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8 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout: Warm-Up for Exercise, Fat…

8 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout: Warm-Up for Exercise, Fat…

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  1. vixies77 says:

    wow! I didn't realize how important it is to warm up your ankles too.. I always try to stretch them a little but this helped me feel like they'll be stronger for my workout. such an important but neglected part of the body.

  2. Duca Schoenberg says:

    This is the best workout ebook I think on Unflexal

  3. skippygirl959 says:

    Lol "so bad things dont happen like..death and stuff" i liked this video, the music was fun and i feel warmed up. I think i will go check out more of your videos.

  4. mike90199 says:

    fap fap fap.

  5. TheLukey21 says:

    this new youtube because of google plus is f****d up it just puts link everywhere now whenever you put a time

  6. TheLukey21 says:

    4:48 🙂

  7. bacon says:

    I wish these cardio workout videos were a little longer. Should have been at least 20 minutes long.

  8. manori senanayake says:

    Have you seen "Xylphlike Fat Loss"? (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to burn calories fast.

  9. Lewis72 says:

    More reason for us men to get involved!

  10. nozynoz says:

    Cheers, useful tips. most induviduals miss the warming up part and jump into training. keep up the good work.

  11. Alexis Kraus says:

    Everything IS bigger in Texas judging by the size of Cindie and Corrina!

  12. PsycheTruth says:

    I know Dena did not mean it offensively, we're very sorry!!

  13. PsycheTruth says:

    That's not a sexist comment, it's an observation based on going to yoga classes, natural health food stores, etc. Of course there are health-conscious men as well and we love them too, just pointing out that the people who are interested in making videos with us are more often women. Sheesh.

  14. PsycheTruth says:

    Yes, we filmed with her yesterday!! She's a busy college student though, so it's always a special treat when she can make time for us. 🙂 More Donnie coming soon!

  15. Marko Kocovic says:

    They laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with Legion Fat Loss, but then they saw the results. Google Legion Fat Loss to see their reaction.

  16. thezinkcoo says:

    4:30 is how people in Asia take a dump

  17. James King says:

    I enjoyed watching the video and all of the commentary. The not scripted stuff sorta gives insight into another persons thoughts through an indirect manner. Any coordinated body movement is good for it and thanks for showing me some new moves. I do not do much stretching myself and only do the movement stuff to avoid the couch potato paralysis which is rampant at my age group over 60.

  18. jflores85 says:

    If I saw women like this stretching dressed like that in my park, id probably run into a tree. Lol

  19. carakenio says:

    Third world countries really ? It looks more like the way homeless american , poop on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. By the way ,you girls seem to have nice vaginas when doing that posture , thanks for showing that !

  20. Ronin says:

    lol you guys were great sweet warm up

  21. Chris Foote says:

    If you want men like me to think about health, use science and stats. This stuff is good though. No woo in excersise

  22. JAF30 says:

    Now if you can invent a natural way to get men to actually get up and think about health. Wait you kinda did with female presenters , that well look actually healthy. Makes me want to learn and if not doing hours in the gym, maybe at least helping to lower my weight and get healthier. Sometimes seeing a attractive member of the opposite sex is well a big incentive.

  23. Adrian Grant says:

    You didn't get this when I was a lad.

  24. ridg3line says:

    I feel offended. I come from a third world country..

  25. Bigfellr says:

    Why you so tall? Are you my wife? Oh wait? I was dreaming mmmmmmmmm

  26. Kristina hopkins says:

    Not totally crazy fit bodies for once so thank you for that!!

  27. Kristina hopkins says:

    Loved this my favorite part was finally seeing woman with

  28. Niners94 says:

    Can't stop staring…

  29. John Mirror says:

    That's a beautiful thing! 🙂

  30. PsycheTruth says:

    We hoped for the same thing, hehe!

  31. PsycheTruth says:


  32. PsycheTruth says:

    Any of these videos (unless otherwise specified) are great for men or women, we just happen to have mostly female presenters, because more females are interested in natural health oddly enough. 🙂

  33. Mad_Austin says:

    Cindi, will you go out with me?

  34. tdreamgmail says:


  35. wheelmanstan says:

    Haha that sounds like one of those TAAS Test math problems.

  36. Denuncias | RD says:

    mmmm sexy

  37. dbztiki says:

    Most of the exercises, stretches, yoga ect. are geared toward women. Is that the target demographic?

  38. NameNotFound says:

    I'm about to faint…because of the work out, I mean…not the video.

  39. PsycheTruth says:

    Corrina is taller than Cindie. Dena is just petite despite all that muscle.

  40. Pwn Business says:

    if you drink coffee n idk hot chocolate mix and rap a little bit on the side it'l correct your slight lisp.

  41. Pwn Business says:

    lol the blonde is tryin to keep from laughing when in the bathroom position.

  42. Pwn Business says:

    if your balance is bad just go snowboarding in the winter.

  43. Pwn Business says:

    bouncidy, bounce bbbbbbbbbbbounce, bounce those lbs off baby yeah. ggiggaggy goo

  44. Pwn Business says:

    bounce those boobies ohh yeah, werk it, werk it ohh yeah.

  45. wheelmanstan says:

    I never realized Cindie was so tall. I guess it's because most tall folks aren't known for being flexible. Good job, interested in seeing how the winter workout go.

  46. k9feces says:

    I'm hiding in the bushes

  47. Swabby Jam says:

    Good job ladies!

  48. Toast4tw says:

    just imagine cycling on that way and coming across this beautiful sight 😀

  49. David says:

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  50. David says:

    I do hope nobody comes cycling down that path 😉