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Low Impact HIIT CARDIO | No Jumping, No Weights | Joanna Soh

Low Impact HIIT CARDIO | No Jumping, No Weights | Joanna Soh

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  1. Benamara Soriya says:


  2. Visham Sankhya says:

    Will try this workout for a month and reply.totally exhausted this 1st time. panting as a dog

  3. Daphne Magadan says:

    How many calories are burnt in this workout?

  4. Bri Villamor says:

    On average, how many calories does this particular routine burn?

  5. Nebula Lateo says:

    Thank you so much for this workout! I didn't know I could do Hiit without jumping around! I have chronic knee and ankle injuries so I was so amazed when I saw this! I tried it out and loved it! My joints are fine and even though I sweat very little and go through many workouts without sweating this actually made me sweat!
    Thank you so so so much!
    I have actually injured myself with other Hiit style workouts and things involving jumping. So I modify anything that has jumping in it.
    Btw I also love your strengthening workouts and I do them all the time because I like having strong arms And legs to do house chores, carry everything around and keep up with kids.

  6. MyVale13 says:

    Thank you! I injured my knees and ankle and just restarting workout. I cannot do it all exactly yet but slowly getting there safely

  7. Leu Tze Xin says:

    This is freaking tiring, more than hiit ones

  8. Rhuona Atumu says:

    I used to do a lot of exercises in Uni but since I graduated, I've been lazing around to the point my joints started making creaky noises when I stretched or slightly moved them. I now hate my favorite jumping jacks cos the balls of foot hurt and I can't walk afterwards, in addition to my right knee's pain from beening overweight. Recently my back started hurting from the new place I sleep and I decided I had to exercise my lazy muscles. This is the first workout video I've seen that's short enough for me to try, easy to do without jumping or equipment and makes me feel good.
    My goal: to get fit enough to start jogging again and trim off my belly fat. And get slimmer than my sister.

  9. Mary grace Ogoy says:

    I like to go back to 125 lbs.

  10. Pam Falgout says:

    LOVE THIS! Please more low impact!!

  11. Farah Diqshi says:

    first time do my complete workout with joana !! wouuhooou

    yo say it low impact, but urghhhh im sweatingg !!


  12. Brianna Bingham says:

    Day 1 of workout only got in 4:06 probably weighing in at 260-270 I’m dripping in sweat promise tomorrow work again or later tonight before sleep

  13. kimberly Mcgowan says:

    Love it !! I have a rod in my leg and a half of knee replacement and this works for me. Things that I couldn't do I just replaced it with something else 🥰🤗

  14. L Winston says:

    great workout

  15. Meghla Das says:

    Is this ok if l will take 30 scend rest between each workout.

  16. Zig Zag says:

    I've been doing this workout for about a week now. It is really helping me get off the couch. At the beginning of the week, I could only get halfway through. I've really been trying to eat clean and do this workout everyday, and now I can complete the ENTIRE workout. This is just the first step for me, so thank you for posting this video. You are truly helping people!!

  17. Samah Mohsen says:

    Can I do these exercises and I am at the beginner level . .¿ thank you so much ❤️

  18. P&J Win says:

    Damn I can believe this is low impact 😫😫

  19. Ahmad Asghar says:

    😒I'll try it tomorrow

  20. Al Ebtehal says:

    This is low impact guys 🌚😭🔥🔥🔥🔥 it's so 🔥

  21. Reem Ooo says:

    جوول التمارين مره صعبه تععععبببت😭😭😩😩💔💔

  22. An Honest Lie Film says:

    Even as a fitness professional this work out made me sweat! Thanks!

  23. Hannah says:

    The bear crawl made mountain climbers feel easy 😅

  24. Pudi Hartono says:

    Thank you very much…because I am a late evening workouter

  25. Pasachon Auttawat says:

    This vid she looks like seulgi red velvet

  26. Seven Stars says:

    Thank you for this video it helps a lot for me!..Namaste🥰

  27. dimpy pandey says:

    THANKS FOr this awesome work out

  28. Wellaroselinda Cyntia says:

    thank u joanna you are amazing trainer… 😘👍💜💜💜

  29. Kelly says:

    Hi Joanna, like Mamey, I cannot do all of the low impact workouts because of my osteoarthritis (knee). Can I encourage you to do a session for elderly people like my mum (67 years old) so that they too can be encouraged to try? Thanks!

  30. ASJA Boys College Charlieville says:

    really good sweeeeeeat

  31. PUBG KING says:

    Very nice work out I all like your,s work out thanks joaana soh love you