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MEAL PREP | Vegan Dinner Ideas | Healthy + High Protein

MEAL PREP | Vegan Dinner Ideas | Healthy + High Protein

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  1. Alicia Gustard says:

    why am I just now discovering you?!! Your food looks bomb! Subscribed!! (I'm going to binge watch your channel this week )

  2. jennifer wilt says:

    Veggie Fam !

  3. Amir Hanton says:

    Am I creepy because I don't eat meat or fish? People say a non meat diet is the diet of a weirdo.

  4. patty 8873 says:

    Aquafaba not agua fava, lol.

  5. Crash Molloy says:

    Everything always looks awesome girl!

  6. KeepingIt Real says:

    Hey Veggie🌱Rose I just love your quick easy videos! I miss lil Mia you gotta do one every now and then with them we love the kids too Thanks😉

  7. Byron Murphy says:

    Almost 10 recipes in 1 week, you are spoiling us and we love it 🙂

  8. Alonzo Johnson says:

    A fan

  9. Hannah Dahlin says:

    I think the red cabbage would be way better if it was pickled!

  10. Georgina Adams says:

    Really love this new style of video. A pleasure to watch!! Fantastic recipes as usual, calm and detailed voice over! 😁 Oh, love your hair too xx Sooo professional!

  11. Abraham Salinas Castellanos says:

    Your burger Bread seems yo have egg…too yellow

  12. Michael and Krystal Tucker says:

    I've been obsessed with raddishes lately!!

  13. Angela Sanchez says:


  14. ariel jones says:

    Awesomeness friend! Definitely gon make that 🍔!!

  15. OVERFLOWWW official says:

    The tofu crumble had me DROOLING !!!

  16. Elle J says:

    New Video!! Yessss!!!!

  17. Lisa R says:

    That sauce looks so good as an addition on everything! I am definitely going to check out that video and probably a bunch of others lol. Also thanks for mentioning the tip on making veggie burgers. I was guilty of over mixing on my first attempt at those 🙃

  18. Wild About Nature says:


  19. Mrs. Smith says:


  20. cocoa allure says: