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  1. A2Z unlimited says:

    more than 500 mg is safe ??

  2. sachin lodhi says:

    sir,which company's extract is it? please tell us

  3. Marius Neagoe says:

    Nigga stop talking English and hindi!! Pick one fucking language yo

  4. Avik Dey says:

    vaiya main lepton ka raw green tea leaf pani ke sath kha leta hu.. ismain koi nuksan to nehi hoga na????

  5. TeAm DaRk says:

    Bhai sab juth hai ki #Supliment ke bina Six pack abs nhi bn sakte
    Bhai me pichle 1 mahine se din me 10 roti khata hu or pichle 10 hue hai mujhe six pack ki exercise krte hue or Mere 6 pack abs ab saaf saaf dikhne lage hai #without any #Supplement

  6. karla torres says:

    Captions please no punglish 😏

  7. Sur Sandhi says:

    Guru ji. Harballife nutrition ka bhi review kar do ek bar.

  8. Programming in C++ says:

    i am confused bro. what should i buy?? L Carnitine? MCT coconut oil, cla, or this green tea extract. which fat burner is more effective and safe??

  9. Michael Scott says:

    ye banda marwaega friends, dhyan se.

  10. Saru Anil says:

    Plz sir nam bata do na m full deka mila b ye wala nhi dekha sir plz nam bol do na iska

  11. giridhar arjun says:

    Early morning when we wake up it should be taken with bresh or without bresh and if we go to gym morning only it is necessary to take again half an hour before plz give me a clarity

  12. teddy75691 says:

    I just gaat up too

  13. Best love song & Best fight sense says:

    You are great

    You are real god sir

    I am always depress

    But when I am watching ur video
    I m full motivation sir

  14. emiliano hangiu says:

    In English please !

  15. veeshal salame says:

    Ye supplements se laipoma thik hota hai kya

  16. chirag sharma says:

    Sir agar koi or supplements nhi le rhe hai yeh use kr skte hai na

  17. Aghori Bhai says:

    Sir thousands ka bharosa h kbi koi cheez pramote Mt krna fazuul ke

  18. ANYthing is POSSIBLE says:

    Plz make a video on apple citric vinegar it is useful or not

  19. Atashi Dey says:

    Vaiya is green tea ka brand name keya hai.. jara bataiyega plz..

  20. jolly singh says:

    i just gaatup too!!!😂

  21. fire duck says:

    I don't know why he uses this fake accent

  22. Nazemul Khan says:

    He sounds like a indian freshy but the freshiest of the freshiest 😁

  23. Aryan Saklani says:

    Any age boy can take it

  24. Banki Moon says:

    Hii Guruman ..MB Fat Burner 449Rs in HK It's Really Good For Fat Loss or just Fake,I Want Love 3kg Fat i am 70 kg and 20yr 5.7" and I want this changes Within 3month before COLLEGE started

  25. sanyahanda21 says:

    is it harmful to take green tea extract without workout?

  26. Riya I says:

    Abhey galat information kyu de raha hai..bhai log google chk karlo lene se pehle 2 se 3 pill can cause liver damage..ek pill safe hai..usse jyada not good for ur liver…aaj se tuje unfollow kar raha hu paisa kamaane ke liye hadd se guzar jaate hai chutiye log..

  27. Alaa Zaid says:

    Steroids dude, not this bullshit u r talking about ..

  28. Amit Tripathi says:

    In one video u r saying in the morning first use lemon here I are saying use it

  29. Kartikeya singh says:

    What if I take black coffee before workout then should I take one pill 30min before workout??

  30. Mahmud Khan says:

    Brother plz make a vedio of garcinia cambogia

  31. Sahil Mansuri says:

    From where to buy the green tea extract which you are using ?

  32. Sunil Thomas says:

    Guru isnt it bad for the kidneys to take it empty stomach

  33. Davinder Pal says:

    Sir aap steroids lete ho

  34. Amit Jaju says:

    Guys. Don't play with your health based on youtube videos posted by non-medical practitioners. Green Tea extract is known to damage liver rapidly. Eat right, workout. That is the only way to burn fat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnymrJZQY40

  35. Akil Kalyan says:

    Sir vedio on chicken liver benefits