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Cooking in the time of Covid-19

Cooking in the time of Covid-19

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  1. J SalterXpress. says:

    My wife and I will be cooking outside on the back porch with music playing and the fire pit rolling which is something we do on the regular anyway. This weekend I will be smoking a brisket and cooking the fat down to make beef tallow which is used in many keto dishes. We are making the best of “lock down” in Louisiana. Stay safe everyone. Thanks Doc!

  2. Toronto says:

    All you people who bought up all the white flour in every grocery store, I didn't need it anyway. Ha!

  3. Toronto says:

    I am staying at home. But not with the Coronavirus.

  4. OneManArmy says:

    I'm trying to eat less to save my toilet paper. 😢

  5. Special Needs Werewolf says:

    Hopefully these women can learn to use a toaster, microwave, and can opener. Poor Souls!

  6. Emery Cole says:

    Cook on my BGE most nights! (23:1). Means ribeye, bacon & Cohnuca sausage then a few veggies in the fat, put it on the plate with a small leaf salad coated in Coconut Teriyaki Sauce. Eaten good all the tine. Almost never eat out for health.

  7. Billy97 says:

    Cooking meat can be easy and low labour, once you get on to it. You get away from the multiple ingredients and complex preparation.

  8. c7042 says:

    NSV for those Reddit ketoers. 11 days on one roll of toilet paper and there is still some left!!

  9. Mark Bousquet says:

    Keto 7 years here. No issues with cooking for myself!

  10. J M Baxman says:

    Great ideas, all, except that many of us live in areas where food went off the shelves before there was an opportunity to stock up on anything. I have difficulty finding eggs and butter. It's very difficult to exist on low carb when the only available foods are carbs.

  11. SAR dot says:

    You're stuck at home. Meals dont have to be quick. Spend the time to learn to cook decent meals.

  12. WaxingRadiance says:

    Broccoli done in the oven with lard is even better than butter, its my new favourite

  13. Tangchi Prathomo says:

    “How do you shop for cooking in the time of Corona-19?” will be a great video.