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Menstrual Cycle Diet Plan For A Healthy Period! How To Get A…

Menstrual Cycle Diet Plan For A Healthy Period! How To Get A…

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  1. Lucia Fair says:

    I've been into intuitive eating for a while and I get the feeling that eating junk food is okay, but in context of moderation, I was never someone who could just eat a couple of cookies, I always ate a lot, like 7 to 10, I feel restricted if I was to eat 1 or 2, and people say this will pass, but it's been years and I still like to eat a lot, I dont restruct myself, I dont diet or exercise too much…so do you think this is healthy, eating 10 cookies?

  2. Love Light Blessings says:

    What about frequent periods and low iron I’d like some advice on peri-menopause

  3. Lindsey Murphy says:

    can you do a video on what your current workout routine in??

  4. Melanie Michalik says:

    I just find my period back after 2 years, I have trouble with dieting and exercising and scare what to eat because I wanna lose weight and have my period.

  5. Leslie Drury says:

    Hi Colleen. I’m a new subscriber & I just want to say I have been really enjoying your content. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life & I’m just working on breaking the vicious cycle. I read taking charge of your fertility almost 9 years ago when I was trying to conceive my now almost 8 year old. Game changer! I used fertility awareness method to help conceive & still use it to this day for natural birth control. I think it should be required reading for every young lady! Why aren’t we taught this stuff at an early age?!
    I was wondering your opinion on an author named Alisa Vitti? She is pretty bad ass in the women’s reproductive area & wrote the book Woman Code. It’s pretty fascinating stuff but she demonizes a lot of food saying things like sugar cause hormonal imbalances. I’m coming from the whole “clean eating basically orthorexic food obsessed” diet. I’ve been led to believe sugar, dairy, gluten, anything processed is the reason my hormones are not working optimally and the reason I’m gaining weight & always tired, hungry & my hair is falling out. Or maybe it’s the stress of trying to eat perfectly & under eating for fear of eating something deemed “bad” that is really messing me up. Anyway she really focuses on honoring our cycles & each of the 4 phases we should eat certain foods & do certain exercises. It’s basically a diet for our cycles. I would love for you to take a look at her work & give us your opinion on it. Thanks for everything you are doing. You are helping me tremendously!

  6. Gi Casotti says:

    I haven't had my period since November 2019 and I've been trying to get it back since the beginning of quarantine, I just didn't know what else to do, I've increased my calories from 500 to 1900 but still nothing, sometimes I think it's hard to eat all of this, others I wanna eat more, but 2500 scares the crap out of me.

  7. Sarah Bartlett says:

    I got my period back a few months ago after 3 yrs. I’m 47 yrs. I needed to gain weight and stop exercising though

  8. Katelin Gates says:

    I always thought you had to grind flaxseeds, otherwise they just come out whole at the other end. lol

  9. Katelin Gates says:

    Wait, fiber rich foods can back you up?

  10. evelyn maurencia says:

    I lost my period for 3 months, i asked to the doctor and he said "it's fine because you lost many weights, just eat normally like usual you eat". But , seriously? Isn't it weird? I mean .. does it seems normal?🤔

  11. Maddie Garber says:

    I really needed this!! Thank you 💜🙌🙏

  12. Aliya Baizhanova says:

    I thought I was the only one struggling with that 😭 please share your experience on how you got your period back 🙄

  13. Self Enhance Sarah says:

    I’ve read that ground flax seeds are better as your body has a hard time digesting the whole seed. Not sure your thoughts on that? 😊

  14. Britney Giron says:

    WOOOOO just got my period back today after recovering for 6 months what a coincidence hahah

  15. Eva Cain says:

    This was so helpful thank you ❤️

  16. Vale H says:

    I’ve been missing my period for five months now 🙁

  17. Alexa Tickenoff says:

    I’ve been missing my period for about a year now so needed this!!