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Cutting Diet Grocery Essentials

Cutting Diet Grocery Essentials

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  1. Remington James Fitness says:


  2. Mox Ryan says:

    F*ck batteries today, lol.

  3. Patrick Ukemi says:

    can you still get cut or shredded eating over 4,000mg of sodium a day?

  4. Ethan9100 says:

    I thought I was the only one who found out about these foods😂😂😂

  5. scott mcbride says:

    Dude. Not to be a troll but todays date is 09/30/2019. 2 years after this video and i have to say you look a lot bigger and nicer in this video then you do now. You look a lot smaller now. Just some wisdom not hating.

  6. James Taylor says:

    Hey man, awesome vid as always! I send you an email. No dick pics this time sorry, man.

  7. Hooligan says:


  8. Alondra Castillo says:

    Just found your channel man love your content !


    Iam trying to go from 19.4 bodyfat to 10%. Iam 167lbs and having trouble with nutrition and how many calories I should eat a day. Any help?

  10. Ana De Rosales says:

    Love u crazy😘

  11. Taylor O'Quinn says:

    Does he really play Xbox though 🤔

  12. Alex 163 says:

    Hey dude, talking about eggs, what do YOU do with the rest of the yellows ?

  13. Paul T says:

    First of all I want to know if you are on a cycle ? Or ever did a cycle ?

  14. Dan Ham says:

    Lights around sleep time (even small phone charger / digital clocks) prevent your brain from releasing melatonin responsible for you getting into REM sleep (the dreaming / restful sleep), no phone 1 hour up to sleeping recommended, just read.

  15. Marilyn Grace says:

    Thank you for this episode , i love it 💕

  16. Lillea says:

    When did burritos become wraps?? 🤔

  17. Kareem El Hosini says:

    The chili isn’t 0 calories btw, legally companies are allowed to market their products as 0 calories as long as their are less than 5 calories per serving. So you might want to revisit that…

  18. Tom Barnes says:

    Your videos are the bomb, great positive l vibe, very informative, and great food instead of the same bland food, love from the UK brother

  19. Libra Status says:

    Dude im literally rotfl through the whole video!! Glad i started watching your vids again.

  20. A. DeLattre E. says:

    It’s not just your Kroger store; all of my local stores are nasty too.

  21. Eugenia Israelian-Oliva says:

    Love, love, love your videos!!!

  22. Low quality pizza says:

    Who the fuck can eat like this everyday boring ass shit

  23. El Rey Del Mundo says:

    Halo ice cream is a lifesaver. High in protein, low in calories. Dont remember the sugar content, but if your diets low in sugar already its negligible. I just wish it wasn't like $8 a pint.

  24. Eternally Conscious says:

    Blue light causes melatonin secretion to halt. The same type of light is what allows plants to grow vegetation. interesting.

  25. John McLendon says:

    Watching some older videos of yours, and after that bathroom segment I think this may be the video that got you in trouble for filming at Kroger in the future haha!

    Been a sub since the early days.