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a summer what i eat in a day!!! easy & healthy meal idea…

a summer what i eat in a day!!! easy & healthy meal idea…

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  1. Juliette Crowley-Smyth says:

    Hi ellie lysm. Just letting u know that most parmesan cheese isnt vegetarian.

  2. Rwayoung롸영 says:

    Love u 💙

  3. Lol Z says:

    You look a bit like Gigi Hadid

  4. Mai Mesler says:

    Tell me why I thought this was Gigi Hadid

  5. Lisa Rahman says:

    My sisters in Yuma and it’s like 110 everyday. Idk how y’all survive that.

  6. Thea Samonte says:

    trying the sweet potato thing lol

  7. Amel Amel says:

    Please we want more of what I eat in a day

  8. Tin Bernas says:

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  9. McKenna Horvath says:

    It all looks so delicious and so aesthetic

  10. Kelsey Keeling says:

    I think that almond cheese has casein in it! I got it before thinking it was vegan! The packaging is very deceiving! 😫

  11. Oliver_B says:

    The glasses at the end, are those Jade Black? Lol

  12. Jasminenergy says:

    I loved this!!! X

  13. Samantha Montalvo Meals says:

    does she eat gluten free???

  14. Yoi Ahmed says:

    Lol, u guys r eating a lot 😭😂💔

  15. f makki says:

    4:00 funny step to skincare routine that after cleansing the next part is to take a snap photo before rinsing 😂

  16. Kaitlyn Marie says:

    no one come at me please but ellie i know you’re vegetarian and not vegan but please consider cutting out parmesan 🥺 the way they make it is very cruel! please don’t take this as hate, i just personally didn’t know when i was vegetarian (i’m vegan now) and i was super upset when i found out!

  17. Hunter Golber says:

    what does this girl do ? student?

  18. ffinee says:

    OMFG!! You look like Gigi Hadid 😩😩
    Love from India 💜

  19. une personne says:

    Any tips for really picky eaters ANYTHING WILL HELP

  20. Blink lisa says:

    i am a 16 iraqi girl i love youu so much you are remaind me of my ex best friend now im loosing weight to be like you

  21. Ian L says:

    I was a vegetarian for four years before I found out the truth of diary and egg products. They’re not just unhealthy but also very unethical to the animals as well. I’ve never feel better in my life mentally and physically, there’s no going back.

  22. Alex Kasper says:

    Bem q podia ter legenda brasileira

  23. Anorexia Recovery says:

    I love your what ı eat in a DAY 😍😍please share more what ı eat in a DAY

  24. dinda pangestu says:

    sometimes u look like gigi hadid

  25. Shivana Dhingra says:


  26. fiona lermo says:

    poor person checkkk: me

  27. Zoey Mills says:

    I love my foreo luna!!!

  28. Yesther says:

    the protein bowl dinner looks sooooo good!! I can't figure out how to cook garbanzo beans tho lol


    i loved the video!

  30. mariah grau says:

    Ellie is genuinely one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever seen.

  31. SA trending fashion says:

    Great content I support you and you support me I subscribe your channel and watch full video now its your turn

  32. Dayana M says:

    To all those small youtuber a out there who’s reading this we will be big one day just trust the process and and keep grinding!! 💛Don’t lose hope and don’t give up! Consistency is key 🔑 We got this 🌈🦋

  33. Jessica Squire says:

    finally a youtuber who doesn't use excessive amounts of plastic all the time!!

  34. Girly Girl says:

    You look like gigi hadid

  35. etha goa says:

    Hello i am from indonesia am like youu

  36. Jehu Vandiver says:

    This girl could open up a restaurant with all the meals she knows how to make

  37. Nikee Sta Cruz says:

    Love ur top ❤

  38. Saoirse Moncrieff says:

    i put paprika on my mushroms too!!

  39. Nouhaila says:

    You inspired me to start my own channel 👋👋

  40. KORALINA GM says:

    Hello🐷,I"m kazakh 🇰🇿,beauteful* 😅video , so good😊😉

  41. The Winningest Duo says:

    I can’t wait to try the coffee creamer https://youtu.be/aZrj6PF7QAE