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Belly Binding My Postpartum Tummy

Belly Binding My Postpartum Tummy

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  1. TAFii Speaks says:

    Beautiful smile

  2. hilda kos says:

    You are beautiful and your baby is too sweet….

  3. Kyale Wilson says:

    Where can I get this belt from

  4. Ifra 123 says:

    When should use it after childbirth?

  5. harriet kimaiga says:

    I think I’ll just go ahead and get pregnant now πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜…

  6. Adyessa Henry says:

    strong and beautiful and brave

  7. j star says:

    For your stretch mark next time don't scrunch when your are pregnant just touch with your and and turm around your belly and use a cream what help for inching.

  8. Nee Kha says:

    In my culture women have to wrap their bellies & stay home for 30 days.

  9. Gee Love says:

    Sorry but you need a bbl and lazor for the stretch mark and the hair . Lots of people say they are tigger stripes nahhh . No one is happy to see stretch marks or a fupa. I would apply ASAP for a care credit credit card and go straight to Dr.Miami. Yeah you might loose the belly but not the stretch marks. There is no cream that works for that at all. They might lighten but won’t go away unless you do lazer no disrespect at all. I been thru this few times and lost a lot of money trying different stuff. By the way ur teeth look amazing !

  10. Hello There says:

    Thank you for being real and transparent this video was needed. Although the video is a year old still wish you luck with everything

  11. Young KUSH says:


  12. Prativa Das says:

    Hello mam. After how many days u use d belt? And after how much time u get result.

  13. Jean Nieves says:

    She’s butter works has well crunches sit ups tighten too!!!

  14. Moy N says:

    That gap you feel is a rip in the muscle. While you can do exercises to help strengthen your muscle it cannot repair the rip in the muscle. Only survey can do that.

  15. Jean Nieves says:

    Please kegal it works

  16. Sar says:

    Your skin is so pretty. I did not bind with baby number 1. After delivery It was hard for me. I was in so much pain. I could hardly move and I walked with a bunch for a few weeks. My stomach and back was in too much pain for me to put anything around it.

    I was more prepared for baby #2. I went in with my support legging and one of the support belly band that the hospital gave me while I was pregnant. I think my belly is shrinking quickly but most of all it reduces the pain in my belly and back.

  17. Jazzma Palmer says:

    I liked the video because she was really bold showing her belly.. But also like I don't care about the stretch marks. I was like YESSSSS. I have 4 children..13 yrs old,12 yrs old,2 1/2 yrs old ,and 8 weeks old. And I lost all my weight with each child at 4 weeks, and I'm 32 yrs old. My snap back is really real. No exercise,but if I want to tone it up,I can do that. But I do have stretch marks but I embrace them.

  18. nkoli011 says:

    You are gorgeous! Sorry but I was looking at your face more than I listening to the video lol

  19. Mahon says:

    Thank you for this ❀️

  20. Namukhura rowney says:

    Thanks for loving you, to become a mother is a great achievement which needs lots of sacrifice. Thanks for loving your tummy even when stretch marked

  21. Susan Charles says:

    I really can't keep up with the band it makes me feel too uncomfortable…. Had my baby 1month ago my stomach is still big , and am like whatever.

  22. Erika Sales says:

    Hi dear, for this stretch marks there are a cream, its name is "cicatrecure gel". this cream smooth the stretch marks until vanish with them. you can use two or three times a day. we have this cream here in brazil. you could looking for here in our sites. it's amazing this gel.

  23. heynowhey says:

    Great video! How many children did you say you had ?

  24. Sphiwe Luthuli says:

    Y'all are fancy, my son's grandma tied my tummy every morning with a non stretch piece of material for a good 6 months. I have 2 kids now & no pooch & did no exercise what so ever. I tell people this all the time but they heed help πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  25. The West Nest says:

    You are gorgeous from head to toe and your teeth are perfect!!!