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Meal Prep Master Class – 10 Ingredients, 5 Healthy Meal Pr…

Meal Prep Master Class – 10 Ingredients, 5 Healthy Meal Pr…

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  1. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish says:

    Hey everyone, here are the macros for all 5 recipes!
    Macros for stir fry with 2 pieces of chicken:
    529 calories
    25 grams of fat
    12.9 grams of net carbs
    63 grams of protein
    8 grams of protein

    Macros for frittata:
    403 calories
    30 grams of fat
    6.7 grams of net carbs
    26 grams of protein
    2.3 grams of fiber

    Macros for pesto pasta, with leftover pesto sauce
    543 calories
    31 grams of fat
    10.5 grams of net carbs
    54 grams of protein
    9.3 grams of fiber

    Macros for lunch salad:
    660 calories
    39 grams of fat
    21.5 grams of net carbs
    55.2 grams of protein
    8 grams of fiber

    Macros for shakshuka:
    406 calories
    27 grams of fat
    30.1 grams of net carbs
    18.7 grams of protein
    9.8 grams of fiber

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  2. Heidi Mitchell says:

    This video is Fantastic!!!

  3. Ayesha Najam says:

    She's right peppers were on the side

  4. Brian Cho says:

    Bobby how come you use sriracha when it contains lot of sugar? The other version without sugar (a bit chunky) is the one in the cylinder bottle w a rooster on it.

  5. lalaween says:

    Cannot even begin to tell you what a god send you are: smart, intelligent and so obviously knowledgeable and sincere in your desire to help people make right choices for their health and well being. It is so refreshing to read and watch someone who is not shilling for some monster company filling the store shelves with frankenfoods that are keeping America fat and sick. Your beautiful healthy recipes are not only delicious but healthy, they are proof positive that it can be done simply, quickly and well.
    Thank you, from a most dedicated 90 year old fan.

  6. eaudrey18 says:

    I love that the 10 ingredients are on the cheap side for meal prepping

  7. Leonor Michel says:

    Nice shirt, lol
    Very good recipies.

  8. Daniel Reinhardt says:

    Nothing gets prepped here!!

  9. Linda Pennicooke says:

    room temperature

  10. Linda Pennicooke says:


  11. Jaclyn Castro says:

    Just came across your channel while searching for different oils and health benefits and watched your vid, which you then spoke out some of your delicious recipes and the kale salad one got my attention!

    Subscribed & hit notification bell πŸ””!

    The trivia question is so cool and I’m inspired to use it in my live vids and podcast (fitness industry) ☺️

    I had no clue if it should be cold from fridge or room temp. Now I KNOW!! Great tip!

    My husband is in the grocery store as I type this and I texted him to buy the 3 spices for the dry rub & also chicken. I’m excited to try the dry rub on chicken (room temp) tomorrow for lunch!!!

    Thank you, Bobby!!

  12. Magdalen Wargo says:

    Hairy Colbert.

  13. Do H says:

    would you consider doing another 10 ingredient meal prep like this one but different? Thanks

  14. Katherine Cornette says:

    Kale vs basil pesto? I grow basil every summer so I cannot imagine pesto without it. I'm sure your recipe is tasty tho

  15. Basma Elgendy says:

    Hi Bobby. I just bumped into your channel yesterday and absolutely love the content! I am from Egypt and my mom used to cook us Shakshouka for dinner with adding minced beef to the ingredients and with flat bread to dig in! Q for you. Kale in Kuwait where I live is very expensive. What would be an alternative to use?

  16. Jenna jae Nash says:

    room temp

  17. Marina Stabner says:

    Will ur new book have this recipes?.

  18. Madison Street says:

    Omelette is a French word and dish, Bobby! Vive la France!

  19. susana rossini says:

    WOW ! What a find ! Awesome recipes! Plus now I can go food shopping to Walmart , Whole Foods , Lidl , Aldi’s , Target & save money !!! Thank you .

  20. Johnny Tien says:

    Bobby, any recipe that includes beetroots?

  21. vijaya bharathi Sambasivam says:

    My chicken became so dry. Actually I cooked it from room temperature. Can you give me some tips?

  22. Megan Jarvis says:

    Room temperature-?

  23. Kristen Herrera says:

    Your shirt πŸ™€

  24. Yesenia Robles says:

    Buahaha shrinkage is a good thing sometimes! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  25. Aura G says:

    I made the chicken and is so delicious. Thank you πŸ˜‹

  26. Tashena Macomber says:


  27. Chanda Harkins says:

    That stir-fry looks delicious. I'll try those noodles!

  28. walkbyfaith says:

    I was thinking the same thing the other person in the vdeo was thinking with the frittata . Too many red peppers was on one side of the pan. Lol

  29. blackmagick88 says:

    New viewer here! What a great video, with recipes I'll most definitely try! Looks delicious!πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ I've now subscribed