Home » Weight Loss Videos » GET SHREDDED(चर्बी घटाने का पूरा तरीक़ा)- FAT LOSS IN WEEKS […

GET SHREDDED(चर्बी घटाने का पूरा तरीक़ा)- FAT LOSS IN WEEKS […

GET SHREDDED(चर्बी घटाने का पूरा तरीक़ा)- FAT LOSS IN WEEKS […

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  1. Shweta Singh says:

    Females k liye bhi exercises bataya kariye

  2. Harinder Singh Hunny says:

    Sir traps workout upload krdo please

  3. Prajyot Bhosale says:

    आपकी height 5"11 हैं

  4. Bikrom Biswas says:

    Very nice video sir..👍

  5. Radhika T says:

    Kya home work out se weight loss kaise kare ye bataye

  6. Ajay Kumar says:

    Bahoot achhe se samjhate ho you are great sir thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Sharad mafia says:

    Sir side or abs ko sath m train kr skte h ??

  8. A2z news media Working says:

    Aby lodu sabkuch goo Google kar he batana tha tu ithni lami video kyo banai

  9. Saumitra Gautam says:

    Selal sir , why don't you write a book ? Would be great. Please think about it. Many wannabe bodybuilders like me would be immensely benefited by it. Already learning so much from you already. Would be a "soney pe suhaga" kind of thing. 😀

  10. anuj janmeda says:

    Best thing there is no negative comment on this video 🤘

  11. TRUE LOVER'S says:

    Jeet sir aapka video start jab hota hai woh tune bahut mast hai par ab aapne apne latest video me ye tune hata di hai

  12. Malkeet singh says:

    Good information

  13. Jitu Kumar says:

    Fat percent kese nikalte hai

  14. Jassi Musafir says:

    11:00 🕚 for pro fat loss ….

  15. Vigi Acharya says:

    Love you sir🙂❤ ur explaintation means alot for us 😇

  16. sarfraz haider says:

    mjhe to phle ye chinese lagte the:-)

  17. Himanshu Sahu says:

    Can I eat chocoes with milk

  18. Israr Khan says:

    Sir mera 70kg hai kya me bhi kam karu please batao

  19. GOLDY BRAR says:

    Are kehna kya chahte hoooo🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

  20. Vansh Tiwari says:

    If anyone can help me It'll be highly appreciated .

    I'm currently 62 kg's
    I workout 5-6 days a week
    I eat healthy meals everyday and maintain a decent diet
    I don't take any refined sugar only Jaggery and honey
    I drink black coffee in the morning and afternoon
    I have some fat on my belly and a lot of fat on my sides
    How can i reduce it and how long will it take me to reach towards my goal .( 6 packs)

  21. Mohammed Bakhrani says:

    Sir thoda vlog interesting banao bht stressful lagta hai

  22. Yusuf Ahmad says:

    Sir my weight is 72 kg and my body fat is 21% I do normal workout in gym please suggest me a diet which help to cut my body fat

  23. Photo Edit says:

    Cardio exercise batao please

  24. rajiv sharma says:

    Bro i dnt knw proper ques h ha ji bt i wil ask.. m 6ft 90kg with 25-28% bodyfat, maintaining weight needs 2500 cal aprox m taking 1500 with 60-80gm protein in it.. stil nt loosing body fat since year m at same condition .. looses sm ovral bdy fat bt stil lwr bly n lowr chest is aprox same.. wat actualy i need to chng in my setup.. doing weight training n cult fitness frm 1 yr…

  25. Dhruv Agarwal says:

    I have thyroid cervical spondylitis please tell suitable exercise using self body weight I joined gym loss one and half kg in three months

  26. Khalid Khan says:

    Sir no mil sakta hai aapka plz

  27. Harshal says:

    Explain kuch smaj nahi aat sirf bhakwas karta

  28. Amardeep Kumar says:

    Thanks u sir😍

  29. Gulnawaz Ansari says:

    How to calculate body fat percentage?

  30. Nitesh S says:

    Sir my starting point for cutting is 1900 calorie..and if I continue to cut 200 calories every week by 6th week I would be eating 900 calories a day almost nothing!!

  31. Faizan Irshad says:

    What a brilliant idea.. I respect you sir

  32. Me The Mellow says:

    Any body who lose their weight with his help

  33. Rahul Lukher says:

    2 min ki baat 30 hours ki bana data hai

  34. Rahul Lukher says:

    Chuteya hai tu

  35. Freaky Reporter says:

    11:20 here, for losing fat without loosing muscles

  36. i love my india in india live says:

    Sir . Meri chest ek choti h ek badi sir kya karu please..

  37. Syed Mujahid says:

    Sir where r u from

  38. VIKAS PATEL says:

    Sir me 80kg vet he muje 50kg karna he to kya kru

  39. Karmjeet Singh says:

    Gym kerne k bar bad body pe or face pe makhiya kyun hati hai

  40. Nadeem Nadmi says:

    trap workout koi best exercise bataye plz

  41. saitraders 526 says:

    nice inf in all video gud

  42. Harshit Bhatia says:

    Desi ghee bhi nahin khana kya desi ghi ke Bina to Main Mar jaunga bhai

  43. Surmeet Singh says:

    Mr Jeet Pla suggest me good and effective and harmless fat burner. I am fitness freak aging 42 yrs in age. waiting for yr reply….pls….

  44. Abhishek Thapa says:

    Beautiful words added with meaningful and motivational feel

  45. anil kishor says:

    Thanks brother

  46. manoj mandal says:

    Sir mera height hai 5,3 nd weight hai 64 kg sir muje maintenance calories nd protein, cabs, fat macros set karna hai kaise kare

  47. Be Ubiquitous says:

    Yh girls bhi kr skte hain kya

  48. akki patel says:

    good one and mind khogling.. beauthiful jeet

  49. Viral Tv says:

    11.33 for bodybuilding

  50. Sumith Ohal says:

    love you sir