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My Fat Burning Gym Circuit (Strength. Cardio. Core) | Joanna…

My Fat Burning Gym Circuit (Strength. Cardio. Core) | Joanna…

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  1. Sara Mofasa says:

    You’re crazy I love all your vids

  2. Aishveer Sekhon says:

    Wow super

  3. Shaoli Pal says:

    Is this calvein klein sports bra? I am using nyke one. Please suggest me is this one better than nyke ?

  4. info sap says:

    You look like a fitness app animation character, you are really inspiration for all of us, keep posting your videos

  5. Tazeen Imran says:

    Why ur gym's always so empty??!!!

  6. An says:

    Hi Joanna, ur a great inspiration n all ur workout are super amazing n gives real results … I have been following u religiously n getting some amazing results just nowadays have some knee soreness don't know where am I going wrong…

  7. JEALOUS GUY says:

    I just want to eat your juicy pussy🤪

  8. Srinjoy Das says:

    do we need to do the warm up in one of your previous video before starting this current work out ?

  9. malik bisma says:

    Love ur all acts 😘😘

  10. Ujjwal Nautiyal says:

    Dear can u tell me how should I plan my weekly exercise to burn body fat.plz give me weekly exercise plan

  11. Cary Seager says:

    I just found this workout and tried it today. Loved it! Please make more of these.

  12. Keeta says:

    Got to the end of the video and she's just finished the full circuit, so I think to myself that's not so bad I could totally do that…then she says remember to rest because round two's coming up next!! ROUND TWO!!!

  13. Dimpi Gogoi says:

    I need to shed some 4-5 kgs ..

  14. Dimpi Gogoi says:

    Can we practice this exercise everyday ? Or is it ok to perform strength training everyday ?

  15. Pei Qing Poh says:

    Hi Joanna, should we do cardio or strength exercises first? Which one is better? Hope u reply me! Thanks!

  16. chandrika potteti says:

    Over wait loss full body workout telme

  17. Tehmina Rafiq says:

    If we can't go to gym how can do at home

  18. TDRK _. says:

    Oh so this is good for skinny fat person? Cool💕

  19. Asha Ammi says:

    Joanna, you are my inspiration

  20. Nguyễn Ngọc Dung Usama says:


  21. prachi nagar says:

    That was awesome

  22. Zaiba Khan says:

    My favorite cardio