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HOW TO SLIM DOWN YOUR FACE (include 7 Effective Face Exercis…

HOW TO SLIM DOWN YOUR FACE (include 7 Effective Face Exercis…

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  1. incik boncuk says:

    Çinli misin kız sen çinliysen izlemicem

  2. pasticcio ciccio says:

    I am so sad sometimes I think that I won't be able to have a face like yours but ill try😒❤️

  3. Ginger Girl says:

    Iam thin but my face is chubby TT

  4. MochaCurlee says:

    Any new YouTubers here in 2020? Let’s grow together!! ❤️

  5. Dr.Aaliya Siddiqui says:

    Can u suggest exercise for swollen neck.

  6. 1 1317 says:

    It’s soo hardddd I love chips and sweets 😭

  7. Anya N says:

    Your before pic is prettier….

  8. saira islam says:

    Love from Bangladesh love you emi😘😍

  9. Somya v says:

    Plastic surgery

  10. Jessa Esconia says:

    Been doing face exercises for more than a year now and you don't really get much of an outcome. You need procedures to be done to get results as Emi's.

    P.S I don't mean plastic surgery. There are lots of procedure for face slimming that doesn't involve knife.

  11. clonie bangtan says:

    2:40 Suga appeared, check out armyyy

  12. Aline Paragas says:

    Your outfits are so cute!😍😍 Please do tell where you got them?🙏😁

  13. just-bl-ends says:

    I'M SAVED!💛💛💛💛

  14. Tara Aero says:

    Also helpful: I saw a tiktok where a women cut/ ate little sugar for 2 weeks and the results were so goooood like her faced actually slimmed down

  15. A.N.M says:

    You literally just lost weight

  16. Jana Zd says:

    Me trying to glow up before school 🌚

  17. alia ehsan says:

    And I’m searching for how to get chubby cheeks 🤔

  18. anjali kc says:

    My face is chubby and body is slim😂

  19. avantika joshi says:

    Your workouts are very effective….😍😍

  20. Lizzy Parker says:

    ….. white rice
    Me: Oh god no

  21. shaz roonzz says:

    Hi Emi, could you please do a live session since a lot of us are on Lockdown?

  22. luna lunala says:

    Do these work? After how long could one expect a noticeable result? Any experiences? 🌞

  23. Nguyễn Như says:


  24. Nguyễn Như says:


  25. Evangelique Santos says:

    Sleep! I need it.

  26. ambros charmaine says:

    am i thE only one watching while eating foods at youre table

  27. cassini tan says:

    im here because my face is getting bigger . glad i found this!

  28. 金格格Cecilia Jing says:

    I feel face bloat almost every other day, whyyyy??? I hear a lot of people say facial yoga and exercises don’t do anything, what’s the science behind it o.o

  29. Rian Airoso says:

    Do an exercise on how to have prominent collarbones pleaseee

  30. awe man rheann says:

    How long was it until you saw results for the first time?

  31. nguyen thao says:

    Thanks u so much Emi🥰🥰🥰

  32. Ho Chi Minh says:

    I honestly do not need this. Just came to see if anybody had something funny to say about the "after" picture in the thumbnail LOL.

  33. perfect kiwi says:

    if u touched ur face ,u failed the corona check

  34. Ece k says:

    so im trying these exercises for a week or two starting today. i do 40-50 secs on and i do each exercise twice,and no breaks obviously. ill try to also do the diet but that will be hard so i wont push myself or anything. ill update everyday.
    day 1:done✅ im really hoping to see results

  35. Poisonous Peanut Butter says:

    Me watching this: okay okay I can do all these things
    Emi: last thing to do is get enough sleep
    Me: Oop never mind-

  36. Dolly Dhapola says:

    hi EMI love from india can u plz tell me doing skipping can lose belly fat plz rpy

  37. Tae Tae says:

    I'm skinny as hell like I'm 41kg

    but my face? yeah haHa

  38. joydeep Mitra says:

    How many times we have to do these exercises