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Gut Healthy Foods and Drinks – Gut Reset Diet | Dr Mona Vand

Gut Healthy Foods and Drinks – Gut Reset Diet | Dr Mona Vand

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  1. Maribel Chavez says:

    Fast forward to 2:50

  2. Onikko says:

    Hi there, did you know that Sakara's purifying water drops contain toxic substances such as LEAD, MERCURY, ALUMINIUM, CADMIUM, AND MORE!?!? Why would you drink that?? Anyone reading this, please read the ingredients label for the list of "minerals" added that are in fact toxic metals that we shouldn't be ingesting!

  3. JAD1225 says:

    I just came for the "hot" girl.

  4. Namrata Arora says:

    Can you share the link for steamer you are using to steam veggies?

  5. SKELETROLL !!! says:

    She keeps looking to the left to read her notes lol

  6. Anne Kern says:

    is Swerve sweetner healthy? I am a cancer survivor and have stopped eating artificial sweetners. I have been hearing alot about Monk fruit & stevia…What are your thoughts? thank you😊

  7. ea says:

    can you please do a video for people with Oral allergy syndrome ?

  8. Akos B says:

    Dr Mona,

    What should I eat to get my Afro hair growing?
    However, i don’t like my cheeks because their are big (fat) I’m not fat person , I eat a lot of vegetables I mea a lots ,please what should I do with my cheeks?

  9. WellBe by Adrienne Nolan-Smith getwellbe says:

    Love this!! Eating healthy, clean and organic is so important for our health and wellness, and helps anti-inflammation. Not enough of us pay attention to what we are eating! Eating clean and organic can even help prevent or even REVERSE chronic diseases! 👊✨

  10. Anthony scott says:

    No No No , We thought Beans and brown rice contain lectins that are bad for gut and lead to inflammatory disease and Leakey gut disorders , Why do you think people all over the world for thousands of years mostly eat white rice , Because the husk is bad for the gut , Please see dr Steven Gundry youtube channel for more information A top heart doctor, With thousands of heart operations and author of best selling books like the plant paradox ,he has seen it all , please get the best advice and See dr Steven Gundry and read the plant paradox for the best foods to eat and what to avoid 👍🍀

  11. Acacia Salazar says:

    Can you use a nutribullet? Is that the same as the blender?

  12. Aimee Rivera says:

    Wow! Had no idea about the sesame seeds boosting collagen! I have Tahini and sesame seeds but I rarely use them in my meals, after this fun fact I will start incorporating them in my everyday life, thanks Mona! 🤗

  13. green screen says:

    ⚫What medical school did you go to?
    ⚫Where did you do residency?
    IF you ignore my question you are immediately fake

  14. Mark Govers says:

    Would like to chat about health, wonderful channel

  15. Bob Schmob says:

    You mention that the fats and rice pair perfectly. Can you please explain? I thought nuts and seeds in combination with starches or grains were considered poor food combinations. Thanks!

  16. Z S says:

    Aren’t all detoxes “artificial”…? 🤔 and where are these “clean grocery stores”?? What’s a dirty grocery store? 😂

  17. Monica F. says:

    Do you recommend colonics?

  18. Susannah Xo says:

    You radiate positivity inspiring other vegan and non-vegan alike to lead a more compassionate lifestyle…. 💕🌼

  19. Optimize with Science says:

    Fasting / intermittent fasting can be really good for your gut! There is a lot of scientific evidence about it 😉

  20. Sandy Jiang says:

    what do you do with your other half of banana?

  21. Em's says:

    Very interesting. Could you do a general one for is who don't live in US. Thanks. x

  22. Emily Scott says:

    What are your thoughts on colon hydrotherapy? PS you are such an inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle💚 thank you!

  23. Cherisse Thibaut says:

    Love your vibe sooooo much! Keep the videos coming love love love!

  24. Tom says:

    Thanks Dr. Mona, going to try this.

  25. Mikéla Govig says:

    Can you prep the Cesar dressing ahead of time? And if so, how long can you store it for since there's no preservative?

  26. Little Voice says:

    Have you tried intermittent fasting? Eating in a time restricted window can really help. Some do 16:8 or OMAD. I find OMAD best. What do you think?

  27. jorge smith says:

    Thank you very much for the care that you place into these videos. I have recommended this to my family members and will be incorporating your knowledge to lead a healthier life. God bless you♥️

  28. Amira Jaana says:

    @Dr Mona how can one who is overall thin but huge belly from diatias rectatsis so don’t know how to spell or pronounce it but talking about the split muscles after a pregnancy n making belly bulge what is ways to get rid of it?

  29. Kyle Trebble says:

    Aren't detoxes a load of Bs? Has he many people debunking them because our liver detoxes our bodies. Is there any point in trying to help the detoxification of our bodies, obviously it's good for us to eat better, but as a doctor could you shine some light on this for me

  30. Josephine Egstrup says:

    of topic but i love your jeans! Where are they from?

  31. Browngirl says:

    Great info. Can you do a video on how to tighten loose skin from loosing weight please? ❤️

  32. dannyray says:

    Where is the reset drink for life?I couldn’t find that one on their menu.

  33. Chanti Entee says:

    Could you film another video on food combining? Maybe answer a few questions or go a little more in depth when it comes to exceptions. For example I‘ve read that I can combine Chia seeds with fruit and dates with nuts/seeds, is that true?

  34. shannxb says:

    Can you make a video on vitamins and supplements? I just bought a multivitamin but don’t know if it is good for me since I have hypothyroidism. It has a lot of natural berries, spices and roots.

  35. Lisa Judkins says:

    Can I ask you is the keto diet ok to do ? I was watching a youtube video saying to start the keto program you have to fast for 36 hours .. Is that even healthy?

  36. Bao-Han Ng says:

    Thank you!

  37. BasketballFan says:

    Great vid! Thank u So Much Dr Mona

  38. Brent Worthington says:

    Ok doc, so I think you will be impressed. This Texas boy did the spinach/H2O/Lemon/Ginger now for 5 days!!! I mean the rest of my day is pretty normal and I also ate at Jinya's during the week lol. I was surprised at how it held my 225 lbs frame (6'3) hunger in check until lunchtime. So now I'm kinda looking for a way to meal prep through the week for lunch. Great VLOG today, but I'm certainly not ready for a 10 day cleanse. I am impressed with your discipline to eat so well and so clean. Do you have friends, like good friends that you hang with that don't eat like you? I mean I am in pretty good shape and eat pretty well, but since watching your channel I now know there is a whole nother ball game/level of clean or wellness eating. Thanks again——"""Lunches""" wink wink

  39. Jamie Phan says:

    thank you

  40. Nusrat Sultan says:

    Hi mame you done a good job,i want to again wait .I hv just 50 kg in 37 age

  41. Kara Saltini says:

    Hey! I just went to try and order with your discount code and it says it's not valid. Any suggestions? And thank you so much for the video! It was obviously very successful as I really want to do it now!

  42. Life Is Gucci says:

    Who doesn't want to say hi to you!!?
    I think we all do
    Like your healthy advices
    You can always do it more often

  43. Jessica Cunningham says:

    great video girl! I was wondering about the breakdown of their detox! Love how clean it is but you still get to eat!

  44. Todd Ray says:


  45. SaludablementeSana says:


  46. Sukayna Mohammad says:

    Could you plz make an episode telling us about how to get flat stomac ! from food , supplements and workouts .
    And thanks for your beautiful channel ! 🌸

  47. Mandy Ramirez says:

    Is this safe during pregnancy?

  48. sano zen says:

    Can you tell me which pills is good for skin whitening? Thank you.