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  1. Michelle McLeod says:

    It's the mercury in the tuna…also look for line caught. I'm an OG RN of 32 years! Mercy, you haven't been alive that long! You make me proud sweet child…keep your passion and know your always welcome down south!

  2. Lexi Rifaey says:

    I’m sure you’ve answered this before but what kind of camera do you use?!?

  3. GlitterGlossandGabs says:

    Ugh as a fellow Gabrielle I get the Gabriel struggle

  4. briana1896 says:

    Do you take the emergen-c everyday now or only when you are sick?

  5. Megan Rodeck says:

    Can you please tell me where you get your premier protein shakes? I’ve found some at Walmart and target but never in these flavors!

  6. demi rosas says:

    have you reviewed the delight frosted cookies coffee creamer???

  7. Abrie Blair says:

    I LOVE all of your videos!! What do you use to film? You have probably mentioned it before but I'm forgetful and tend to fall asleep a lot 😂

  8. Élizabeth Lever says:

    Isn't it a lot of vitamins C considering you already have some in your monthly prescription? I get that your body will get rid of what you don't need but I feel as if it may be a bit too much. Thoughts?

  9. GoldenMoonlightLove says:

    I don’t eat a lot of veggies either and I may start buying that. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kelly Stovall says:

    This was the best! Thanks for sharing. I love food haha

  11. Stacy L says:

    Great vid. My Walmart doesn’t have the coffee flavor premier protein ☹️

  12. Jillian Otto says:

    I’m watching this after Thanksgiving and let me tell you I ordered the Hydrate and I’m picking up the greens tomorrow. No more feeling like crap and more drinking water! Thanks for you wisdom and sharing with us 💗💗

  13. macey falls says:

    great video! i need that chapstick holder!

  14. vidz says:

    Many congrats on the 100k! So well deserved. 🙂 Limiting tuna intake is about reducing the exposure to/accumulation of mercury. Alternating with other proteins, like you mentioned, is good. Also, getting skipjack tuna over albacore tuna is another good tip.

  15. ReenaMarie says:

    LOVEEEE these videos, so helpful 😩🙌🏽

  16. Jenn Aho says:

    Yaaaaas! Dots! Here in ND we have just the seasoning too 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  17. Holly Havana says:

    Yes team cottage cheese! Love that stuff! Also love the noosa yogurt, it’s so decadent I feel like breakfast is actually a dessert 🤣

  18. Marylyn G says:

    I just found your channel a month ago and I will say girl I’m in love with your channel😘😘

  19. Annie Ryan says:

    holley: i have an e in my first name
    my brother: helly?

  20. Nursing Uncensored says:

    I grabbed a greens supplement and started today. I also jotted down a few of your snack suggestions on my shopping list. Thanks for the inspiration! 🍇🍚🥬😋

  21. Leslie Durand says:

    It seems a lot for someone who doesn’t like pills to get six down! That’s crazy lol. Not for me. I love taking my two amazing premium grade vitamins and I get everything my body needs and nothing less!!! Have you heard of Thrive 1-2-3?? It will decrease the amount of steps you take in pills for sure!!! .ldurand.le-vel.com. Free accounts. Free info. It’s awesome y’all!!! But I mean, it’s just a suggestion. You do you boooooo

  22. mckenzie T says:

    I wouldn’t take vitamin C supplement. It really doesn’t do anything and you just end up urinating the entire thing out. Try eating more oranges and finding foods with natural vitamin c (: