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  1. Gianluca Manucci says:

    The music is 😷😷

  2. Brandon Gomez says:

    I know it’s times but I feel like it would take me 20 mins to do this haha

  3. Victor DC says:

    Han visto mis ejercicios 🤗

  4. Brahimi Ibrahim ismail says:

    تمرين محترف .شكرا

  5. hichem ms says:

    Whith all those muscles he's suffering .
    So you guys don't try this.

  6. Osvaldo Maldonado says:

    How many rounds are ok to begin? Or its only one round

  7. leydson josé passos da silva says:

    Ótima sequência pra executar em casa, ainda mais pra nós que estamos de quarentena por conta da pandemia de coronavirus, tempo há de sobra, dá pra fazer duas vezes ao dia. Brasil

  8. Chabklem2073 says:

    Tronco de piernas!

  9. WaiL Focus says:

    https://youtu.be/Rtir9EnTKi4😱🔥😱Suscribe mY channel I susbcribe Your channel

  10. Nguyễn Đức Đức says:

    Hi! I can ask if these exercises can help me to increase my size as well as build my leg muscles. Because my legs are too small for the body, can you guide me?

  11. سكواد 》AWM《 says:

    See you in 2020 / 6 / 18

  12. ali ouis says:

    تبارك الله

  13. fatimah Fatimah says:


  14. Bir Adhikari says:

    If you do every day good for helth

  15. AC AB says:

    Round 1 Mounten Climbers Round 2 Mounten Climbers, Half Burpees. Round 3 Mounten Climbers, Half Burpees, Jumping Lunges Round 4 Mounten Climbers, Half Burpees, Jumping Lunges, Pushups

  16. Joshua Camara says:

    i have an average physique, i was only able to reach jumping lunges in my first attempt…. i say he is doing this for 2-3wk to endure the whole circuit.

  17. Dominic Paul says:

    wow it's amazing

  18. Jabari Arellano says:

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  19. Ujjal Boro says:

    Absolutely this guy goes to GYM..

  20. Said stop says:

    Très bon

  21. SABARINADHAN S says:

    Nice one. Helps to burn fat

  22. دعاء الجمعة says:


  23. Decent Person says:

    But ur thighs r very attractive and in proper shape that anyone could destract.Nice video bro.Lol😘😘😘😘

  24. Decent Person says:

    Lucky will be those who will get chance to massage ur whole body.Nice video bro.😘😘😘😘

  25. Decent Person says:

    Wow! U r looking too hot that everyone would like to hug and kiss u.Anyone can destract.Ur hot & chest very attractive bro.God bless bro.Love u lot.Nice video

  26. H Cat says:

    How many calories and fat cells does this burn 🤔?

  27. Albaladejo Raphael says:

    Sorry but just not duable if you aren't a top athlete. Absolutely not for beginner

  28. Music Fanatic says:

    I lost 500 g in 1 minute in the toilet this morning. I felt awesome.

  29. Johnny Hunt says:


  30. Roflord89 says:

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  31. Roman Ivanov says:

    Amazing stuff, do 3 sets of that and look like him 🙂