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  1. ShiningBekah says:

    I love your confidence in your new lifestyle. As someone who hasn’t always been exactly fit, i’ve been pretty sensitive showing any kind of skin. Will try this out

  2. N. S. says:

    Weight loss on these fad diets NEVER last. Forget spending money on kits and useless books. Take that money, go directly to your grocery store or farmers market, and buy as much fresh fruit and veg as you can. A raw vegan lifestyle will help you lose weight and be healthy for life, it will let your body cure any illnesses it has NATURALLY, it will make your skin glow, your hair strong, your life longer, and your energy up. Try it for a month and see how you feel. You won't want to go back to a processed diet after, once you are not addicted to sugar, salt, and fat anymore you will feel amazing.

  3. Tessa M says:

    Are you happy with the coolsculpting results as well? I'm about to have the procedure done and am trying to figure out whether it's worth it or not and came here from your recent video about it.

  4. Hey it's Robin says:

    New subbie here i just made a video just like this come check it out

  5. Christina Faith says:

    You look amazing 😍

  6. Rudy Herrera says:

    Thanks to cool sculpting. Many months ago

  7. girlzeyeview says:

    This is great if it works for you. The answer for everyone is not just about food though. I eat extremely healthy, clean, nothing processed, good balance of protein, drink a lot of water, no desserts or salt and I still can't lose weight. For some people the answer is food, for others it's activity, for others it's a combination of both.

  8. V V says:

    You look amazing! I’m on day 5 and Am still get so hungry. How did you deal with that, any suggestions? Thank you!

  9. King Kymmie says:

    How were your results from your cool sculpting

  10. nikki harley says:

    Hey girl. Are you sure that the fat freezing, cool sculpting isn't part to thank. You made that video about 6 weeks ago 😊

  11. paula smith says:

    Power to you❣️. Your a beauty inside and out!

  12. rikaisthebest says:

    How about no.

  13. Gina Miller says:

    You have done great!! I have been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for the past few years!! 😩

  14. Rachelina Calbert says:

    Wow! Congratulations, that’s so amazing. I’m 50lbs over weight. I injured my back & find it hard to work out. It has me extremely depressed. Not to mention I’m 40 & my metabolism is working against me. I hide out in my house I’m so embarrassed. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Emily Galgoci says:

    What package did you purchase?

  16. samira danesh says:

    Girl. When you explain with your fingers the genetic poll and how no one in your family is ☝🏼 lmao same here

  17. Anna Chait says:

    You’re beautiful and Willow is your twin! Love, @annadoeshair

  18. Pattie McDonough says:

    Is Optivia expensive ?

  19. Aiden Wren says:

    The first weighrlost guide that I actually believe

  20. Renee Sands says:

    Love you!