’t wait to try this video (I’m just watching it right now after doing one of your HIIT workouts). I enjoy yoga but haven’t done it for a long time and being 5 months pp with my second baby things are extra hard with my lovely mom bod 😅 so I think the modifications you use in this video will be perfect to make it doable and enjoyable!

  38. Georgiana Pipoi says:

    Thank you for this video. It helps me exercise in a safety manner and it boosts my general mood, so I am very grateful to find you.
    I have tried to open the links from the description, but as they are not entirely displayed, I cannot open them. Could you please share the full path? Have a great day

  39. angelacarla reyes says:

    Style, i helped me to heal my eye, style infections. Breastfeedmilk 🙂 2 to 3 days, and warm compass and wash your hands and face will cold water

  40. Anushree Acharjee says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. A much needed channel. Happily subscribed.
    Regarding this workout, feels good, but stiffness in body not gone fully. Any tips?

  41. Brenda P says:

    Thank you 🙏

  42. Jessicapumple says:


  43. Kristen Palynchuk says:

    awesome! thanks again for another helpful video

  44. Jessica Pumple says:

    Thanks for joining me 🙂