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How To Lose Weight While Nursing

How To Lose Weight While Nursing

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  1. Bodies After Babies says:

    I'm sharing 8 tips on how to lose weight while nursing 🙂 What is the biggest issue you are having with trying to lose weight? What number are you gonna implement right away?

  2. Antimeny Fernandez says:

    I’ve been losing weight but not the right way 😩😩 and now my milk is drying up what can I eat during the day to keep my milk supply up?

  3. Rae Anna says:

    The biggest issue I had with my first was cutting my calories to drastically. I cut down to like 1,500 calories really not taking into account how much I was nursing. When I upped my calories to 2000 the weight started dropping off.especially since when I had my calories cut down to 1500 I would occasionally breakdown and binge eat. I definitely won't be making that mistake this time around with the second.

  4. sarahlynn baxter says:

    When is a good time to start losing after baby is born?

  5. Miss Moochie says:

    Ummm do u have cameras in my house lol how did u know about the open boxes of biscuits haha

  6. ruba salman says:

    Love your advice and channel♥️ you make me feel like it’s normal and ok to feel and look this way

  7. Ashley says:

    What kind of shake do you recommend? I'm having a hard time finding one that tastes good with clean ingredients and nutrition

  8. Nithiya Paramaraj says:

    Thanks for sharing let me try this out n get back. I am very frustrated with my mummy tummy n people r asking me whether am pregnant again 😳 I lost most of my gained weight after pregnancy but this tummy alone is not reducing making me to worry a lot

  9. Elizabeth Lucy says:

    Omg, I have just discovered your channel and I need it so much! I do have a question – can you lose weight through pregnancy? I m 15 weeks with my third and I really want to get my BMI down! … Is it possible? xx

  10. Eva C says:

    I do well and then get discouraged when I hit a plateau. But I implemented your exercises for diastasis recti and now the gap is very small, so thank you! I'm going to start writing everything I eat. I'm only 10 pounds away from my goal weight!

  11. Becky Silky says:

    Helpful 😍 thank you

  12. Kera says:

    thanks for the video I've been watching your previous videos and your tips really work for loose skin on belly it has really come back I'm 8 weeks postpartum love your channel

  13. sweetninabean81 says:

    Thanks for this video. So many helpful tips. I think the major mistake I made was just going into survival mode and not planning meals or grocery trips just getting what was quick and easy at the time because I was tired.