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Lazy Student Meals in 15 Minutes | Healthy, Cheap, Fast | Jo…

Lazy Student Meals in 15 Minutes | Healthy, Cheap, Fast | Jo…

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  1. Saber Your Neighbour says:

    i actually love thisss

  2. C. Roman says:

    I don't think any of these food personalities on Youtube understand what "lazy" or "budget" or "fast" means. We live in a world where fast delicious food is as simple as getting in your car, driving a few blocks to a fast food place, and for a few dollars you have a hot juicy burger, perfectly crispy salt chicken, etc. Meals can be as easy as pull box from freezer, pre-heat oven, dump box contents on a baking sheet, and you're done. Pull the food out when the time is up. Or even easier, same deal but with a microwave. All of these Youtube videos involve chasing down multiple ingredients which gets expensive fast, prepping multiple ingredients which are often useless and inedible on their own, and multiple steps for cooking. The final result is, meh. It's hard to commit to eating better when even the simpler foods are process intensive, time consuming, expensive, and taste worse than stopping at McDonald's for a hot juicy $1 cheeseburger.

  3. Sok Sokanhchana says:

    I don’t know what is herb? How does it test?

  4. Daniel Salazar says:

    That's a great video. I will try it

  5. Bryan Paul says:

    Diabetic friendly in the most part?

  6. Petrichor Weather says:

    Omg you're the angel of Healthy food help

  7. Aishwarya Mane says:

    Heyyy Joanna! I'd been following you from last few years and had incredible journey towards healthy lifestyle and being fit but from last two years I hardly exercisesd and couldn't focus on diet due to exams and other reasons Now I want to restart my workout routine and everything else.. How should I start? Bcoz its been while and my body is not that active I feel so how to get back in shape and to be healthy plz reply

  8. Maja says:

    Just what I needed! 😀 Thank you!!!

  9. Janet Velazquez says:

    wow…thanks for the recipes…do u have any more recipes like these…short and fast…thanks for sharing

  10. Ozlem Kubra Akdogan says:

    This is kinda

  11. Smiling D3mon says:

    Thank you Joanna! I needed this!

  12. Agape Love says:

    Hey Jo I'm not a student just wanted to learn how to cook on a budget ☺️👍😂 because it's fun, I think we tend to spend way too much on food.

  13. Laura Lu says:

    Great recipes, thanks so much! What are the mixed herbs???

  14. zeenath chowdhury says:

    Can Food is very unhealthy though☹️

  15. nats77012 says:

    Thank you Joanna for the amazing, delicious recipes. I've tried your sweet and sour chicken recipe and now this one. More recipes please 🙂

  16. Sharough says:

    hi Joanna , Nice choices, im a busy daddy but i do love to cook for my kids now and then ..

  17. Yellow Hearse says:

    The baked potatoe in the microwave now that’s the student way

  18. Kori Skene says:

    The first one is something I make atleast once or twice a week, its delicious and so easy. I like to add tinned sweetcorn to the tuna mixture for some super lazy extra flavour. Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I mix in chopped cucumber, bell pepper and red onion too 😍

  19. Lossomo Films says:

    Love you Joanna please go vegan ❤

  20. Katerina Klinkova says:

    Joanna, you know the rule that you do not combine canned fish with milk or yogurt?

  21. Amani Ketchen says:

    Thank you Joanna , but you use canned foods which I believe is not a healthy choice even if organic.

  22. Ray Radiance says:

    The rest of the world calls Stuffed Potato – Jacket potatoes???

  23. Teresa kk says:

    i like your food

  24. aloha world says:

    Joanna..i have lower back pain..not acute but if i strain myself a lot i do tend to get it by evening..i have normal bodytype.am just in my twenties.i would like some sort of workout to tone my tummy n body…could u make a.video specialising on workout meant for people with tender back? Can i do squats?Thank you

  25. neeta joshi says:

    Hi joanna I have thyroid….please make video on that…it's much needed

  26. sachin Malik says:

    Hii joanna now i am pregnant kya m pregnancy me aapki kon si exercise ker sakti hu

  27. Faisal Faisal says:

    This is racipy yammy jonnah like u

  28. Sandra says:

    What are the herbs in the mixed herbs, please?

  29. Sandra says:

    I have made 2 of your popcorn recipes, the barley vegetable soup, the matcha chia pudding, the pb banana chia pudding, and I will be making the rye zucchini bread today. And I’ve only just “met” you a few weeks ago!!! They were all so good. Thank you!!! Much love.

  30. Diogo Moreno says:

    This is amazing, and a so important life hack 🙂 . I'm from Brasil, and for me do this here, i need kwon if i can use a communal Brazilians potates?
    Thank you.

  31. Ingrid Estrella says:

    Love it ! Thank you 🎊🎊🎊🎊

  32. Pritam Borkar says:

    Johna make one of video on indian veg food. God bless you.

  33. Shivani says:

    Hey Joanna. A small video request. Can you do a video on cardio kickboxing/strength training/combination of both as a complete session. Please
    Btw I loved these recipes and tried one of them. It was fabulous and felt full for a long time and avoided junking in between meals. Thank you.

  34. ashlea brockway says:

    I mix tuna and salsa together. You can eat it in a salad, in a wrap or on crackers or tortilla chips

  35. naomi pot says:


  36. sindhoora pemmaraju says:

    Please post more such videos!

  37. theluschmaster says:

    These are PERFECT for the life that I am living right now – thank you Jo!!

  38. Jenna Campbell says:

    Oh wow these look delicious! I can't wait to try these out. 😀 This came RIGHT ON TIME. I'm in the middle of my senior year and my schedule is PACKED. So thank you. 🙂

  39. Hafsa Habib says:

    Love you from Egypt 🇪🇬💞

  40. Love Me says:

    Boil sweet potatoes on the weekend to eat during the week. For the wrap I use mixed dark greens, avocado, black beans, corn, cheddar cheese, tomato, and an olive oil pepper drizzle on a spinach tortilla. And when I run out of tortilla I toss up the rest in a salad.

  41. Aleesa Ling says:

    For the second recepie i think its way much better if you can add the ingriedients one by one, starting from chicken and veggiest last. That way the veggies wont be overcooked. 😊

  42. Aleesa Ling says:

    Is it only me who got distracted by her glowing cheeks? 😍

  43. Christina Long says:

    These recipes are great!!

  44. Ferdous Jahan says:


  45. Yummiest Kitchen says:

    Awesome 💟 lovely 😍😍