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BEST 15 min Beginner Workout for Fat Burning (NO JUMPING HII…

BEST 15 min Beginner Workout for Fat Burning (NO JUMPING HII…

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  1. Arianna Orlando says:

    I love your videos emi!!! so encouraging and you push me to want to do my best and finish the workout!

  2. Namer Alsayed says:

    this is an amazing workout i love it, but why when i do the plank my lower back hurt ? is it normal or i'm doing something wrong?

  3. multifandom girl says:

    Though I couldnt finish all, i did my best cuz i did the thigh burning exercises in one of ur videos and it kinda exhausted me out especially after walking a lot today:) but day 1 completed. Will implement this along with the thigh burning exercise

  4. I'm a SHAWOL says:

    Hey Emi! I really want to say THX A LOTTT!! i'm just start but oh my goddd, it's so fun!! Thx a lot amazing girl! ❤

  5. Jissa Lausa says:

    Dec 4 2018 ….see u

  6. Strawberrysunset23 says:

    You have the best explanations for each move and work out i am so impressed! You pay attention to detail and it helps us do then correctly!!

  7. Beverly Yeehaw says:


  8. Juliana Omokheyeke says:

    thank you so much! This is exactly what I need

  9. vivien says:

    Today is my first day. I'm sweating like crazy although i can't follow all of your exercises. But i try to keep it until the end. So tired and so much fun. Thank you!

  10. Grace Lee says:

    Day 1! Emi kicked my ass… but I loved that it wasn't hard on my knees 🙂 I'll keep updating this post! My goal is to reduce stress and build up my habit muscle!

  11. So So says:

    I came to this video all by accident, and it is totally amazing to see it doesn’t have jumping! My floor gets so noisy whenever I jumped, so thank you soooooo much!!! Now I don’t have to hesitate and feel embarrassed that my roomie hear me jumping lol. I am overweight for the height, and I plan to do ur exercises for a month! Hope I can keep it up aha!!

  12. Ariane Lévesque says:

    I'm a 21 yo overweight girl and just tried this. I butchered all of these because this is the first thing remotely close to a workout that I am trying in 4-5 years but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was wondering if it is better to do an exercise not fully (so my butt too high in a plank for example) for the full 45 sec or if it is better to do it correctly for 25-30 sec?

  13. Diary Of a Crazy kid says:

    I will try to keep updating day 1-I do this 1st along with so yoga of course I don’t see anything different yet

  14. That Geek Amber says:

    This changed me emotionally and physically XX

  15. G3 Overload says:

    Something I like about this workout is that it is very changeable, both to become easier and harder. I am finding it good on inchworm to do a squat and push up, when the opportunity arises. Also, the burpee, you can substitute in an actual one, or the leg only ab bike for a real one. Thank you so much for making this really accessible to me! I find myself strengthening every day I do this!

  16. nursiti aina says:

    i love this workout. makes me more sweat then jogging. i want to lose weight because my friend always joke about my weight 😢.

    sorry for the broken English
    ❤ from Malaysia

  17. Chelsea l says:

    Just finished day 5 cant believe how much easier its getting going add another of your videos on to my routine soon. Thanks so much i feel GREAT 😁💪

  18. Celicia Gyetvai says:

    Thank you so much for this workout! I have really been having a hard time finding me time especially with college. But this was perfect timing! I can stay at home, do homework, and not annoy my family with jumping! It’s a win win win!!

  19. Anthro Girl says:

    I just finished my 4th day with this workout and I got to thinking; once I get used to this (as in when I'm not gasping for air and sweating), which one of your videos do you think I should go to next? o.o

  20. sai mithilesh says:

    Hey! This workout is only for girls or else boys can also do it ? Please let me know Emi

  21. N V says:


  22. Maureen Bandong says:

    Daily routine😊😊

  23. Myshi Brightwell says:

    I was honestly scared to do this after the thanksgiving break (i haven't been able to exercise) and because i totally sprained my ankle AND bruised two of my toes, but this was super fun to do!

  24. xxx Reaper xxx says:

    Hi Emi so I’m 137 pounds and 5’2 my goal is 115 pounds but agian I’m only 12 and I have to hide in my room to workout 🏋️‍♀️ and when it said no jumping I click real fast I’m going to do this workout with a 6 minute abs workout from a different Chanel and I’ll report here everyday I do it
    Day 1:felling real good my waist size is 29 inches hoping by 3 months I can get it down to 24 inches ❤️❤️love it ❤️❤️
    Day 2:sweating more than yesterday felling rly good today my waist is still the same but the slightest difference now I gotta do the 6 minute ab workout ughhh 😂🥶
    Day 3:so I had to run a mile in gym today so when I had to get home to do this….fun….right?…no my legs and arms were hurting so bad but I keep pushing threw I had to pause the video a little because I thought my parents were coming but I am proud of myself 😀
    Day 4:workout is becoming easier figured out that with the thigh shoulder tap leg plank I was only touching my shoulder so I did it right this time waist is still the same but the sliest difference 😝
    Day 5:today was really good time just flied bye it was a lot easier than day 1 I’m felling really great today I challenged myself to do the workouts faster than I do except for the ones that you have to go slow on and I did good no breakers except the ones she had for us I’m so proud of myself 🥴
    Day 6:same as yesterday 🥴I ate a little more sweets today tho 🥶
    Day 7: a lot easier than day one felling real good 🥳