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Drinking Water To Lose Weight, The Water Diet !!!

Drinking Water To Lose Weight, The Water Diet !!!

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  1. amit goel says:

    I drank 1 medium bottle of milk, will it help me loose my belly fat ?

  2. Lalrini Ngalung says:

    Hot, lukewarm or cold but not ice cold.. Which is good and safe to drink?

  3. Kayla Wiese says:

    I’m a 12 year old girl I am 130 pounds how many glasses should I drink

  4. Dallas Brendan says:

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  5. Ghost Survivors says:

    That's So Interesting ❤️Thank you so very much ❤️ I'm Going To True That ❤️😃

  6. Jimin_is_ Pabo says:

    2020 anyone?

  7. durga allada says:

    My age 21 my weight 65 so I have drink cold water or warm water and how many glasses I have to drink

  8. Mini Nightmare says:

    I was promised you would teach me how to drink water acording to the thumbnail… i'm still waiting for you to tell us how

  9. satxurnz says:

    What about diet root beer?

  10. Zubaida Bai says:

    Can I drink.juice during this diet

  11. Jasha Argueta says:

    Drink a gallon everyday. 16hr fast. No sugar. Eat lean meat. Brown rice. No bread. No beer. Exercise while you’re fasting. Do all this and you’ll lose weight.

  12. Rae T says:

    Water really fills me up and makes me eat less and stop binging.

  13. Life with Naiya says:

    I am only 11 and weigh more than I suppose to hope dis works 😪

  14. BEAST Gaming says:

    Im gonna chug water all day now 😂👍

  15. Kaelyn Tan says:


  16. MrSimp says:

    I drink more than 8 glasses unconsciously

  17. egotistic hyass says:

    All I get is pee…

  18. iaishahbaitka maimai Sutnga says:

    I drink alot of water but still fat

  19. Alex Brown says:

    fitness is for me

  20. thejuan &Only says:

    How many oz is too much water?

  21. Clark Kent says:

    What if you weigh 230lbs?

  22. tal tal jm says:

    Warm water is good to our stomach.

  23. pj mochi says:

    If I drink cold water will I gain weight or loss becuase some say it gives more fattening?

  24. Random People says:

    I really feel the effect of drinking water a lot,all the food I eat digest properly and my skin turn out to be glowing and clear.

  25. Random People says:

    What if I just drink water, and run 10 minutes a day,will it work????

  26. P Govindasamy says:

    Sir i am 59 kg how many litres i have to drink ….

  27. beauty staff says:

    Let me try I want to look go when I go back to school

  28. Call me ande says:

    Warning! Do not drink half your bodyweight a day. You might get less bodyweight, but that does'nt really help. Drinking more than a liter a day in one month can cause you to get hyponatremia. That means that you will get low sodium concentration in the blood. That means that your slowly losing salt and filling your cells with water, causing you to get a worse ability to think, headaches and and poor balance. Sever symptoms can cause confusion. In the end it can cause to coma or even death. Just drink water to meals and when training at the gym. Or just when you're dehydrated, or thirsty.

  29. Pavitra Chilakaladon says:

    I have heard that drinking more and more and more water more than our body can may lead to something dangerous

  30. Janani Janu says:

    Simple WOW🥰🤗

  31. Shashank Thakre says:

    I have tried and it works for me.
    I was eating normally as I eat but I increased water intake about 10 glasses per day.

  32. Carla Joy says:

    Room Temp Water or Cold Water? which one is the best to lose weight?

  33. Gm7 RMA says:


  34. A Piece of Trash says:

    Water is our everything

    Want a clear skin? drink a lot of water

    Want to lose weight? Drink a lot of water

    Stressed? Drink a lot of water

    Hate someone? Drown them with water

  35. Nivetha Nithyakumar says:

    The thumb nail is about "How to drink water" and the video is about "Why should we drink water" 🤦

  36. Princess Michaela :D says:

    i would do this couse my friends keep bullying me couse im fat

  37. Build sexual arousal defeat the enemy says:

    What about losing sodium?

  38. white flower says:

    better diet

  39. King Carriere says:

    Cold water is not good for the intestines, nor is it good in hot weather as it causes a person to sweat profusely.

    Water should be room temperature or even warm. I tried drinking hot coffee outside in the heat and amazingly, I cooled down. Not promoting coffee as beneficial, just proof that non cold water is the proper way.

  40. Xiis Abdul says:

    You know what ill just only drink water nothing else

  41. Mandyglow says:

    I already know how to drink water thank you very much

  42. Debbie Yeomans says:

    Wow this dose really work wow

  43. Trishia Gayle cabatingan _yt says:

    Cold or warm???

  44. elio marques says:

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  45. MOMINA mehak says:

    I'll start now plz wish me that I can lose weight

  46. Lily Collins says:

    How fast would you lose weight if you did that for 2 weeks