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How to Lose Weight? | #KISSS by Namrata Purohit

How to Lose Weight? | #KISSS by Namrata Purohit

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  1. himabindhu gopaluni says:

    How to lose belly fat easily

  2. Par Sudhar Adhikari says:


  3. noname jani says:

    Are you vegetarian

  4. Pal Sanghpura says:

    How to weight about 24 kg weight


    Nice video madam

  6. Swati Mudgal says:

    What u think abt intermittent fasting??
    Is it wise to skip breakfast..
    N directly go for 1 main meal in a day..

  7. Garima Narula says:

    Mam i have thyroid and i am able to loose weight..with regular exercise n diet

  8. Sanjay Tiwari says:

    Keep motivate mam

  9. Simran Lakra says:

    Mam please make a video on loosing belly fat or get those abs

  10. Yashika Pandey says:

    Ma'am plz share diet plan for weight loss

  11. jagruti chimade says:

    What is the perfect time to do exercise. Can I do it at night. I usually have my dinner at 8pm. So can I exercise at 9pm or 10pm.
    Thank you.

  12. Dr. Chandan Banerjee says:

    She looks like Parul Gulati ..

  13. Naishadhi Shah says:

    What should pcod people do for weight loss

  14. Rekha Bansal says:

    Make video in hindi toooo

  15. Simile Mishra says:

    You look so beautiful mam…. I guess you look way more cute in less makeup… As you have natural beauty ❤love u alot

  16. K.P ENTERTAINMENT Edits says:

    What will i eat to get proper nutrition

  17. Suraj Rathi says:

    mam pl.. hindi m bhi bnay

  18. Sadiya Afshin says:

    Make a video on how to gain weight.. a lot of girls are skinny and they want to tone up the body by gaining some muscle. So pls do make the video on it

  19. Jayashree Ghati says:

    Hi, i had C section delivery 4 months back. Which of your videos should I refer to loose weight. Also plz advise if anything important that i need to know.

  20. Pramod Maharjan says:

    Beautiful figure

  21. SJ films says:

    How u increase ur lower body.. I want to have same in to my GF.. like ur figure

  22. Aashi Roy says:

    weight gain tips plzzz

  23. N Karthikeya says:

    Superb. Superb. Superb Namratha purohit ji.

  24. Rupa Mishra says:

    Weight gain krna hai

  25. change me says:

    Hi Namrata,
    Thanks for being so precised by answering most of the questions required to keep one in the best shape. Keep up your hard work and keep us motivated with your successful journey.

  26. Taanya Sharma says:

    Pls share hw to loss body percent fat

  27. Taanya Sharma says:

    Pls share diet plan for weight lose and stagnant weight

  28. Angeline Fernandes says:

    Please make a video on exercise for weight loss and pcos

  29. Hafsa Jeelani says:

    I have too much lower belly fat and want to lose it faster..pls suggest me..

  30. Mayank Tiwari says:

    Really nice

  31. Gouthami Kalyankar says:

    Mam is it okay to do cardio /weight training on same day?is it enough just 45 mins of workout for a day?
    Mam post a video on how to plan cardio/weight training/pilates in a week?

  32. ayesha chudhary says:

    Your exercises are really effective mam

  33. Kuluthum Nalukwago says:

    Hey my dia .my stomach is too big wat i can plz help mi love

  34. firozi ansari says:

    My weight is 70 kg I don't know how to manage my nutrients please suggest me

  35. Sneha Mohite says:

    Namrata plz share breast fat loose exercises..i need it..

  36. Meenu Chauhan says:

    Hi, how to know my body type

  37. kundalia tanu says:

    #Namratapurohit please reveal #sonakshisinha #dietchart and #workoutsessions

  38. Shivangi p says:

    I want those pants …where to buy

  39. Ambrish Yadav says:

    You don't add #KISSS


  40. Urvashi Arora says:

    Loved this

  41. Shabir Ahmed says:

    U are always welcome.

  42. Saumya Singh says:

    Di plzz make a video for well shaped body without having abs for wearing lehanga or open tummy dresses

  43. kaur gurkanwal says:

    What is the workout regime for pcod?? Or anything related to that please.. need the correct guidance.. not only weight loss but good metabolism..

  44. Lubna Anwar says:

    Pls do the video for people who is suffering from pcos and its weight loss tips

  45. SK Study SK Study says:

    how to loose lower belly pooch pls tell