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Losing Weight After 50 (Part 1 of 3): Metabolic Issues

Losing Weight After 50 (Part 1 of 3): Metabolic Issues

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  1. R Jeanette says:

    I look forward to viewing these great videos relating to the losing weight after 50. Thanks Dr. Becky!

  2. Stacie Robertson says:

    Where is the link to the video you mentioned?

  3. Jeannie Salinas says:

    50. And 35 pounds overweight. I am not just " obese".. I am" morbidly obese".. Great just great.. Well here we go!

  4. Steph V says:

    this is great info for our age group. well presented and the text/graphics are very helpful too. thank you Dr. Becky!

  5. Steph V says:

    this is great info for our age group. well presented and the text/graphics are very helpful too. thank you Dr. Becky!

  6. Lakeland Wayne says:

    I have much more energy now. No need to nap in the car during lunch and I hit the gym got so much energy; moreover, have to leave not because I am exhausted, but need to prep my meal for the next day, shower, call my wife and hit the sacks 😁

  7. Bryan F says:

    Don't look a day over 40

  8. zee k says:

    She is talking about me because I am 50 and going through menopause lol. Thanks doc❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sandy Roche says:

    Can you recommend a good probiotic? There are so many and they all say they are the best.

  10. Christina Stavrou Bachman says:

    Dr. Becky…do you have weight issues?

  11. Sky Everlasting says:

    Keto has done me the world of good. I started keto 5 months ago and my body has reverted back to my normal weight and appearance: slim and healthy. I am a 63y/o British Australian woman, 5'9" tall, and young looking for my age, so losing the few inches of heaviness that I'd gained in the last 6 years by taking up keto means my body works extraordinarily well now, all glory to God who led me here. I was a sugar addict and have nothing to do with the stuff any more!

  12. Boni Barker says:

    What are your thoughts on wild yam root herbal supplement is regards to helping/lessening the symptoms of menopause?

  13. Paul Grimm says:

    I’m sick with a virus. Went to the Doctor. I’ve gained 3 pounds! Go figure? Who gains weight being sick?

  14. Fergyshow says:

    Love your videos along with 2FD! Thank you for this series. I am so tired of 30-something trainers telling me I need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight or that my joint soreness is because of form instead of wear and tear from 40+ years of athletics. I was so frustrated that I could not get results until I found Dr. Keith and you. I really appreciate these videos ❤️

  15. streamlinedchic says:

    Terrific video! Can't wait for parts two and three! Thank you, Kim

  16. Nancy Zimmerman says:

    really love how clearly you explain the underpinnings of nutrition. Thanks for doing these!

  17. Susan T. Springer says:

    Thanks for helpful info! Carb question: so high-fiber, non-processed carbs are "good" like quinoa, lentils, black beans etc.?

  18. Dani Strans says:

    Hi there. Did you say seed oils (7:20) are detrimental to weight loss?

  19. Harry Herber says:

    Does anyone know what is the best oil to use for cooking, since vegi oil is a bad thing? Please advise…

  20. Patricia Beetschen says:

    Dr. Becky, I tested with Keto Mojo at noon today (Fasting) and my blood glucose was 80 mg/l and my ketone reading was 2.2. So to get a GKI number I divide 80 mg/l by 18 to get a mmol/l number which was 4.44444 and divide that by my ketone mmol/l number and got a 2.020202 and that number on the GKI is good, right? Thank you in advance for answering this question, I just want to be sure I’m calculating it right.

  21. sarah deason says:

    Thank you Dr. Becky. You provide wonderful information.

  22. Lottie McSteb says:

    Literally just found you this week & am really impressed by your wisdom and no nonsense teaching! (You are aging backwards!). Looking forward to learning more! Blessings!

  23. Runtykimka1 says:

    Great channel….very practical information that I’ve never heard from my doctor. Just hit 50 this year and in the best shape in my life. Combo of low carb diet, strength training and since finding this channel I have started intermittent fasting.

  24. Aly B says:

    Thank you doctor… I'm 10 years older, 1957….. And I'm chronically insulin resistant….. But I believe wholeheartedly that GMO is 90% is the cause of obesity… Gods Blessings….

  25. Jan says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  26. Jeffers 58. says:

    I'm 60,Male and I started watching your channel then 2 Doc's last Jan and Im down 52 lbs 20 to go.