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INTERMITTENT FASTING – Should I do Intermittent Fasting?

INTERMITTENT FASTING – Should I do Intermittent Fasting?

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  1. Abhayy Abhay says:

    Can I drink zeera ajwain water in empty stomach while iam in fasting state, or will that drink break my fast??????

  2. Shreyashi Shah says:

    Well I follow 14/10 method! 😅

  3. Kaveri Sinha says:

    I m on deit from past 2 years nd I m a gym lover..but in lockdown where everything is closed I started IF bcoz I started gaining some weight.. hope I ll be get success nd able to maintain my body once again😁

  4. Gurleeen Kour says:

    Hloo sir….. we r planning a baby…….it would be fine for me….until we conceive….thank you

  5. Vishali Raj says:

    Is it any myth that women should not follow intermittent fasting

  6. Nilanjana Sardar says:

    Can someone tell, whether 12:12 window is effective?

  7. SAHIL RAJ says:

    Today I m gonna start with 2pm – 10pm. Will give update in 1 week

  8. Charan Tej says:

    Bro 14 years old boy can do intermittent fasting

  9. DINESHKUMAR K says:

    tamilians people hit like here

  10. Vikas Mehandiratta says:

    Very simple and informative videos

  11. Sneha Jha says:

    Sir please make a video on one meal a day good or bad.

  12. KESHAV 21 says:

    IAM 25 and 84.2 kg , 6 ft ..started doing IF to get to under 78kg

  13. mana kul says:

    Make this video again now

  14. raman lal bhagabhai says:

    Bhai .hindi me bhi batadena ki fasting kya hota he .aur kaise use kare height badhane ke liye.

  15. lavanya lavs says:

    can we eat white in if

  16. Anamika Parihar says:

    Human discoveries are really unpredictable but I m glad that my teenage bad habit became a proven way to lose some kilos I struggle a lot with weight n this method work on me but no body did encourage it few years back now it is one of the effective ☺️


    Bhai breakfast nhi lene Dee to metabolism slow hota h na pls clear this doubt

  18. Mina Rani says:

    Can i have protein shake during intermittent fasting?

  19. Prajapatikrunal Ravajibhai says:

    Can I take 1 glass of turmeric milk without sugar and 1/2 cup of masala tea without sugar in 16 hr fasting period ?

  20. Dr Deepika Vid says:

    Average weightloss expectation from this fasting ??

  21. Maliya Palanikumar says:

    Can a women with pcos try this?!

  22. Ruby Fathima says:

    I dropped 7kg within 40 days with IF 16:8 + low carb diet

  23. Prasad PATIL says:

    Can I do it for a month for fatloss?

  24. Priya S says:

    Started my meal plan since last week as below : having 50 ml of coffee with country sugar at 9 am, lunch at 11 am, oil which I am using is coconut n gingely oil, more veggies, as usual 2 small cups of white rice,ending my day with coffee 50 ml again by 4.30…….is this OK to overcome weight…. Please guide me….i am trying to conceive since nine years because of pcos

  25. Swapnil Chaudhari says:


    I am Swapnil. I have a question.
    I m structurally within weight limits (Height 5.5 & Weight 64kg) however I have some hard belly fat accumulated over the years. Also I think structure is genetically carried forward. So wanted to know if I will be able to reduce / remove my hard belly fat & gain some muscle mass overall in body with the Intermittent fasting?

  26. A K says:

    I’ve heard that in order for your body to not get used to the fasting and stop using fats and instead just lower the BMR you should keep switching from IF to normal eating window for a few weeks and then get back to IF.. is it true ?

  27. Akrati Agrawal says:

    can breastfeeding mom do intermediate fasting

  28. nilesh pise says:

    How long time I do IF?

  29. Piyush Singh says:

    Can we have milk during the fasting period???

  30. Briti chakraborty says:

    I am 24 years old and my weight is 52 kg.. I have pcod and thyroid problem.. I take thyroid tablet everyday.. Can I start this fasting?

  31. Urmila Tanwar says:

    Hi. I am doing ntermittent fasting since 8 months and lost 22 KGS now some where i feel become skinny fat.. How to get Lean body

  32. Vaishali Goswami says:

    Can I take jeeta water or lemon water during fasting

  33. Praveen Kumar says:

    Is 24 hours method good, i mean will it work same as 16:8…?

  34. Suraj Kmr says:

    Does IF increases Height as Growth hormones are boosted through IF .
    I am 18 years and 5ft 2 . Should I Start IF.

  35. CA Sudeep says:

    Can I drink warm honey water in the time of fasting window???
    Please reply

  36. Sagun Sangraula says:

    Hello there,
    Im 29 yrs old. 5 ft, 8 inch… 68 kg. I want to do IF not for WEIGHT LOSS but for MUSCLE BUILD UP and mental fitness. And I am a vegetarian. I have even seen this queries among my friend circles. Could you plz upload a video with a proper Vegetarian Diet plan addressing these issues. It will help a lot. THANKS.

  37. Gagana Vasanth says:

    Hey….its fab but make a Indian meal plan bro please

  38. kalla lathasri says:

    Bro..can I take milk during fasting period?

  39. Sourabh Kulkarni says:

    My grandmother and grandfather use to do this is saying dharani parani vrata.
    They had food one day.
    Next day complete fast no water.
    For one month.
    Some people do this for 4 months


    can i do IF in bulking