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Best Fat Loss Meal Explained (Macro's)

Best Fat Loss Meal Explained (Macro's)

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  1. The Iron Force says:

    Excellent breakdown , Paul !
    Glad you touched a bit on Leucine threshold. Many are still unaware of the what's /why's behind it.

  2. Frank Lowe says:

    If carbs are non-essential, wouldn't that mean that fibre is non-essential?

  3. Clarissa Barrientos says:

    I don’t have an IG so I will ask my question here.
    I’m 25 years old I workout 4 sometimes 5 times a week I weight about 140 lbs and I want to weigh 120 lbs
    I eat pretty healthy but I eat a lot.
    I tried tracking a low calorie diet but it seems like after a week I cave and over eat or binge eat ☹️ if you can please provide tips and tricks to stick to a calorie deficit diet.
    Do you train people that don’t compete? If so I would want to get in contact please let me know. 😊

  4. Rubaab khan says:

    Sir, how r you, I’m 32 have 4 kids, female, n height 5,6, weight 79 kg, before marriage I was 68 but i did o lot of things , exercise ( cardio, hiit) I lost some weight but in evry pregnancy I gained one or two kg, I sufferd depression during my fourth pregnancy. I have started weight lifting but not so heavy, and do hiit alternate days, from about two years. But my weight is stuk, I love carbs, I love tea cz I need energy but I don’t eat protein often plz set a plane for me . My stubborn fat is lower body. And I’m on antidepressants too for about 2 years.

  5. R Coop says:

    8-10 total fat it saturated fat?

  6. Evelyn Parham says:

    I never knew about the leucine. This video is very helpful and you make it easy to understand!

  7. switch5000 says:

    Love the valuable content. Always have to laugh at the uber forced smile at beginning of every video 😁

  8. Karina Lucia says:


  9. Hunny St. Clair says:

    What advice would you give to someone who wants to go from obese to fitness competitor level? (Not necessarily trying to compete) I stumbled across the community and lifestyle and I’m extremely interested.

  10. Grumor Town says:

    Thank you, Paul!

  11. Marla Dukler says:

    Is there a reason behind having the majority of your carbs around your workout? I've heard this but would like to know the science behind it.

  12. Ethan Wilson says:

    Carbohydrates are not non essential. Carbohydrates are so essential to the brain and circulatory system that the body will try to make them from lipids and amino acids. Without enough carbohydrates the body will die. If there is insufficient sources from which to make carbohydrates, the body dies. Ketones have a therapeutic/toxic effect on the body depending upon the concentration.

  13. Jon Cell says:

    I agree,the best diet is the one is the one you sustain for a long time

  14. Sam says:


  15. Cloe Benoliel says:

    We all are waiting for THE GOLDEN QUESTION to be answered!!!! LOL

  16. MDU NTR says:

    Cut your calories as low as you can without starving yourself, close to around 1500 calories a day and just get a nice walk everyday and you will lose close to 1lbs a day and that's it… Also you can eat whatever you like… It's all about calories, not the food you eat…

  17. Sandra Santos says:

    Thank you so much Paul, excellent info 👍🏻😊

  18. FitAngie says:

    Wonderful informative information, thank you

  19. russianpegs says:

    You mentioned eating carbs post workout, why?

  20. Eduard Zamfir says:

    Is not 25g protein per meal too low? How much protein do u eat per meal and per day?

  21. Panos petro says:

    I was waiting for such a question! After training should we avoid fats and veggies, so as to refill faster our muscles or it is a myth;