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How To Lose Body Fat Correctly (Step by Step Transformation)

How To Lose Body Fat Correctly (Step by Step Transformation)

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  1. Allostasis says:

    You can do that in a month or faster with ADF (alternate day fasting). I would rather work hard for 1 month than 3 months dieting.

  2. GDA says:

    This macro stuff makes no sense to me, all these videos don't make any sense

  3. Joseph Deeming says:

    One of my favorite coaches! I love how you show the process and Changes

  4. DING DONG says:

    is the weekly deficit of calories coming from cardio overall or is he doing 300 calories in his first week over 3 sessions? thank you

  5. Mark Mendoza says:

    damn, this is crazy!

  6. Polski Olympia says:

    i'm gonna attempt 2020 push ups on video this year! Prep start now! 💪💪🔥

  7. l FINEST l says:

    u deserve a lot more recognition. keep it up 💯

  8. Jake Barlow says:

    This is better than Sarah’s discovery

  9. Hassan Khalil says:

    Nice to see realistic body transformation on YouTube !

  10. Stuff and things says:

    I’m 5’8 too but I’m 124lb and I feel kind of skinny fat

  11. Bryan Thomas says:

    What advice world you give someone who doesn't eat alot of vegetables?

  12. youtubeuser says:

    Can you please add their height and maybe body measurements at the bottom of the graphic? It puts these numbers into context for us viewers.

  13. Adnan604 says:

    I know this is very rare, but it's known to happen, is a person not losing body fat (or any weight) while being in a calorie deficit…
    What would be the most likely cause for this ? I know it's impossible to say for sure, but the most likely culprit for this issue, what would it be ?

  14. Aaron Yu says:

    Can you get a six pack from just doing 30+ sit ups and 2min plank everyday

  15. DrKARMA says:

    Ugh. Already ordered a few stuff from alpha. Now to throw in another purchase using your link. Happy Thanksgiving Saiyan FAM!

  16. ladon redding says:

    These kind of transformations are the shit!

  17. Lzech says:

    im inspried

  18. Vijay Kumar says:

    I love your transformation videos.

  19. sdghv lvhgngv says:

    damn he lost so much of his weight from his gut but barely any off the arms.. lucky asf. when i cut i lose mass from my arms quick and my gut is the very last thing to go.

  20. Daniel Portugal says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and a huge support like always!

  21. GucciGangGoku says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Matt!

  22. Space Princess says:

    If im a 21 year old, 5 foot 6 inches female and 135lbs do i need to lose anymore weight? or should i maintain? i have been recovering from an eating disorder that made me go down to 125lbs and was starting to have bad side effects from eating so little for 4 years. i also have a genetic condition called Elhrs-danlos syndrome so i cant lift heavy and cant push my body hard due to blood pressure and organ issues.

  23. Darrell’s Robinson says:

    Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽

  24. Poly Physiques says:

    That’s legit work with the coaching! Keep it coming 💪🏽

  25. Matthew iwinski says:

    I need to start counting my macros. I do at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday and some lifting but I don’t really see any gains. I’m trying to cut fat but I’m not having luck

  26. Kick Master Ben Garton says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Saiyan Army!! Keep kicking!!

  27. ReccaWolf says:

    My hardest thing to lose is my stomach gut. Been wanting to lose much of it, but eating food is impossible. I don’t have a eating disorder or anything. Need help. :p

  28. josh33025 says:

    I was 295 lbs in march of this year and now i am 190 lbs. I started watching your channel just for anime stuff then kinda got sucked into weight lifting after watching your workout videos. Happy Thanksgiving.

  29. Savage Saiyan Fitness says:

    Matt you need to do some mobility and stability his hips are off, he’s got winging in his shoulders, his shoulder has major depression on his right side needs to work on his posture ASAP to unlock waaaaaaayyyy more gains and fix his posture as well, Love your videos and you bro you inspire me everyday to be better and get better in the gym and in school

  30. EC Hendrixt14 says:

    thank you so much

  31. YeOldeTreeStump says:

    King I hope you do a how to gain body fat next. Been trying to gain weight but no progress

  32. Valtteri koivisto says:

    Hello 👋🏻

  33. saiyanboy art says:

    Thanks bro

  34. Xuân Bảo says:


  35. ShadowBurn Seagull says: