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Do This Everyday To Reduce Back + Armpit Fat

Do This Everyday To Reduce Back + Armpit Fat

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  1. BlissfulPanda says:

    How many calories is burned?

  2. Neha Rani says:


  3. P .S says:

    Thank you Roberta the exercises are great, I can see the results!!

  4. Kiran Raza says:

    Does this helps to reduce under bra fat too?

  5. Jyothi N says:

    Has this worked out for anyone?

  6. Shivani Sodai says:

    What to wear for breast support while excersing?

  7. Lisa C says:

    The sound on the video stops at T plank

  8. Ella Meda Ngalibali says:

    Day 1: the workout was good l can feel burn during the workouts.

  9. Bharti Jambhulkar says:

    Will this help reducing breast size? Plz send me link of breast lifting and reducing exercises

  10. Dylane Candis says:

    Il will do this thanks ❤️

  11. roshini gunarathna says:

    It’s so good

  12. Shikha Bhalla says:

    complited d task ..m doing this fr my arms fat 🥵 how many days i wil see the difference plz tell i hv downloaded ol ur workouts video i daily do in evening its really amazing seriously thnq so much ..roberta big fan of uh 😍lv frm india

  13. COLOUR KIDS says:

    can i skip superman and snow angel it is very difficult for me…

  14. Samayra Kapoor says:

    Please can make easy workout video for lower belly fat its the most difficult to get rid of😓

  15. hafsa aurangzeb says:

    how many calories are burnt from this whole workout?

  16. Claudie A says:

    Loving the workouts

  17. BANITA BEHERA says:

    Thank u

  18. Munazir Munazir says:

    Sb exercise ek jesi hoti hr video me new kuch ni h bss br br wahi alg alg nam3 se upload krte ho

  19. bilel fadila says:

    At what time I will be do this exercise ?

  20. Fatima Fatima says:

    Roberta plz tell me . It will deffinately work .

  21. Maria John says:


  22. Sathya Sathya says:

    Prayer bgm semma

  23. S a says:

    😘😘😘😘😘😘😘…….thnxs roberta's gym

  24. Asiya Gorepeerzade says:

    How many days we should do this exercise?

  25. S P says:

    Love the beat 💃🕺

  26. Irfana D says:

    Can we do after 7 months of c section

  27. Renáta Baranyi says:

    thank you very much❤❤❤❤

  28. ester bohn says:

    What happend the last two exercises the T plank and jumping jacks nomore sound

  29. বাগান বিলাস says:

    How many times I do this in a day?

  30. sofi va says:

    Thank you so much 👍👍👍 very good ❤️

  31. Meryliz Guerrero says:

    Goodmorning guyz im her again time to my routine

  32. Indigo Goddess says:

    Nice video. Thank you 🌹♟️👑✨

  33. Meryliz Guerrero says:

    Im her again guys time for my routine

  34. DS says:

    U'r videos is too good to help us thank u dear🙂🙂🙂.
    Dear 1 query…. Using for anyone of these format in daily routine or else everything for their fast results

  35. Grammie O says:

    Carpal and the plank do not mix for me so I shall walk in place during that exercise section

  36. Dor Mryam Hedayat says:

    Thanks, which song is on the background at 5,01? Is very nice..

  37. Meryliz Guerrero says:

    Goodmorning guyz im done for my routine

  38. Meryliz Guerrero says:

    Helo every one lets go for my routine everyday

  39. Meryliz Guerrero says:

    Helo guyz goodmorning its time fo my routine

  40. Gazo Kurdo says:

    تمارين مفيدة جدا

  41. Shivani Vyas says:

    I will do this 24 Oct today

  42. Aparna S says:

    I love your channel. Exercise looks so simple and feel like working out. Also we get rest in the middle. It is so helpful. I love love love your channel. 🤩🥰

  43. Queen Lopez says:

    Wooow 🙂🙂🤩🤩

  44. Meryliz Guerrero says:

    Helo hi guyz im back again for my routine until im fit