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  1. Michelle Beckham says:

    I love the Violife feta as well. Follow Your Heart has a Feta out now. I’m dying to try it. It looks so much like traditional feta in the crumble form.

  2. LifeWithLocc says:

    Trying that quinoa bowl ASAP!! 🤤💜

  3. Becky Collins says:

    Do you have videos on how to make buckwheat breakfast bowls? I love all your videos

  4. PV Iyers Kitchen says:

    I have recently subscribed to your channel and I am loving all of your creations including this one. I have posted homemade easy Quinoa Noodles recipe on my channel

  5. Amine Bel says:

  6. Thrifty Vegan Eats says:

    Everything looks so good! 🤤

  7. Dad's Dishes says:

    Gold star for you for using avocado oil spray on the eggplant slices! Knowing that oilve oil may denature above 400 and making a replacement is super smart!!!

  8. keepupwithliv says:

    they all have so much flavour!

  9. Thi Do says:

    Wow looks so good ❤ Thank you. Subscribed ^^

  10. Huchen Courouleau says:

    Although the food looks good, you look a bit pale and weary 🙁

  11. Julia Valcourt says:

    these look delish! loving the watch tan too haha🤪

  12. Kim Kotila says:

    These look SO GOOD and are simple to make! Thanks for including the recipes and sharing links!!

  13. Kelly's Kuisine says:

    Looks delicious. Love the video. I’m a new youtuber demonstrating vegetarian cooking, the other youtubers really inspire me. Please subscribe to my channel. I’m trying to reach 100 new subscribers

  14. RefusesCookies says:

    Does ewtube force everyone to wear black and white? What would happen if people wore colors? It's showing allegiance to freemasonry whether anyone realizes it or not.

  15. Vegan Gluten Free says:

    Looks amazing. I do lots of meal prep so thanks for the additional ideas.

  16. How To Cuisine says:

    On my way to make one of your salads for lunch 😍

  17. Alina Psh says:

    Wohoo! Looks delish and perfect for SUMMEER

  18. liz says:

    What brand is the orzo?

  19. Tormented Soul says:

    ?? Where is the link for the grain-free orzo pasta?? Thank you for the wonderful recipes.

  20. How to says:

    🐻 Combination: Fennel Flower Seed + Curcumin + Honey = Best Natural Herb Medicine in the World 🌍🐻❤️🌱🍎🥥💞🍊🌱❤️🐻🌱 💞🍑💕💖💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🌍 പ്പല്ലട്ട്പ്പെ 🎱 ട്രൂപ്പ്ജീള്ളറ്റഎ 🍇💕🐻🌱

  21. Jamie Cee49 says:

    They all look so good. I Love Kale. The first one looked very good. Wouldn't mind trying the Orzo pasta salad. But mine would have to be without the Vegan feta cheese. I Love Quinua. But for some reason it would give me a headache.

  22. Dawn Morants says:

    These are fantastic! Any idea of what brand of vegan feta you used?

  23. Diana Thomas says:

    What is the name of the vegan feta that you used?