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MEAL PREP WITH ME | easy & healthy veggie meals

MEAL PREP WITH ME | easy & healthy veggie meals

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  1. babydollsandy says:

    I love this! I love that you show cooking it AND how you eat it throughout the week! I havent seen anyone else do that and I think it's super helpful 😊

  2. magic16lol says:

    You should invest in a chefs knife for cutting up your veggies, will save you so much more time.

  3. Gaby says:

    Omg everything looked delicious 💕 this is definitely helping me feel more motivated to get back into health eating & meal prepping! 😁

  4. sandra van dalen says:

    When you make a smoothie and make a chiapudding from it the texture is so much better is my experience! My hack for leftover smoothies! Also if you put yoghurt or make it witch coconut milk from a can the texture will be also very different!

  5. Bianca SD says:

    The veggie chilli looked sooooo good

  6. Tori Scherle says:

    You should check out Liv B, she’s also canadian and does really good vegan recipes!! I love her lentil Chili!

  7. Tori Scherle says:

    I just got a larger soup pot on amazon, wasn’t too expensive!

  8. Monique Desireé says:

    You should definitely try creamy potato and onion soup. I found the recipe here on YouTube and it was delicious

  9. Iris Li says:

    Hey Caitlin, just a suggestion: you should buy some knives from Cutco Cutlery & Kitchen Knives – they are the top quality knives in the world. I know that because my friend is an employee there. 🙂 https://www.cutco.com/

  10. Sarah Greger says:

    I love watching these meal prep videos and love that you include the clips of actually eating the food! Some of my favorite soups are loaded baked potato soup (you can leave out the bacon) and a spicy enchilada soup!

  11. Amanda says:

    I will be trying out the vegetarian chilli for sure this winter sem. Needed the inspo so badly.
    Soup suggestion: potato leek soup. Isn't for everyone, but you can look into it.

  12. Tori F. says:

    i really like blending up my chia seed pudding so that it comes out more like a mousse texture! my fave all-time recipe is this chocolate chia protein pudding and it is SOOOO good. it's like eating dessert! https://runningonrealfood.com/chocolate-chia-protein-pudding/

  13. Proko Vee says:

    Loved this meal prep vid! Would love to see more

  14. elleKammii says:

    Curry as a soup? I loooove that during the winter.

    I have two versions, but my favorite one is this: cook sweet potatos until they're almost cooked through, add veggies (Broccoli is always a winner here, but also mushrooms, carrots, peas, cauliflower, corn, bell peppers, zucchini…), add vegetable broth, spices, a can of coconut cream and curry spice to taste.
    It's pretty efficient, because it's a one-pot-recipe, it's easy and very versatile.
    The other version is similar, just starts off with rice, but I prefer sweet potato.

  15. Heather Anne Korte says:

    Butternut squash soup with garlic and coconut milk is amazing!

    Also as someone who has worked in kitchens, you need a proper chopping knife in addition to your big pot! Watching you cut those potatoes and carrots seriously gave me anxiety 😅 no chopping off your fingers!

  16. Leesa Lillie says:

    Get a nice Dutch oven! I love mine because it is very versatile. Also a nice slow cooker is essential to any good meal prepping. I do my chili in my slow cooker.

  17. Jime Cl says:

    Just what I needed today!

  18. Golden Retriever says:

    Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Incan Stew is my absolute favorite soup! Packed with sweet potato, quinoa, chipotles, and beans!!

  19. Sophie Rose says:

    No need for a bunch of pots/pans. All you need is an Instant Pot! 🙂

  20. Michal says:

    Definitely invest in knives! I used to do everything with a paring knife but you’re actually safer cutting with a large (sharp) chef’s knife. And it’s a way better experience

  21. mrs11w says:

    get well soon!

  22. jordan says:

    I've been really lazy with my meals lately (mostly relying on my boyfriend to do the cooking, whoops!) BUT this inspired me to step up my game and get some fresh food into my belly <3

  23. Katri Salomäenpää says:

    You actually gave me a lot of ideas to try. That veggie chili for example, though I might tweak it a little bit because my picky eater taste buds hate bell peppers 😂
    For soups, you should try Rosanna Pansino's Wonder Woman Tomato Soup, that's my all-time favorite!

  24. Il Filo di Arianna. says:

    I love this type of videos, and I hope you get well soon 😘

  25. Buhle Mpeoa says:

    More please

  26. KulvirTrip says:

    #kulvirtrip wow 👍 thanks good job I'm a vegetarian

  27. Panta Ksianno says:

    Nice. Don't you want to eat everything right now?

