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Full Body Fat Burner Workout at Home – easy to follow, suit…

Full Body Fat Burner Workout at Home – easy to follow, suit…

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  1. Leanne Mantes says:

    Thank you so much. I have always wanted to exercise but I lost the enthusiasm to do so. However, your videos got me back on track once again and I somehow don't feel too pressured that I actually look forward to doing them every day. They seem easy but it always get my heart beat so fast. I love that though I would always catch my breath, everything is doable as long as I push myself and focus on my health goals. I started with your 7 minute videos and after a week, I started to notice how my Monday work uniform seem to fit be better because a week before doing your exercise, they were so tight. My bosses and officemate notice as well. Each week is such a blessing because I always notice a huge improvement in my body. Amazed by the results, I started looking for your other longer videos. If you noticed, I'd been liking one of your videos everyday. I actually do that every time I finish your workout videos. Thank you so much and I look forward to staying healthy with you. Thank you again. ❤️

  2. Nabaneeta Bhattacharjee says:

    how many months have to do this to get result?

  3. Lisa Sands says:

    I am hooked on your videos, I am 61and work retail standing all day. You have motivated me to start exercising again without excuses. Love every video so far.. thank you

  4. shay lewis says:

    I love her work outs! I just have 1 question??? How has she had 25 years experience and she looks only 18!?

  5. Anna Horváth says:

    It's such an amazing workout, Lucy! Thanks a lot for making me feel this energized. That said, I'm off to the shower.

  6. Andrea Richardson says:

    I nearly died, hahaha. so effective, on day 5 of your Apple shape workout and I can already feel the difference.

  7. Varinder Sekhon says:

    Wow ! so used to ure short workouts, that was a tough one not gonna lie

  8. gafdsyt girgjygj says:

    Hi Lucy, this is the toughest one among all those I follow from ur playlist. I have to take a quick break ( 2 min) half way through, will it ruin the effectiveness?

  9. Anita Aendi says:

    DONE ✅

  10. Gina Fryer says:

    Just did this particular workout for the first time and loved it. I have problems with my knee joints so can’t do any jumping so I follow the easier moves. I am gradually trying out different workouts by Lucy but I especially like the 20 minute ones as the time goes quickly and I am not too worn out or achy to do another one the next day.

  11. Erika Rudl says:

    That was your hardest workout I've done! I definitely sweated a LOT! Thanks!!

  12. Ellie Newgirl says:

    I am dying🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  13. Ellie Newgirl says:

    How many calories do I burn doing this video?

  14. Petra Kap says:

    Whoh, friday morning, first day of my weekend. I am sweating all over. I am following your workouts, besourse i have a horse, and for me and here it is importend that i keep in shape and low in kilo’s. So thank you for your great youtube video’s👍👍👍

  15. hllokitty90 says:

    Never fails, dripping in sweat 💦 every single time! 💪

  16. Helen Morgan says:

    Hi I like the that u can trues what time work out u want to do , on that time scale u got I have so if your not really motivated in the morning u can still do a work out and fleet good

  17. Anastasia K says:

    Doing your 30 day shred playlist, and that workout was a sweat fest. Thanks Lucy! 💦👍🏻💁🏻🌏💕👟👏

  18. Helen Morgan says:

    Thank u for the work out it sets me up for the day .

  19. Cristina Nakata says:

    Loved this workout!

  20. Emma Bowman says:

    I've just come across this, I've just finished and I'm dripping in sweat! (That's just from the beginners side!)

  21. fee q says:

    Enjoy this workout

  22. Pam Biller says:

    Love the total body workout and the variety between workouts. Thank you so much!


    Thank you for your amazing workouts. I'm well past the age of wanting it publicly known but up I'm there.. I do at least one of your workouts everyday, sometimes two or I mix it with walking a few miles around the neighborhood. I never do less than 45 minutes six days a week. I'm in the U.S. and going on vacation in two weeks and wanted to know how I can get your circuit cards as I probably won't have internet. Thanks again. Keep up the amazing videos.

  24. Reshma Nair says:

    What a wonderful workout! Totally winded, moved every part of my body… Thanks Lucy!!

  25. Amy Start says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this workout!! I did it for the first time today. The sweat is real!😅Thank you Lucy!!

  26. YAI Racing says:

    I love love your workouts. Makes me want to exercise, seems so natural.

  27. Rahamath Fatima says:

    I love you lucywydham for this videos

  28. azyan sameeha says:

    Hi lucy i jst want 2 knw if this workout is as effective as a hiit workout? Pls reply cz sometimes i gt confused whn i want 2 choose one

  29. Cookie102 says:

    Thank god I found you because your workouts actually make want me to work out everyday! I’ve made a playlist from Monday to Sunday focusing on difffrreny body parts! This is Sunday’s workout and the hardest to end off the week! I’ve been doing you’re workouts and completely changed my diet for about 3 weeks now and happy to say I’ve lost a just about a stone 🙌🏼

  30. A.memon Memon says:

    Plz muje koi batayega ye ek sath do alag alag exersise karti h to hume konsi karni h in dono mese

  31. Shanta Hsieh says:

    You can use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts guys.

  32. Ain Adilah says:

    Im gonna try this for a month and see if it works..its only the first day and im already bath in my own sweat lol sorry bad eng

  33. Botoli Swu says:

    I love all t workouts that u demonstrate. Each and every videos I watch n I love them. Thank u for such an amazing n helpful tips. Keep it up.

  34. Messer says:

    My legs 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Natoya Bennett says:

    I have been doing these workouts since January. Love them. Along with eating better (less processed foods), I have been losing weight and toning up. Thanks again, from Jamaica.