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How to Get Lower Back Dimples FAST

How to Get Lower Back Dimples FAST

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  1. Amanda Wentworth says:

    ummm Brett's Butt 😀

  2. Aline Canudas says:

    hot stuff

  3. #NatureLover saul says:

    Can I sit on u while u fruster😜🙊
    M sooo frustrated 😘

  4. Victor Da Silva says:

    3:37 this is where it all starts. You're welcome.

  5. Sprint OG says:

    Answer: you can’t unless you get surgery. That’s just the truth! Lol

  6. Harsh Veer says:

    Thanks bro

  7. Richard Schwartz says:

    i have 13 percent body fat. is it good ?

  8. Liehu H4uur says:

    this is bs but I'm fat as fuck and mine comes shows out like a diamond shape so I think it's mainly genetic

  9. -JON SNOW- says:

    I already have em 😎

  10. Abi Sos says:

    LMFAO… i was born with these lower back dimples… no need for work out 🙂

  11. R N says:

    Shitty content

  12. Lorri says:

    Btw you can’t get them you are born with them

  13. Sofía de Guevara says:

    The best example of how men do look good wearing pink lol

  14. Ramadanni Elman says:

    LOL My Body Fat is 14% I dont even see My Sixpack

  15. xxxBethxxx 21 says:

    I had them before i started exercising and they r really visible 😂

  16. Glowing Triangle says:

    I have these back dimples and I have love handles which extend to my back

  17. Bunmi Sowunmi says:

    That’s actual a myth . Spot training is real .

  18. n v says:

    What r u wearing in legs. Tell me name and best brand name

  19. Michael James says:

    your not really a muscular guy. it is easy to not have back fat when you are so skinny.

  20. XpenANDpaperX says:

    I gained so much weight after last breakup because of depression and anxiety. Now I’m in a relationship and it’s been 2 years. I never really lose the weight. But one thing I HATE is the love handles 🤬

  21. sf2explus says:

    you forgot to mention weight training burns tone of body fat aslo which is under rated

  22. sf2explus says:

    iv always had them didnt know women love it my wife commented about it a few times

  23. Ron Liwanag says:

    Getting those dimples is easy… Just do squats properly😉😉😉😉

  24. Super Gure says:

    How do I get rid of Venus dimpols

  25. Indrajeet Mahadik says:

    Why do you look so pink?😌🤔😁😂

  26. Rom Gaming says:

    Your back dipples look like a clitoris

  27. Simon Hudson says:

    I wish I speed up to 3x. So many explanation . Should focua on showing in action

  28. Vaibhav Chaudhary says:

    Oosame, fantastic , Gorgeous ,No words to express my feelings more you are oosame……

  29. Samuel Wetao says:

    You definately know ur stuff!
    you just earned a SUB

  30. Lau Cel says:

    What your diet bro everyday

  31. Ryan Milton says:

    Started jumping rope.. recommendations for 6'+ 200lb beginner?

  32. Mrpogi 20 says:

    I dont think that weighing scale is accurately reading your body fat percentage there is just no way it can do that.

  33. Carl Gonda says:

    You can’t loose fat at a particular spot

  34. The Source Of A.T.G. says:

    Saw 4 of your videos in a row and had to subscribe! Love the help and tips! 🔥🔥

  35. El diablo da Costa says:

    I got them and im not even cut.

  36. Jodofredo Black says:

    Please, activate subtitles in Spanish … I see you from Chile…..

  37. Tom Honey says:

    Deadlifts. Nuff said

  38. Bill Coty says:

    I've had 7 knee surgeries and have been told no squats. Will leg press work the same?