  28. kotov dot in says:

    #1 health solution is on my website. Please share

  29. Julia Arapoff says:

    Everything looks great! My favorite thing to do when making vegetarian chili is to transfer half of it to the blender and then recombine so it has a perfecttt consistency.

  30. Beni-chi Art says:

    Honestly meal prepping like this is a super appealing idea to me especially since I'll be spending 12 hrs on campus 3 days a week this semester but it's so hard to come up with easy meal prep ideas when I can't eat veggies. They look so good but my stomach can't handle them 😩

  31. Savannah Carlon says:

    I favor buying individual knives to knife sets. You want every knife you have to feel good in your hand and you might not like everything in a set, plus there might be something you just won't ever get use out of. I'd start with a good chef's knife and get a sharpener! Even having one really good knife will make such a huge difference.d
    Also, I'm not a fan of chia pudding but I do like pudding chia seeds in smoothies and on top of my cereal and yogurt. Chia seeds have antioxidants and a lot of protein, so they're still worthwhile eating even if you don't like the slimey jelly bizarreness.

  32. Laurie Kelly says:

    Can recommend the ikea365 line cookware and knives

  33. Laura Garder says:

    I love these meal prepping videos so much, as a meal prep fanatic myself! Please don't ever stop making these 🙂

  34. Bhavna s says:

    Hey Caitlin just had a thought about Nikki (Your cousin) making a full meal prep for you? I would love to see that.

  35. Lejanne says:

    I stopped eating meat since November last year, so this video came in handy 🤓 thanks for this lovely video Caitlin, xoxo from the Netherlands 🥰

  36. Grin & Plan says:

    Our favorite soup!! Kind of a riff of damn delicious spinach tomato tortellini. We add a can of chickpeas (liquid and all) easy to sub veggie stock instead of chick stock. Keeps well in the fridge. We buy fresh spinach but if they start to turn, we just throw in the freezer, noodles can be frozen too, everything else is a can. Easy to always have on hand!!

  37. Theresa Coutinho says:

    Love your meal prep videos, especially because you show how you incorporate the food components throughout the week! For soups, I would recommend cream of broccoli and butternut squash

  38. iysla alice castelo says:

    My favourite kind of soup is butternut squash! I'm vegan so instead of milk or cream I use canned coconut milk and it is so so good, I think you'd like it too!

  39. sarah cisco says:

    Thanks for the meal prep Inspo!! I need to get back onto my meal prepping I’ve been slacking 😂 your outfits were so cute in this video btw!! And that lip color with your skin tone chefs kiss

  40. irene martinho says:

    This just came at the perfect time! I was thinking about meal prepping tomorrow and I needed some ideas! 🌟

  41. Carrie says:

    Eastern Europe and Germany are really big on stews, vegetarian ones as well (though not as many, but I'm sure there are veggie versions around) and while they can be more of an acquired taste, they are awesome for storage because most of them get better as you re-heat them! I like to keep a few frozen in mason jars as a backup meal for days when I don't feel like cooking

  42. Stephanie V says:

    Omg yay perfect video to wake up to on a Sunday! Inspiring me to get my meal prep on for this week 🙂 Loved this video as always! 🙌🏼❤️

  43. Cierra Womack says:

    I am so excited to try these recipes!

  44. Carla Skinner says:

    My husband is a blacksmith and knife maker – for kitchen knives, Japanese steel!! Go on Knifewear website and you have a great selection. Not our company but a great Canadian one that ships across the country! A santoku is a great starter blade. Oh and a wooden cutting board. The right knife and cutting board do the work and make prep fast while removing strain from your hands

  45. VidaDeLaVidales says:

    Roasted potato and carrots served with spiced tortillas filled with queso fresco (cheese), topped with lettuce and a bit of sour cream, soooo good!

    Called: tacos rojos, Mexican dish 🙂

    Soups to try: broccoli soup, potato soup, tortilla soup

  46. VidaDeLaVidales says:

    Going to try the chili this week! 😇

  47. Jade Favreau says:

    I love your meal prep videos 🙌

  48. Emma Stitch says:

    I can really recommend the Goodful vegan soups video! <3

  49. bailey may says:

    i’m literally about to go shopping for the first time being back at school for the semester, i so needed this inspo thank u ily