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Mummy Tummy Workouts – Postpartum Ab Exercises – Diastasis R…

Mummy Tummy Workouts – Postpartum Ab Exercises – Diastasis R…

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  1. Shafali Bahl says:

    Hey!! My baby is 1yr 4 mnths and i havn't done any exercise yet.. Will it help me to get my flat tummy???

  2. Anu Malik says:

    Will this work after 3 years of pregnancy?

  3. Ammu kaleeswari says:

    I very much worrying. I am looks like 7 months pregnant. I am doing these exercises on and off. Can we do cardio workout with these exercises.please reply

  4. Rahimaabu Rahi says:

    Please put work out for pcod

  5. krystal kohu says:

    So how long until she actually reached the point of a flat belly??? Did your partner do other workout routines whilst doing these exercises as well or did she just stick to these 5 exercises.. I've been struggling with research to find what it is I need to do to get rid of my mum tum.. And nothings worked so far..today I descovered this video and omg so many videos and training programmes Iver seen have said crunches are a MJST

  6. Plvasundhara Vasundhara says:

    Thank you sooo much.Its very usefull.How many days it will take to see the result

  7. Unlimited Slime says:

    Who else have got relief from mummy tummy ??????Hit the like

  8. Renuga Devi says:

    Hello sir I am a 7weeks postpartum with C-section… I affected DR shall I start the exercise now??

  9. Indu Chandran says:

    Hi Jared,
    I have started watching your videos regularly and u ppl are doing great job providing very useful information. I am a mother of 3 year old baby girl and having DR with five finger gap. My belly button is also protruding out bcz of this(i had a 'c' section). I am regularly using an abdominal belt as per my gynac suggestion.Otherwise this may lead to hernia too as per gynac.So shall I surely follow these excercises to strengthen my abdominal muscles and reduce my tummy?

  10. Rebeka Grace says:

    Do I do it step by step in one go? Or would I start by doing step one and build up to step two and so forth and so on ?

  11. Nomaliza Azman says:

    I did the 21 day diastasis recti with 37 inch tummy, now my tummy is 35 3/4 inch. Thank you for sharing the workout and I will continue doing the abs and love handle workout that is diastasis recti safe.

  12. Shamirah1990 says:

    Thank you for sharing these exercises! New subscriber here, 9 weeks postpartum. I'm hoping to tone up quickly and gain my confidence back.

  13. ALHAMD GOAT FARM says:

    its been 5 months i am still having postpartum edema kindly suggest me what to do? for sure i am not having DR but still my tummy looks like 3 4 months pregnancy and my lower body is also quite swelled till now kindly help me out and let me know diet i must have and how much water should i intake???? please do reply

  14. Estalita van Schalkwyk says:

    I didnt know I had DR. No one told me. I noticed something is wrong and my tummy muscles are seperated. But I have been doing the wrong excersizes for two years! Thanks for the video, i hope it is not too late to fix this.

  15. Paci Bareiro says:

    Hi! how many times per week you recommend we should work out with these routines? my youngest son´s already 3 years old and Im used to working out regularly, hope to get an answer! thanks fot this awesome videos 🙂

  16. Sughra Mohammedi says:

    Hey where can I find the 5 series from ?

  17. Jace Vue says:

    This is great. I'm on baby number 4 as well. My fourth is now 4 months old. I'm frustrated that I'm losing weight everywhere but my stomach. I'm a small person too at 109lbs. I only have issues on my belly. Do I do these exercises daily?

  18. Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr says:

    I love the fact you are a physical therapist, it gives credibility to the workout. Thank you for helping moms with these great exercises to address the number one frustration of the mommy tummy after birth.

  19. Pearl Watson says:

    I’m 55 years old, and I see a difference since doing these exercises. I can’t thank you enough for making these videos with your wife. Before you, I had to take 1 exercise from a video here & there, then try to remember them. I gave up & just worked on cardio to lower my BP. After being able to tone everything but my tummy, I found your videos. Game changer!!! I’m on Day 5 of a liver cleanse, so I’ve been eating, “drinking my meals”. The bounty of fresh, raw greens, organic oats, Garden of Life protein powder, flax seeds, and a little fruit have been helped my navel area to decrease from 36” to 34” in a week. When I do your exercises, I feel it deep in my abs. I love that burn. It lets me know that I’m healing the area of my body that no one has addressed well with the right series of exercises. I’m a 55 year old woman who had my children at 37 & 39 years old. I want my sexy body back. With you & your wife, that WILL happen. You have renewed my hope. I really can’t express my gratitude enough.

  20. Dilshad Begum says:

    Great information and easy thanks

  21. Swetha Cherry says:

    Tq u soo much bcz i have this problem 👍👌

  22. sushmitha gowda says:

    Hai I am new subscribers to this channel but the information which you given was very very impressed me thank you so much

  23. Elsie Vaenz says:

    You are fckn amazing

  24. Banumathy Yashika says:

    Hai Jared you are doing a great job.. can u pls suggest a post pregnancy belt please…

  25. Ganga R says:

    I had DR 3 finger gap above belly button n 2 finger gap below. M 6 months postpartum n practicing kegels, bridges etc for last 3 months n the lower gap got closed. But the upper one is still open, n fr the last 2 weeks I missed these exercises n now I feel like my upper belly got bigger thn it was 2 weeks bck.
    Could u pls suggest me some exercises tht ill close the gap above belly button.
    My mom had the same issue after her 2nd csection n later, after 18 yrs she caught up wit incisional hernia n had tummy tucker surgery.She s struggling a lot now ☹️ So I m very much worried bot ths n wanted to close the gap wit exercises. Pls help me 🙏

  26. Delicious Determination says:

    I'm currently in my 3rd pregnancy. Before this pregnancy I successfully lost 50 pounds, and in losing that weight I had begun to notice that I was possibly suffering from diastasis recti. That is my biggest concern and focus for healing now post partum with this pregnancy. Thank you for your advice!

  27. Irene D says:

    What if you can't lay flat on your back due to medical reasons? I have to be propped up on a few pillows to safely lay on my back. It seems that leaves me in a semicrunh position, which would worsen DR. Maybe that's how I got it. I am bedbound. I'd like to do some of these exercises. My mid upper abs are the worst. I have not had a pregnancy, I believe it's due to being bedridden.

  28. JoAnne Cotsakis says:

    It's been 9 weeks since I had a tummy tuck. Can i do these exercise's and this mommy tummy workout plan?

  29. Yamileth 1010 says:

    Anybody tried his program actually paid for can someone tell me if it actually works I don’t want to waist my money if it doesn’t work it just a scam please help

  30. ES. Apshan says:


  31. Megan Elliott says:

    Hello! Should we alternate days when we do these exercises? I have heard it is important to break up the days between abdominal workouts. It has been nearly 3 years since my second child came into this world, but he was my second by way of cesarean section. I also did not work out before my first child nor afterward for fear of tearing the sutures and making the DR worse. Thanks for your guidance!

  32. Andrea Covarrubias says:

    I stumbled upon your videos and I am in love and your wife is so beautiful and I hope to get my stomach as nicely shaped as hers soon! Subscribed!

  33. Kristina Lipary says:

    Love that I have stumbled upon your videos. Started with upper back fix on a foam roller (wonderful, amazing results!) and now working through the DR workouts. I have struggled with DR after having back to back pregnancies and core strength issues, using different DR exercises over the years. For a time post prego I had a drop to the knee (right side) shooting pain. Oddly now I can activate my right side core muscles (obliques and TA) but not really my left side as strong or at all. Also just had an issue with my left foot and hip flexor. Should I focus higher reps on my left side? Is this a normal occurrence?