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Fat Burning Workout – 40 Minute Indoor Cycling Class

Fat Burning Workout – 40 Minute Indoor Cycling Class

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  1. Erik Moust says:

    Bad training, music, comment and info graphic out of sync. Annoying soundtrack.

  2. Mohammed EL says:

    I don't understand the several critics below. I find the workout very TOP, and very benefit for whom who wants learn and progress at home. Thank you so much Jessica. I realy enjoy your session. I'm sad to don't find more workout sessions with you ( just found two of your videos …) . Don't be démoralized by negatives comments. You do a good job. Be sure of that. Hope find more workout session from you.

  3. Jenny A says:

    Loved this!
    I prefer the voice over style and I follow its directions, rather than watching the other students. So this style works for me.

  4. SooperFlye says:

    I don't get it, most of the comments on this thread seem to think this video should be like Soul Train or American Bandstand.

    This is NOT Dancing with Stars … it's stationary cycling for crying out loud! YEESH!

  5. marty one says:

    so many videos have to put distracting repetitious noise

  6. SooperFlye says:

    I'm convinced. I'm shopping for one of these spinner bikes to work out at home and this video did it for me. Just watching I can see the benefit from indoor cycling. As soon as I get my bike, I'm subscribing to this channel. Thanx GCN!

  7. Miguel Carranza says:

    Tough class, not for weekend spin class members or beginners

  8. Katrina Stephenson says:

    Terrible. Bad instruction and not a lot of variance. Not an interesting program and the music is bad

  9. Sany Nava says:

    Music is horrendous

  10. Tammy says:

    Great workout and cuing!

  11. Camila Landi says:

    Heart rate 165- really enjoyed it ! Epic thank you

  12. Marco Samayoa says:

    Great workout! Thank you for posting such a nice sppining class!

  13. Jeremy O'Donohue says:

    Great hard ride, thanks!

  14. Anna Devore says:

    The most boring ever

  15. willis crab-cakes says:

    What is the name of the first song on the playlist

  16. Heikos Radtouren says:

    You forgot to smile 🙂

  17. hayesman76 says:

    Could someone watch this while cycling on a stationary bike while wearing VR goggles?

  18. Nicky Carroll says:


  19. Andrew Newcomb says:

    Anyone else notice the guy in the gray dip out at 28:43 haha. The bike was there then they moved the bike.

  20. roger gomez says:

    terrible! the instructor sounds like she's phoning it in the participants look bored and very uninspired

  21. Alicia says:

    Quite possibly the most BORING spin class I’ve ever taken. Won’t be doing that one again!

  22. Bryan Swisher says:

    27 minutes in the guy in the back randomly disappears! Anyone else catch that?!

  23. Pastil Honey says:

    The most boring video I have seen in my entire life people look miserable and dead just watched 5 min and it's not worth any try guys!!!!

  24. Aaron Gray says:

    The bit at the beginning helps new spinners think about their complete 360 degree cadence. It worth it for that alone.

  25. Drew Sykes says:

    Enjoyed the interval component and the useful well placed graphics but these videos are definitely over produced and edited for what they are – simple workouts. A well-framed fixed camera facing the instructor head on with a plain background besides a bit of branding would be far preferable to the dizzying intercuts and multiple pointless angles. The instructor should physically talk/motivate as in a regular spinning classes and be the single best point of reference for rpm etc which incidentally are insanely high while standing and none of the class are doing anywhere near.

  26. Miguel Avendano Flores says:

    The Temper Trap song is "Science of Fear" and not "Resurrection". Our instructor didn't showed yesterday to spinn class so I plugged the phones and found this video. I liked it.

  27. Barry Bennett says:

    I really enjoy this class. I started with the 20 minute fat burning class , did this class and yesterday I did the hour class , all three are good. I will continue to do both 40 minute and hour class. Thanks!!

  28. pcxcado says:

    Where is the rest???