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How To Lose Fat After Years of Restriction

How To Lose Fat After Years of Restriction

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  1. jmf1976jmf says:

    You gain the weight back because you went back to s*** food and sedentary lifestyle

  2. matt gert says:

    Where do I get one of those dope ass Pro Physique hoodies?

  3. cristobal garza says:

    A friend of mine, who is now a doctor, tells his overweight patients “well, before you tell me you ‘don’t eat that much’ let me say that there are no overweight people in Yemen, and most people in Cuba are very slim”.

  4. JJohnWords says:

    I think this might be helpful to me. I went from 16 1/2 stone to 12 1/2 stone with a calorie deficit and stopped eating red meat. I added weight back on over a 10 year period and back at 15 and a 1/2 s$ the calorie reduciton is not working at all like before. Maybe I need to try this out and try increasing protein in take (pesecetsrian now witn mainly veg) and Incresse exercise (been more difficult with isolation).

  5. Randy Candelario says:

    “ > “ is all I came to comment about this video and thumbnail. I understand getting fit but what some people should realize is that majority of the time there is nothing wrong with the current state of your body, just as long as you’re happy with what you see.

    Oh and try not to get obsessed with your physique. It can send you down a toxic path.

  6. life of an idiot sucks says:

    How do you losse weight without exersing?

  7. Sarah H says:

    Is tracking calories necessary or is intermittent fasting better im trying to lose fat people keep telling me i need to track calories it’s just im so new to it I’m so confused and lost

  8. Agnieszka Gońda says:

    Would you say that reverse dieting would be a solution for someone who is struggling with binge eating/emotional eating (probably an aftermath of being anorexic before) and being constantly hungry, weight fluctuating all the time etc?

  9. Sandra Santos says:

    Excellent stuff

  10. Rosa Moreno says:

    I’ve had to drastically reduce calories to 1089 – 1300 calories since COVID and shut down of gyms just to lose weight. I can’t work out at home, it’s NOT for me. Once gym opens, I should go back up to 1400 – 1700 calories and will immediately gain weight. The struggle is very real.

  11. A Nicole Corea says:

    Thanks for the information ✨
    How many calories can I add weekly?

  12. rmg says:

    I needed to hear this, thank you, almost brought me to tears.
    What is your website/business info? Its not in the description box, how do we find you?

  13. Nicholas Czerniewski says:

    Very good information on your videos. Straight forward and honest which I like. You should do videos on fitness or dieting for diseases and benefits. I just hear your take on it.

  14. Buddyrebel says:

    Fasting is not bad and I d it all the time. I do intermediate fasting. 16/8 cycle. I’ve been able to maintained weight and been able to be Leaner.

  15. Eduardo says:

    She looks sexier with the weight on her imo

  16. Sz T says:

    I don't know. I might try your advice Paul, but I am scared to start😁. I am 35 kg overweight, started with 1400 cal then went down to 1000 cal diet, with working out ofcourse. I don't eat junk food, fast food, or sugar heavy stuff, avoiding complex carbs. All I lost is 5 kg over 7 months. I am stubborn AF😊

  17. L L says:

    This is me. I started to count my calories and I realized that I eat between 900 to 1000 calories and I am still overweight. I needed this video. Thanks

  18. Alexander says:

    Paul: send a direct message to my ig and I'll answer you
    Me : send a message
    Paul : I'll never open that message.
    Its okay tho I still love your content

  19. Garcia Gumbs says:

    Thanks for the information!

  20. Gareth Johnstone says:

    I would say (without watching the video) would be to find out how many calories you need daily, subtract 3-500 from that daily amount, then lift only weights. No cardio. Your metabolism will fully reset and you'll begin losing fat. Key word there is FAT..

  21. Meri Boskovska says:

    I was always wondering what happens to the body if for example for a day or 2, but not more, you eat a few calories more (while in caloric deficit/dieting) and your scale scales up from 62.5 to 63.7 in those 1/2 days? And than after a few days comes down back to 62.5/ 62.3, is it fat that you gain in those 2 days or is it water retention/ glycine storage in the muscle? And if is it normal for the weight to go up and down for a kg or more just in 1 to 2 days and go down in a few days of eating the same amount of calories as the day before you ate 300 cal more? The same thing happened to me and I got scared:)) but also has happened that I weighed 61.6 like today and the next day 60. 7 while eating the same amount of calories on those days, does this mean on the other hand that I lost lean body mass or what? The only difference in this 2 days is that the day before 61.6 I had upper body training + 15 min of cardio ( from the 90 day challenge) ad the day before 60.7 I did leg and glutes training + 15 min of cardio! I hope I explained myself properly:))) Thanks <3