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EASY Healthy Dinners | Healthy Dinner Recipes

EASY Healthy Dinners | Healthy Dinner Recipes

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  1. inagadda1976 says:

    Pulsed portabellos are great to veganize the deconstructed lasagna. Such a great idea! XO Davita

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Boy you just had my mouth watering only that I do love pastas, and also I really do have to say that you should do a video on steaks because I personally do love steaks, and what’s the use to not of hate over steaks

  3. Natalie Ciarricco says:

    i love the term “simple complex carb” because it’s an oxymoron lmao … these recipes look AMAZING liv

  4. Jenna Murphy says:

    Love your recipe video!! I totally want to try and making that pumpkin pasta for my toddler. Just wondering where do you get the pasta. You said that you have mentioned it before but I feel like I might have missed it. Thank you so much

  5. meansnas says:

    Yummy! Love all your videos!! 👌🏾

  6. myhsub says:

    Loved the first two recipes will definitely try them thanks

  7. chelsey beresford says:

    I loved this video. I will definitely be trying these recipes. All three look so good and super easy to make.

  8. Beccaunmodified says:

    This is so great! I will put these things in my recipe book for another day.

  9. Aimee Rivera says:

    Thank you! Everything looks delicous! Where do you get that nu pasta??

  10. Mariana Rh says:

    I do not eat animal products but I still appreciate this videos! The lasagna skillet seems yummy to recreate it plant based x

  11. SAWLIFE says:

    I love one pan dishes !! Thank you girl. I can’t wait to make the lasagna !

  12. myra Longoria says:

    Awesome thank you for sharing great dinner tips

  13. Beauty By Lyndsay says:

    Yay! These were great!

  14. Myka Stauffer says:

    Yum I cant wait to try the lasagna skillet looks so delicious!

  15. Alexandra Palomeque says:

    I love the recipes! I have a question… I have read a lot of reviews about the low carb pasta, saying it has a fishy smell… is it true???

  16. KathleenNicole says:

    Literally going to make this!! Everything looks delicious 💖💖

  17. Lina Awad says:

    it's like you were reading my mind haha, I was just thinking how I need new dinner recipes to try

  18. Eve Christ says:

  19. Alexa Nguyen says:

    Sorry I haven’t been active

  20. Alexa Nguyen says:

    Was just asking my dad if we can make pumpkin pancakes because those looked so so good

  21. keepupwithliv says:

    HEY GUYS! Hope you enjoy this video 🙂 these recipes are all DELISH! I appreciate you guys for watching <3 have a great weekend!

  22. Alexa Nguyen says: