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Lose Face Fat? Tips…

Lose Face Fat? Tips…

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  1. Jatin Purabia says:

    while lifting weights there is compulsory to ware support ??

  2. Anthony Nevels Jr says:

    What camera do you use?

  3. Jimmy Tolle says:

    One time my dumbass chugged something and slammed the fucking cup down and busted it lol😂

  4. Adam Barnhart says:

    Too bad you can to exercises to make those horse teeth smaller, good thing you workout so much. No you got a shot at getting some ass…

  5. MIS315 says:

    why? the chubby face looks better on you

  6. Michael Jafari says:

    whats the song in the beginning of the video

  7. ramtin aminian says:

    ur face was better before

  8. Vic Moridon says:

    this is weird. i want face fat. skinny dudes with a skinny face look sick.

  9. Zane Razeqi says:

    lmao got distracted watching the kid in the background shadow fighting 3:38 lmao

  10. asilam mukalazi says:

    hey bro, greetings. your my inspiration and I love your videos. however my problem is that I train, but I tend to only lose fat in my lower body and not my face. what should I do?

  11. luka gaming says:

    i am 12 years old and i have 84kg but im 180cm big i want to get to atleast 60 to 70 kgs what should i do

  12. The Explorer says:

    if someone is fat what he should do can u tell me plz from beginning

  13. Jeremy Wong says:

    where do you live ?

  14. Aldin Lindenberg says:

    And how can I lose trench marks

  15. Aldin Lindenberg says:

    Make a morning routine video 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  16. Arciix says:

    3:30 kung fu master in the back haha

  17. Veninio Estiverne says:


  18. lil Chris 69 says:

    I Heard my man cole

  19. Maximus says:

    What spices did you use in those dieting videos

  20. Anshu Shukla says:

    Like always awsome video